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  1. catfood

    [CSGO] Engage

    Thanks dude! I spend a lot of time getting the structure in place and making it look believable which was kind of a challenge due to its size. @[email protected]@Wintrius About that the level is bright is entirely on purpose since adding contrast areas in the background of multiplayer levels especially for CS:GO can create issues with readability. Also car factories aswell as other modern factories are well lit. I turned off the lights of some areas to create a different vibe throughout the level but mainly it had to be well lit for those reasons. @fewseb I tried to keep the "3Dskybox" as simple as possible since most players wont notice flat grass in the background but do care for better FPS
  2. catfood

    [CSGO] Engage

    Hello all! This post is a little late on Mapcore because I have been moving and working on other projects also but I still wanted to share the release of Engage with the Mapcorians for who missed the release on the workshop. Two years ago BubkeZ and RZL came to me and asked if I wanted to work with them on a layout BubkeZ created in 2010 for CS 1.6 called de_engage and obviously I said yes. The three of us then started to look at this old layout and discussed what needed to change to make it viable for CS:GO and improve on the original design. RZL then made the first blockout with all the changes we discussed and handed the greybox level to me and I took it from there. The result: ENGAGE WORKSHOP PAGE
  3. great stuff man! btw those water shaders look awesome
  4. Good job! I like this shot, the organic environment and the structure work really well together.
  5. catfood

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Here we go again, map size is fine and so is the rotation time. The map has been thoroughly tested from beginning to end of development and if the rotation was really too long the bomb wouldn't be defused this many times. Also keep in mind that when the ts are committing to a bombsite they can be seen from quite a distance so the moment cts on site die and call the bombplant terrorists are still on the move for few seconds before actually planting. If you want watch a game on ruby and see how both teams move and communicate this tells much more then just comparing timings and this one time that you played on the map. This is a viewers game TrilluXe hosted that is fun to watch: LINK Game starts around 03:08:35 Thank you for the kind words and could you maybe point out this wall(s) where you can't slide along?
  6. catfood

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    @FMPONEThanks! and the sparkling effect is not a sprite but are small func_dustmotes with a short life time well deserved enjoy looking at your cake piece! Thanks Exodus! and nice to hear you like the soundscapes but that's the work of Hunsrus: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Hunsrus He joined me on trip to Lisbon and was the audio guy for this level as well as my previous levels
  7. catfood

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Hello! Some of you already know but after ~1.5 years in development lots of playtesting and iterations I finally released Ruby on the workshop! The trip to Lisbon I took at the beginning of development to shoot reference and record audio resulted in the map having: ~100 custom models ~60 custom materials ~100 custom sounds All based on the Portuguese city. The size and timings of the map are comparable to maps currently in active duty and the layout with clear land marks and a few unique areas should be easy to learn for every player of every skill level. There's also a small MapCore easteregg and the first person to find it gets a picture of a piece of cake! Once again I want to thank everyone here at MapCore who participated in playtesting or gave feedback during the development. And please let me know what you guys think of the end result! WORKSHOP LINK
  8. catfood

    [CS:GO] De_PointBlank

    Hey it's coming along nicely especially for a first map. Only concern I have right now are the dark spots/shadows in almost every room/area. Maybe try lighten up these areas to make the level more readable and also prettier to look at.
  9. Congratz to all finalist! I'm guessing this will be a photo finish btw I haven't read all the comments so I'm probably not the first to say this but those screenshots of Tangerine look photo realistic well done!
  10. catfood

    What I'm Working On

    Looks great man congratz! kinda reminds me of Deadspace3 wich is nice also good job on the ice blocks in the first two screenshots and I love this spot in particular: btw have you tried making it a darker / night skybox? could bring out the aurora more
  11. catfood


    A bit late but congratz on the release! Just ran around the map and it feels great to navigate through and I also like the cosmetics especially the indoor ceilings btw why did you decide to remove the green roofing? I remember the castle had this in earlier builds right?. I thought it looked kinda cool Oh and sucks to hear about those downvotes. Maybe someone could write a bot script that spams MapCore maps to the top? fight fire with fire
  12. catfood

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Thanks for the kind words @Klarkie8, @FMPONE and @grapen I appreciate it! That's very nice to hear I hope to do justice to your beatifull country @Hackerman This is very usefull thanks a lot although most clips you pointed out will be fixed during the development progress later on unless they are gamebreaking then i'll try to fix them right away. And i'm glad you like the designer palm tree hehe
  13. catfood

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Hello Mapcore It's been a while, I've been very busy working on ruby the past couple of months so I thought it was time to re-release a preview of the map to the workshop and give you guys a heads up of whats going on. First screenshots: A site terrorist entry Mid / B-short Terrorist spawn Back of Mid In the screenshot above you can see I've added a extra option / angle where the terrorists can fight over each bombsite I also gave them a extra path to rotate more easily through mid whilst trying to keep the map from becoming over complicated. Playing as CT you can still defend and watch all angles if you play two A one mid and two B. The reason I made these changes came from the many playtests that were held. A lot of times it seemed that the terrorists got stuck quite easily if the CT's would just smoke the entry paths to the bombsites. I found this became boring real fast and wanted to give the Terrorists a bit more space to work with but that of course won't make them overpowered. So I added a few options where the terrorists can work together over small areas near the bombsite where they can win a extra angle or option to fight over the bombsite and not just adding another entry point to the bombsite itself because this would make it unfair and to hard for the CT's to defend. There's already been quite a few playtests where I saw the terrorist team working together in theses areas and even if they finally got to the bombsite or not it was great to see how the fights worked out and I'm quite satisfied how the map plays overall right now. The only thing I'm still concerned about right now is the new route near mid this seemed sometimes a bit too much because you also have the upper route you can take from mid. I'm gonna stop right here because I don't want this to become a too long didn't read kinda thing. I hope you guys like where the map is heading and might you have any questions or feedback please let me know! Link to workshop
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