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  1. 1) yes...it's derivative...but so is everything. 2) They put thought into their art design and ran with it. Personally, not my thing. However, I can't deny the level of effort and respect for the medium on display. 3) Seems like familiar-ish enough gameplay concept...it's from FROM afterall...so fuck yeah sure. Overall impression: this isn't really what I'm into but I can see the potential. Hope it delivers.
  2. Agreed. I'm deeply hopeful for this despite not having real analysis of the gameplay quality yet. Bugs and quirks aside, the original is still one of my all time favorite games on any platform but especially PC.
  3. Agreed. While I am biased for obvious reasons, take DoD Source vs. the original Day of Defeat. The original had a dirtiness to it. It just felt better and was actually more immersive despite the lower poly everything and blurry textures compared to it successor. The grit just made your mind do more of the suspension of disbelief. DoD Source felt too much like a game as opposed to an experience. Pretty sure someone put a long video explaining it better than I can.
  4. 1)Yeah I do get that feeling particularly from this most recent video. However, I am still hopeful for this without really knowing how development is coming along other than little glimpses from videos like this. It does feel earnest at least. I do agree with a lot of the analysis in this thread, particularly on the discussion of how Unreal 4 could lead them to make a very polished game that lacks the grit. And "epic story" and "biggest open world"...eek...I hope that is really just temp marketing word salad but them just saying that does have me worried. Keep in mind, back in the 00s GSC was
  5. Izuno

    Corona Virus

    Yeah we started watching it and it's on point but not as funny as the Pandemic special. I guess just not enough Randy in the first 10 minutes (that's all we watched cause we have kids and fall asleep quickly when watching TV after 10 pm). Is there more Randy later in the episode? Wait don't tell me. Meanwhile: <rant> We know a lot of people in 20s/30s/40s gaming the system saying they are in critical IT services or childcare or something to get them eligible for the vaccine in various parts of California and other states when in fact they are not in those fields nor do t
  6. This is the best thread on Mapcore. I feel for everyone who has lost friends or family due to...all the the things that 2020 was and still is now that we are into 2021. I consider myself lucky that only a small # of my extended family got covid and none of them went to the hospital, but they all said it kicked their asses and are worried about the long term impact to their health. I am in a different part of SoCal (just outside LA) and home prices here are crazy. We lucked out and bought at the bottom of the last housing crash. Otherwise at the time we would not have been able to aff
  7. I mean....you know.....well....in theory if it had pacing that...ok so yeah Aliens Colonial Marines had a lot of problems which...and...well the thing that worked about about Alien Isolation...what I'm really trying to say...........so look if this game can.... Meh nevermind. I'm too cynical to pull together a coherent thought...but if...
  8. Sorry I'm only quoting you to call out your WSB avatar. Not sure what to say but the hedge funds shorted GME to ~ 150% of the # of shares outstanding. WTF did they expect? Back on topic: that's some impressive indie horror action. How big is the team? Maybe someone who banks a few millions from fighting the hedge fund guys can help fund this game!
  9. I'm about 3ish hours in on Xbox One...still running okay enough. No serious bugs. Definitely not as pretty as on PC or next gen, but whatever still enjoying this. Merry Christmas!
  10. Yeah I'm still scratching my head on the double certification fails on last gen between Sony and Microsoft. I'm sure there is much more going on behind the scenes than we'll know in the near term. Somewhat related, and fwiw IGN's poll as of today: https://www.ign.com/articles/cyberpunk-2077-for-xbox-one-and-playstation-4-review One of my work colleagues got a few boxed copies...was kind enough to send to me for Xbox One so I guess I'll just wait it out as my 2019 Surface Book 3 is probably not quite up to it. <sigh>
  11. Izuno

    Corona Virus

    Yeah a giant shit sandwich.
  12. Izuno

    Corona Virus

    No denying that part either...and they aren't mutually exclusive. And while all those things are great, a lot of what is holding those things back from reaching their full potential is the fantasyland component of our political system.
  13. Izuno

    Corona Virus

    Not exactly. The premise is that before there was even a United States, the colonists, then settlers before them, brought a way of magical thinking that has carried on to the present day. Cults? Check. Conspiracy theories as to why things are the way they are? Check. Assumption of settlers/colonists/Americans' divine right to commit mass genocide and slavery? Check. The communists have taken over the post WWII government? Check. Pizzagate? Check. Windmills give you cancer? Check. Moon landing was fake? Check. Coronavirus is a liberal hoax and not real it's all fake? Check. Bush was behind 911?
  14. Izuno

    Corona Virus

    If you want to understand the USA's terrible response, read the book FantasyLand. SMGDMFH.
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