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  1. I'm not sure how to feel about this
  2. Skimmed the videos - this does not look like it is staying true to the roots of the franchise in any way. I absolutely love Quake3 and have sunk hundreds of hours into it but I doubt I'll be picking this up - and it'll be the same reasons why Unreal Tournament 3 tanked.
  3. Literally this. Portal? University students that Valve hired. Left4Dead? Turtle Rock. CS:GO? A bunch of modders who Valve bought the game off of and ported it to a new engine. Dota2? Another mod that Valve hired 1 guy to come in and remake for them in source. TF2? Hey didn't Robin Walker make that? Before he got hired by Valve? In 1996? Are you seeing a pattern here yet? Valve haven't shipped any games that weren't fundamentally somebody else's work which they've bought in over 12 years. And yet somehow they're important and relevant? No. Just no. Valve don't make games, they buy other peoples games and polish them loads and then try to pass it off as a new product. You know who else does that super successfully? Blizzard (if we ignore hearthstone).
  4. Valve hasn't been relevant since 2003 beyond continuing to operate Steam (which is basically a different company by this point). Discuss.
  5. Don't worry I'm sure they saved at least ONE cutscene to use in the actual game.
  6. yeah that must be like 25% of what facebook bought them for? I don't think anyone's questioning some seriously shady stuff went down, but realistically it does look like zenimax were trying to save face after carmack left more than them thinking their claims were actually true.
  7. Seriously read the details, jury came down conclusively on Oculus not having stolen any trade secrets from Zenimax, the fines were all to do with random other breaches of contract and shit.
  8. jdm keeping the dream alive. VP threw that map away.
  9. I've barely even looked at this forum for months. Saw this thread title : "There is literally no way this thread is going to be disappointing". Made it halfway through the first post, orange juice all over my monitor. I'm crying
  10. The one you enjoy making maps for.
  11. Can you change me to Senior Technical Artist at Rocksteady Studios ( I'll be starting there in a couple of weeks.
  12. Is it just me or does that waterfall look well ropey
  13. lol, poors.
  14. Man those interviews are the best ones, when you just end up chatting about random shit with like-minded people. You know it's gone well if that happens.