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  1. Started this game a week ago, really love it The environments are totally stuff I would love to work on.
  2. My setup is a wife watching TV . Now i installed my ps4 on my desk and use the display my company provided me, a huuuuuuge one . Also it's just that I'm more a PC player.
  3. I've finally took the time to play it. Fater started it 2 years ago, I stopped to play for some reason and then I lost all savegames on my PS4 (Bloodborne, bwaaaaah). The game really is mind blowing and will inspirate me for a few years for sure. I really regret not playing it before but for some reason it was very hard for me to plug the PS4 but I have now a setting that made everything easier.
  4. Been on my new job since 6 or 7 weeks now. It's faaaaar way more interesting from all I did during 1 year and a half on my previous one. It was a though move as it took a lot of time to change as I had to make another visa but it was for the best. You know, you move to another country for some fresh air and because your wife reaaally want to but you just took the first job that comes because you are sick of a year of failed tests and interviews. Then you are in another country, stuck in a job you dislike since the first month because of a closed work permit and 25 000 dollars to reimburse if you leave. The feeling that your career and your skills are not growing, you make friends but, well, even if I like them a lot, I miss my coworkers from Arkane sooo much it hurts. Then this fucking COVID and you have to work from home on a game that is not looking good but you do all you can while keeping your baby at home because daycare is closed and your wife, having an important job, can't work at home. It was a harsh and very depressive times but I kept the pain inside because I made my wife very happy and my baby will have a waaaay more interesting childhood than mine, and also because of all the shits that happened this year, it nothing really, some people are having worse, I would have been a fucking crybaby. But I had this little question in my mind, did I really made the right decision ? Now I'm happy, even if I'm working at home, I'm working with cool people, we talk a lot on discord, the kid is in daycare, we are moving on a bigger condo where I will have an office (won't work anymore in the bedroom, yeah !) even if will will miss the area we are living right now. And I like my job ! It's cool, interesting, not perfect of course, but well paid and I will learn a lot. Well I will learn and do what my previous company promised me when they took me in an interview, those fucking liars !!! (even the job daycare was a lie, seriously !) I"m just happy of all the shit this company has to take now (but I hope good people won't be to much in trouble also). Never again. tl;dr : My life, after a strange turn, is finally going in the right direction.
  5. Yesterday was my last day at Ubisoft Montreal. I will be a Level Artist at Reflector Entertainment starting next Monday
  6. Finished yesterday in 5 hours, should I"ve played the hard difficulty but it was a pain in Re2. I'm kind of a bit disapointed, it's not a bad game but it really doesn't honor the original material where Re2 imo glorified it. I remember having to roam in the city for a long time but looks like in the remake it's a too short section of the game. But my memorie is probably playing with me.
  7. I'm glad you don't need a vr headset to do stuff ^^ I saw a lot of legacy from previous Half Life game, like all npc_from previous games but not working. I wonder if this will be added in some ways ? For exmaple for people who satrted a mod but felt a bit lazy because, well, ep2 is like 13 years old !! Then the want to try it on Source 2
  8. I really liked the game too. From what I remember, it's because it was pretty solid on every aspects.
  9. Never played one, probably never will.
  10. 3rd week for us. Hard to work from home with a 15 months old kid who love to climb everywhere. My wife is working for a medical company and is not here 80% of the time. The worst thing for me is my job. I'm in the process of changing and should have started my new one 3 weeks ago. But I'm having trouble getting the papers and everything in slow down with this shit. So now I'm between a company that is waiting for me and another one wondering when I'm leaving.
  11. Me : Trying to not kill any Vortigaunt in the last chapter because well they are nice after all The End :
  12. I have to keep my kid at home while working and while his mother still need to work on site. It's kind of fun, cannot work a lot tbh.
  13. I tried yesterday at home but with the kid and a bad VPN, it was impossible This morning I'm at work because I have a medical appointment and I need a new display (can see shit with only one, captain) I have to take care of my kid at the same time as my wife absolutely need to go to work
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