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  1. celery

    Prime [Wingman]

    As promised, here are some more screenshots.
  2. I think it’s just perspective since I never noticed it being bigger than any of the other trees in the level, which are all to scale with the refs I had.
  3. Hi Mapcore! I've released a few projects over the last few months and been making a few custom assets for CSGO. I wanted to share these with the mapping community to use in their own levels. It's free for non-commercial use, but please contact me about their use in any monetized setting (operation map, sponsored level, commission). All of the assets are by me, apart from portions of the Hive assets, so those in particular must be attributed to Jakuza as well when used. Here is the Google Drive link with all the ZIPs for the individual maps, instructions and READMEs included: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QPjqN1p45Mw-Fg3htsdU_S1LCX2txoqo?usp=sharing The assets featured are from Hive, Paradise, and Infamy. As I release more levels, there might be more assets released. Keep in mind, Infamy as a level never released, so the assets are not up to the same standard of quality or optimization as the other assets included, but still feel free to use them. Here are some previews of the assets: infamy_preview.mp4 I spent a little time yesterday updating some of the Paradise assets for release. They are improved versions than the ones currently used in the map, and I might recompile a new map update soon. If there are any issues with these, please drop a note. Keep on mapping, celery celery#6002 @celeryslice on Twitter
  4. celery

    Prime [Wingman]

    More to be shown soon. Here's a tiny sneak peek of the bombsite.
  5. celery

    Prime [Wingman]

    Going to be able to share a lot more soon!
  6. celery

    Prime [Wingman]

    Yeah it was just a test with color correction. Prob going to be figuring out this stuff as I go along.
  7. Hello. After being dis-satisfied with the state of Paradise it was in I wanted to do more about it. The performance was terrible and visuals were highly lacking. It was awesome to work with @Peakeand Sir Thomas who assisted with detailing, optimization, and polishing. Previously I had worked on all aspects of the project, but for this update I heavily focused on replacing all custom content with my own. Happy with how it turned out, so without further adieu, here's some screenshots. I also designed the map badge, which I think turned out well. Thanks to TheWhaleMan for giving a few notes on it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2538231993 Alright thanks for reading. Take care!
  8. celery


    As one of the artists, one of my major tasks was creating a majority of the concrete materials used across the level. I made a total of 16 unique non-PBR materials authored in Substance Designer. I'd like to show a few of the finished materials in renders, and will post some model renders in the future.
  9. celery


    Looking really cool. Reminds me of old WWII games in a good way. Mainly DoD:S, which always had pretty maps.
  10. celery


    This map is turning out awesome. Can't wait to see more implementation of the theme in further art passes.
  11. Wow this looks really, really cool! Can't wait to see more!
  12. Could use a bit of work on the layout for sure, but this is certainly a great step in improvement. I won't tell you it's the best level I've ever seen, but good job and keep grinding!
  13. celery

    Prime [Wingman]

    Hi Mapcore. I'd like to introduce Prime, a new wingman level by me and 'RZL. Feedback on the layout is appreciated! Here is the overview and a look at the WIP level. Workshop link will be live soon, here it is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2445830406 Cheers, celery
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