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  1. I'm playing on a 27" samsung monitor...not 4k. Cheap $200 monitor. Game still looks great. More importantly it's fun! Cut scenes are a bit over acted and long...but you can skip them or speed through the dialog moments if you enable and read subtitles and still get the info. Very glad for that. Otherwise I'm getting very into this.
  2. First game was a gem for the 10 hours I was able to play it before getting too busy. That trailer was impressive even if still movie trope laden. I think the game could <hopefully> be better than the trailer.
  3. I got to play some Zelda on Wii U at E3 last year and it was perfectly fine, except I still am not in love with the tablet controller. I guess I'll get used to it because I don't expect to get a Switch at launch just for Zelda. (Unless I can convince Nintendo Analyst Relations dept to send me one. HA!) I'm a little worried too about the Mario but having not played it I can't say for sure. Does feel like "whaaaaa???" That said, my first reaction to seeing Super Mario Galaxy was "whaaa?" and then I played it and thought "ohhhhhhhhh now I get it." Anyone else think ARMS might actually not be terrible?
  4. I might this year. Have a big client meeting in SF right before so wtf why not?
  5. This is still a thread?
  6. Finally saw it tonight....just been so busy. Agree with Dux above. I can barely remember any characters' names.
  7. As I told Mo, That audio!!! And the level design!!! Not that I am surprised knowing you guys :-) Sorry that EA shipped it between BF1 and CoD:IW releases. TF2 is definitely my favorite shooter this season so I hope it builds more momentum. Spread the word! SIDEBAR: the collective of all 3 of these games has exceeded my expectations thus far.
  8. Thems was the days by garr!
  9. You may feel otherwise and that's fine but tentatively this: ...tentatively because this is simply based on how much I liked the first game. Trailer drops Thursday so all we have is an announcement and a poster so maybe I'm jumping the gun. I hope not!
  10. I dunno...I tried and disliked every MGS game until MGS V which is now one of my favorite games of this generation. I still play it a little each week on PS4. MG Survive...I am cautiously optimistic...probably because I like MGSV so much.
  11. 2005. No blue tooth. No USB. No NAV. But them seats...
  12. Thanks. Had my prior car, Volvo S40 T5 6speed, for 11 years so I was due. I have driven manual all my life. No cost difference for manual vs. basic auto in all 3 series (no, didn't get the M3 sadly.) Thing about manual transmission in California is that there is very little inventory. I had to custom order mine...oddly I got a better deal on that vs. any manual 3-series I could find in my region that weren't quite right anyway.