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  1. [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    Snow everywhere... Snooooooooow !!!!
  2. [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    Thx Minos ! I actually fixed the dirty seams on the snow, bad syntaxe in the vmt Working on a map you actually started this long ago make you want to punch the old you sometimes
  3. [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    MEGA BUMP !!! I'm not giving up on finishing this project I want to really polish thi one to the most but I know this won't be played a lot as ctf is not popular and this map is a bit complicated.
  4. What's going on with your life?

    It's one of the most basic car in France so I guess yes, but never had one. My ex wife's clio ran more than 300 000 km which is fucking huge !
  5. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    On screeshots 6 and 7 there is too much flashy colors imo, looks like a christmass tree on drug. I like the one with the B warehouse.
  6. Open positions in Arkane Studios

    This guy is faster than me >:[
  7. Dirty Bomb

    I wish I had more friends playing this game because I really love it. It's that kind of game I'm able to master even without playing for a year where R6S and OW punish your for not training enough But seriously release a map editor !!!
  8. [WIP] de_biome

    It's an incredible map man, congrats !!
  9. Overwatch

    I touched Diamond once. Then it was a wonderfull loss
  10. Overwatch

    I'm in a state or even with my friends I can't enjoy the ranked.
  11. Overwatch

    Well... I gave up on this season already Started 2300, already lost 200 pts. playing with 3 buddies + 2 pickups put us against a full team and we are so screwed because of retarded soloQ people training their genji in ranked.. seriously...
  12. Sonic Mania

    I basicaly feel the same way as you about this one and I miss the small pieces of story S3&K had, it made the game more mature and interesting. Like the Death egg plug intoo the volcano in the background of the Lava Reef level (which is my favorite of all <3) Replaying with Tails right now, it's cool to see that the game keeps the previous special stage you already made (some of them are really tough ^^ ) Also I was looking for 2d maps of the megadrive games and I found this jewel : http://www.soniczone0.com/ You have all maps from S1, 2, 3&K and CD and I already lost several hours just looking at them :D. You also have all the musics !! => Here for S3 : http://www.soniczone0.com/games/sonic3/downloads/ I would love to find the same for the master system version
  13. Sonic Mania

    Played it last week on my NEW NINTENDO SWITCH FUCK YEAH Really loved it. it's not a 10/10 for me because them remade the level I hate the most from the franchise (Oil Ocean, seriously ???) But the ost... wow ! There is some silly boss fight and some of the levels like the 2 from Sonic CD are fucking too busy on screen. It just made me remember how good Sonic 3&K was and that they didn't manage to make a better one since. RIP Sanic Team haha.