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  1. Finalle started Deep Rock Galactic with friends. Reeaaaally fun shit
  2. ElectroSheep


    I learnt chess at a very young age (around 6-7 years old) and I really want to play again but for some reasons I can't I was very good for my age in college and such but being the best at this was considered nerd or something ? and I was beatten up a lot by the cool kids (or it was because of my name? huhu). School seriously... I can't afford to play against someone now, it makes me cringe.
  3. Playing Conan Exiles with colleagues, game is ugly buth with good level art and vistas and it's fuuuun ! Also playing toooo much Magic Arena it's insane
  4. Looks like Re7 and Re4 had a baby, totally gonna go in this one.
  5. Dude, 8 years already ? Feels like yesterday for me the explosion of Crycore
  6. Also fuck the cold. I wish I was in California or somewhere hotter right now
  7. Duuh, my 2 years old is singing the Emperor March from Star Wars, I win !
  8. Looks like I didn't played any game of this year except of a bit of Squadron. But it would be Demon's Souls of course
  9. That's nice, Finished the story last week, really loved the game and pushing it thought the DLC. It means that even with only 2m units they are good and I think it's cool not having to sold 10m to save your finances
  10. So we finally have a source 2 Half Life game and it would be only for VR users ? Doesn't seem a really mod friendly point of view to me..
  11. Yeah probably, decompiled version are clean now ? I remember sometimes it coul be tricky.
  12. Well just bought something to be able to check my old HDD and I have all my project since 2009, even small stupid tests when I staterd to learn source, but Ruins is the one and only missing
  13. Well, I can update my old ruins map now. Could be fun ^^
  14. Hello there ! I think you understand the title :D. Do you know if there is an official way of creating Half Life 2 like map on Alyx ? Maybe some of you already tested some way ? I saw some people playing with some kind of non VR mod with Half Life 2 weapons working well : I had several protoype of levels I would like to port on this engine.
  15. Started this game a week ago, really love it The environments are totally stuff I would love to work on.
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