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  1. I was able to play it those 2 last weeks. Pretty good game, made Leon and Claire (bis). I was expecting more differences between the 2 but was still ok to replay it. I usually like difficult games so I tried in hardcore and didn't enjoyed it at all. I know the original resident games were very difficult but I prefer my games to be challenging, not sadistic. So I started back on Normal, I would have love a balance between both because it was a bit easy (finished Claire scenario with 40 grenades) I was glad about Leon story but claire feels a bit like a rambo bimbo out from nowhere and the end scene and dialogues were pretty terrible. Tried the ghost survivors, I know it was a free DLC but it's not worth playing imo.
  2. Starts pretty meh and ends pretty meh for me Meh
  3. First father day, so happy to have this cool kiddy
  4. Ho ! that explains the noise.
  5. Synonyms & Antonyms for exotic Synonyms: Adjective bizarro, fantastic (also fantastical), glamorous (also glamourous), marvelous (or marvellous), outlandish, romantic, strange Synonyms: Noun curio, curiosity, objet d'art (also objet), oddity, oddment, rarity Antonyms: Adjective familiar, nonexotic, nonglamorous, plain-Jane, unexotic, unglamorous, unromantic
  6. My guess is that during the packimg of your content, the soft you used fucked up the lighmaps stored in the BSP but I don't know why this would happen. Did you test the packed bsp before uploading it on the workshop ?
  7. One of the things that helped me when I started detailling maps was to analyse deeply existing maps. I made tons of screeshots of everything I found cool in maps and tried to understand why and how they did it. You can take a deep look at valve latest maps and even some really good ones from the community. For techincall stuff, having decompilled maps to see how they made stuff is really usefull too.
  8. Good thing is that at Arkane most if I don't say all meeting are in English if there is at least 1 English talker. On your team there is my last LD wich is american, you will at least have someone on your side ^^ Even if after 8 years he can speak very well, well "mauvaisement" as he like to say. Most People in you future company are totally ok with people not speaking french even if there is less people not speaking french now than during Dishonored 2 dev (all my LD I worked with were american, huhu) and if you show that you are trying, well everyone will recognize you as a fellow workmate Appart for the work, it's true that an ancient LD friend from England told me that he didn't fully felt integrated (he left for sweden after that) On the good side, Lyon is a very nice city with a lot of different etnicity for a french one. And it's full of British and Irish pub speaking both languages (Say hello to the Elephant and Castle for me )
  9. You can say hello from me to my old coworkers, and tell them they are all dicks And if you are working with a guy called Marc, just quit ! Right away !!!
  10. Haha yeah, it was my first RPG' At the end of Midgar I was like, "well, it was a good game" Then map opening O_O I think most people love it because of its mature story, its sense of humour, the kick ass characters (seriously a big red cat with scars and a fire tail !!! ) and the fact that you can customize your characters a bit like you want. The materia system was also a great feature geniously integrated in the story and I hope they will keep the same style in the remake.
  11. I want to see the Harry Potter game that was leaked several months ago
  12. Ok so when my wife said no to Poland when I talk to her about the possibility to move to Krakow that was not because of the country but probably because of the girl I guess ^^
  13. Congrats Catfood; you really are the best out there !
  14. This guy sure talk a lot
  15. We are actually looking for this as well. There is a lot of bilingual daycare here in Montreal (English and French) and from what people tell us is that it's kind of naturall this way. Dunno yet appart that.
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