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  1. Dishonored II

    Do you want more ?
  2. POTUS 2016

    I want your Trance collection.
  3. Bumping this thread... Again... for THIS ??
  4. Stephen King's IT

    Well... It begins...
  5. Dunkirk

  6. Chester bennington, dead.

    Looks like it related to Chris Cornell birthday. This suck.
  7. Goals for 2017?

    One of my main goal was to take the plane for the first time to get rid of this stupid fear of final destination heights. Now it's done, I felt very stupid to be afraid about that. It was very cool (except the smell of the guy who thow up a few seats in front of me) and thanks to that I managed to visit Berlin. Next time, get out of Europe.
  8. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Won't be hyped until true gameplay.
  9. Metro: Exodus

    But you can't sell horse helmet in those kind of games !! 2/10
  10. Overwatch

    Im definitively in love with Dva gameplay. I love saving my poor mates from Roadhogs hook and saying OMNOMNOM in mic when eating some ult
  11. But they still have Insta
  12. Metro: Exodus

    Waiting for that one too. This E3 is full of surprise on my side.
  13. E3 2017

    Awww Maaaaaan !! Another Metroid Prime !!! This is my favorite game serie !!!