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  1. Nintendo Switch

    So far Switch is exceeding my expectations. I am not a Zelda fan but BoTW is great but I'm getting distracted by Super Mario Odyssey which is now my favorite Switch game. Other small things: - It works great as a portable though it does not fit into my pocket. It's a great rode trip/travel console. On an airplane it is the shit. Sorry, PS VIta, you could have been so awesome but it just didn't work out that way. - I got a free copy Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2...never would have bought it but damn it was way funnier than I expected. Not entirely the same LEGO formula. - pro controller is the way to go...not entirely required to enjoy the console but it definitely is a plus.
  2. Looking for a game development team.

    If you read Puddy's comment only once, read it again. Rinse/repeat.
  3. Star Wars

    Meanwhile, regarding my 10/10...
  4. Star Wars

  5. Star Wars

  6. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Played more HZD:TFW last night and now am really loving it. So at this point if you liked HZD I strongly recommend TFW. There are new enemies and new "things" that make gameplay not simply more of the same.
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I see you playing the new Wolfenstein game on PS4 while I'm playing HZD. Seems W:NC has a pretty kick ass campaign from what I hear.
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn

    So today the $20 DLC single player expansion The Frozen Wilds released. I preordered the DLC for $15 on PSN. This might be the first DLC I have purchased in ...years? I bought this DLC because Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my personal GOTY for 2017, minor flaws and all. I'm only 1 hour in but given the size of the new zone in the game and estimated hours of story to play through, I felt fine with spending some money. Plus, because this is not a cheap ass loot box system I have no problem spending money on quality content that developers worked hard to create. Anyway, bravo, Guerrilla games. I hope some of my $15 makes it into your pockets.
  9. I think this is the stupidest shit ever. I'm all for video games and esports (not a fan myself but pls enjoy and hopefully esports will make profits not just revenues and excessive costs and I hope participants can have long, fulfilling careers and all that) but i have no desire to watch a fucking esport in the olympics (or ever, btw).
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2

    The visuals in the new trailer look excellent. I'm sure it will play well and have a well done story per typical of Rockstar and in line with RDR (which I loved, btw). My only issue with this new trailer is I don't like the voice acting of the main character. Perhaps I'm simply not used to it (it's first time we heard it right?) and I just need time, but something isn't sitting well with me. It's not that the writing or quality of the voice acting itself is necessarily bad, it's just I don't really find that I like the voice all that much as say compared to the voice of John Marston (voiced by Rob Wietoff). I hate to nitpick but that's just my initial reaction. Otherwise, I fully I expect I will get over it, buy it, play it, nitpick it some more, but (hopefully) will ultimately love the game.
  11. New LEGO Millennium Falcon

    Yeah that's pretty much bullshit but nonetheless what a load of a model.
  12. New LEGO Millennium Falcon

    https://io9.gizmodo.com/this-7-541-piece-millennium-falcon-is-the-largest-most-1798426562 OH MY GAWWWDDDD!!!
  13. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I'm playing on a 27" samsung monitor...not 4k. Cheap $200 monitor. Game still looks great. More importantly it's fun! Cut scenes are a bit over acted and long...but you can skip them or speed through the dialog moments if you enable and read subtitles and still get the info. Very glad for that. Otherwise I'm getting very into this.
  14. Middle-earth: Shadow of War

    First game was a gem for the 10 hours I was able to play it before getting too busy. That trailer was impressive even if still movie trope laden. I think the game could <hopefully> be better than the trailer.