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  1. Expresso Exporter

    Now I even more want to have it, thanks
  2. Expresso Exporter

    yeah I saw the post on polycount and unfortunatly the compiled version available there doesn't work with the last PS
  3. Expresso Exporter

    Hey guys, Does some of you use the Expresso Exporter from this guy ? http://minifloppy.it/portfolio/expresso/ Unfortunatly right now looks like there is no more support for a recent version of Photoshop CC (I can't manage to intall it) It's kinda sad because it looks very usefull.
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    It's was from 3Dnj !!! And yes it's me, just wanted a better nickname ^^ Does that mean we won't have militia anymore ?
  5. The Walking Dead

    Wait ? There is more than 2 seasons ?
  6. Overwatch

    That's an iteresting vid, thanks ! Every game start as a crapy grey shit
  7. TF2 Jungle Inferno Update

    Congrats man ! Sounds like a hell of an update.
  8. The Evil Within 2

    Got my copy on PS4 today, yeeehaaa !!
  9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I'm really digging the new one
  10. Without TF2, I would propably flipin' burger actually
  11. CoD WW2

    Haha seriously, beta already full of cheater
  12. CoD WW2

    played it, won't buy it.
  13. Dishonored II

    Do you want more ?