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Found 46 results

  1. Here's a script I've made that allows you to replace kv playermodels in your map with custom ones you've made without getting error boxes in Panorama! Features: Easily configurable Runs on map spawn then refreshes every 2s by default The script precache the models for you As every script, "mp_restartgame 1" will refresh it Issues: A non existing model may crash the game The Panorama team selection screen wont use the right models... this can't be fixed since Panorama loads before the map and isn't serversided. >> DOWNLOAD << Place playermodelreplacer.nut inside scripts/vscripts/ it then needs to be packed in your map when you release it What you need to do in order to get perfectly working playermodels: Custom playermodels MUST use a valid prefix in order to receive the voicelines and gloves [+ sleeves] from their original model they're based on. You can't have custom arm models, they're now hardcoded inside client.dll along with skin colors For instance: If you want to use the FBI voicelines and Arms you'll name your playermodel like so: ctm_fbimodelname.mdl If you want a... Leet based model you'll name it like this: tm_leetmodelname.mdl Examples: tm_leet_jap.mdl ctm_sas_kidotaiD.mdl ctm_swat_spetsnazA.mdl Here's a complete list of the available prefixes including what they use: Models can only have a limited number of characters before the game can't load them, be sure to keep your suffixes short, specially for the long ones. Setup: Set your KV corresponding to what playermodel your custom playermodel is based on, it must match else the sleeves or gloves wont be loaded. ct_arms and t_arms are obsolete since the glove update if you're wondering why they're not here. Open playermodelreplacer.nut and edit the following as you wish: set (c)tm_replace to 1 if you want to disable replacements for the team, 0 if not. refresh_delay is the time in seconds between each refresh to check if a player spawned with the model from the KV in order to replace it tm_old and ctm_old are the spots where you put your models used in the KV file tm_new and ctm_new are the ones where you put your custom models. (c)tm_new must have the same number of lines as (c)tm_old In this example with the KV and this configuration, only the first ctm_fbi will be replaced with ctm_sas_variant_test PRO TIP: If you want to remove the sleeves from CTs, use a different CT prefix with the same gloves as your original model. For instance: put "ctm_fbi" in the KV and in ctm_old<- make your model use ctm_sas_variant as a prefix and put it in ctm_new<- as usual. Since the game wont precache the right sleeves, they'll be invisible but since they use the same gloves, they'll be precached correctly! Go wild, Enhance the theme of your maps! You can now reload the game to update the KV (kv files are loaded on game start with the gamemodes.txt) and enjoy your playermodels! Enjoy!
  2. This level was created for PolyStrike, more you can check here - https://www.mocherad.com/polystrike Ohh 5 mb file limit, other screenshots you can find on my AT submitted work - Artstation
  3. catfood

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    [RELEASED] NEW POST WORKSHOP LINK [OLD POST] Hello Mapcore folk, First I want to say that everything about the layout is still quite rough, work in progress and open for suggestion. The reason I'm releasing this heavy wip concept is so that I can hopefully catch a glimps of other players and mappers thoughts on the layout early on. The current overview of the layout: Bombsite A: Mid CT side: Mid T side: B site: Although this build felt pretty stable after quite a few playtests I would still like more playtesting hours / feedback before making any drastic decisions on where to take the layout next. Here's the workshop link might you want to check it out ingame : LINK So if you already have some thoughts, angry feelings or whatever that come up when looking/playing the map Please don't hold back and just let it all out. Because the sooner this little unarmed infant baby map learns it's flaws the better right? no mercy. Thanks in advance!
  4. KingOfCorn

    [CS:GO] Golden

    Golden is a 5 vs 5 competitive defusal map. I've been working on it since mid 2017 but with a 8 month break until August 2018 when I decided to pick it up again. The goal was initially to compete in the 2017 mapcore competition but I underestimated the time and effort it took to finish the project. The map is inspired by the older parts of Stockholm, Sweden. An unknown terrorist cell has executed an attack in the heart of the city. Their objective is to create chaos in the normally modest and safe capital. The Counter Terrorist unit called GIGN from France has reinforced the district since the national police force is inadequate and is struggling to handle the situation. Be sure to enjoy the level and I appreciate all the feedback and comments I can get! Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1716064469
  5. Hi everyone, This map is remake version of Half-Life Crossfire. Firstly I released this map in 2015 and I updated regularly. Now I changed whole map design and details but i protect map's main lines. The map's story goes through after the test chamber accident time. Map support Competitive, ,Casual, Wingman, Deathmatch and Custom game mod, Custom game mod is basic Half - Life Deathmatch mod without turret and HLDM weapons. Nuke button, lifts, secret room, etc. still have and improved. Only nuke button blocked Competitive, Casual, Wingman game mod. Here workshop page --> Crossfire Custom Deathmatch Gameplay Details Total game time limit is 20 minutes. All players default start weapon is Glock and Knife. Grenade carry limit is 5. Healthshot carry limit is 1. Friendly fire is on and all player is enemy. Weapon and grenade can't drop after die. All weapon and items on ground. Map have 4 resupply point. 2 resupply point on left CT Spawn 2 resupply point on right CT Spawn. Weapons and Item Lists Revolver XM1014 Healthshot M4A4 M249 Armor MP5-SD Nova Health Charger AWP HE Grenade Low Jump Module(just change gravity) FAMAS Flashbang AUG Incendiary Grenade P90 Decoy Grenade SSG-07 Smoke Grenade Desert Eagle Sensor Grenade
  6. Hello to all the members of the Mapcore forum Workshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1623993297 I am a beginner both on the forum and in creating maps for the CS GO I ask your attention to my first work, maps for the wingman mode This map is located in Iraq, at a water treatment plant that was thrown out of combat, and was no longer used, terrorists want to blow up supplies of chlorine that was used for water purification, it is toxic to humans, and in the event of the success of the chlorine cloud, it will cover a nearby city. Over the map worked 4 months, created many of its textures and models. In the workshop WIP version of the map was very popular, but after the release, no one paid close attention. Therefore, I hope that this forum will help me make the map popular, give tips on improvement and more. Thank you for your attention, I am waiting for your feedback and comments
  7. Zombie Apocalypse - Revaluation. Please check it by your self: Web: Itch: https://pseudogamer01.itch.io/zombie-apocalypse Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/Zombie-Apocalypse/403956 Indie Db: https://www.indiedb.com/games/zombie-apocalypse-iconic Kongregate: https://www.kongregate.com/games/PseudoGamer01/zombie-apocalypse Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/games/?fbs=-1&app_id=2250357291947795&preview=1&locale=en_US Android: Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Iconic.Zombie Amazon app center: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PXSK2ZL Like and Share!
  8. Waterfall Residence Set in Canada, this facility is under attack by Anarchists seeking to destroy a residence that has rare cultural values. Subscribe Fragment number two: "Anarchy and art" " - They must feel the pain of loss! We will inflict as much damage to their cultural legacy as we can! We will not back out and will take them with us... " Terrorists arrive to destroy a villa built near the old lighthouse. The villa itself has valuable pieces of art. Under the lighthouse there is a small warehouse, possibly used to store precious historic artefacts. Original Waterfall (old)
  9. neptune

    [CS:GO] Metro

    Hi everyone. Firstly I designed this map in 2016 but this version is bad and after 2 years i ve decided redesign this map. Metro is hostage rescue scenario bases in Turkey. This map have 4 multiple levels. Some building designs is real and all location and subway line name is fake. I want to improve my map tactically with your help. Thanks in advice. Metro Workshop Page Here some screenshot:
  10. untor

    Residence Rescue

    Hostage rescue mission 17 hours, before the Waterfall Residence incident. Subscribe now!
  11. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

    Release of cs_tori (鳥) (My first cs:go map without crates!) Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1521939381 Gamebanana: https://gamebanana.com/maps/201797 Overview: Screenshots: There are a few things I want to add and I also forgot some things to improve. There will be surely an update. Your Feedback & Constructive Criticism will be very appreciated! Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old: [WIP] cs_tori (鳥) fully playable version Be free like a bird. Open your mind for new ideas! Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217257648 Designed for classic mode 5v5. I wanted to try something new with this map (gameplay and visuals). It should be a simple map which is easy too learn but also gives you tons of possibilities how to play it. Because gameplay is the most important I concentrated on this part. Gameplay is "done" (improvements /small optimisations are likely). "Only" the visuals have to be made. I think hostage rescue mode is the perfect mode to try new things. It has a lot of potential. Please play it with other people, because bots are too limited to make use of all the good things this map has to other. There are only 10spawns. I will add more spawns and deathmatchmode later on full release. Idea behind the Layout: Simple, but also complex. I tried something new by placing the Hostage rescue zone apart from CT spawn. This map is more like 2 maps in 1. Only Ts got two paths to the rescue zone. Given them more choices on how to play the map from beginning. They are noch stuck in place like usual. CTs however can see both paths from their routes. So Ts can't just easily get there unseen. Also CT can concentrate on getting to one hostage and don't have to defend the rescue zone at the same time. I hope you have fun playing and testing cs_tori. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WIP] de_solas (first entry, but decided to create a completely new map from scratch) [WIP] cs_tori (鳥) Reference photos: None. Videos? No. All imagination. I made this Overlay concept. It only shows the important places and how they are connected to each other. History: - (26.08.2017) Layout on Paper - (28.08.2017) Start in Hammer - (25.09.17) Layout | Minimize the Layout because of the spare time. Reduce as much as possible. - (30.09.2017) I improve the Layout and make it more like initially wanted. Not just a miniversion. Thanks to the extended Schedule. - (16.10.2017) Blocky Layout in Hammer finished. Screenshots: - (22.10.2017) Name changed from cs_cristal to cs_tori (鳥). Bugs are fixed. Started to texture and detail. - (04.11.2017) Searched for textures, found the most. But I have to find the right rock textures. - (26.11.2017) Should have found every texture I need. - (30.11.2017) Contest version released - (10.01.2018) I made almost nothing since 30.11. But now I'm working on it again. I take as much time as it needs, no rush. Currently working on: - Learning how to create Props with Hammer for Source 2. - all Next / to do: - Optimisation (Areaportals, Occluder, Skip+Hint, Skybox) - gameplay changes / optimazitions - Sound, light, better minimap .. everything else :9 - create models - make the map pretty,.. ..because the best gameplay don't makes your map popular, the visuals do (sadly,.. I thought it is all about gameplay in cs:go).
  12. Vanx


    In the year 2001 I published the map de_celtic for Counter-Strike 1.6, which became quit popular. Now I found the time to create a remake for CS:GO. The layout is carefully expanded with two new connections. In 2001 I used the editor Quark, so now I've started at zero with Hammer, making this one. I was a more-than-one-year-journey and without the TopHATTwaffle-tutorials this map wont exists. Hope, you have fun. Tell me, what you think, every comment is welcome. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1601196112
  13. Sil3ncer

    [CS:GO][Wingman] Rab

    This is our first map and we submitted it for the /r/csmapmakers 2018 wingman contest . We hope we could get some criticism and improve the map . Thank you very much (We know that there is a problem with the water on low shadow details and some clipping problems too) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1593057959
  14. Here i present you my small/medium awp map. The actions takes place on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. The layout is symmetrical. It features custom detail sprites by me . Credis: @Yanzl for pines and ocean water STEAM WORKSHOP a picture is a thousand words but i guess a video clip is a thousand pictures
  15. My map De_Quaint is now finished and submitted to the /r/csmapmakers 2018 wingman contest. You can find it on the workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1588494723 I'm a fan of the layout, but this is the first time I've tried to detail a level to a high quality. I developed this for both the competition and as the first half of my final year project for university. I'd really appreciate any advice I could get for how I could improve my detailing. Thanks! T Spawn T Long T Lower CT Stairs CT Spawn CT Bridge T Bridge
  16. Pitstop is complete and released as mine and Quad's entry into the /r/csmapmakers 2018 wingman contest. Download and Play Thanks to @Yanzl and @Terri for allowing us to use their assets.
  17. T-Rexer


    High above the world in a lost mountain, a dormant volcano begins spewing out a mysterious liquid. Arcas Industries immediately claims ownership, but what are their nefarious intentions? And more importantly, can two lone terrorists stop them? This map was made for the 2018 r/CSMapmakers Wingman Competition. Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1575910876 Art and Design: @Squinky Layout and Design: @T-Rexer
  18. I uploaded on steam workshop a beta version of my project CS:GO defuse map, de_aurelia. This is a remake, represented by a visual and layout upgrade. The map is designed for a casual gameplay scenario, above 20 players. The theme wants to be some palace from Italy. Why Italy again, simply because there are palm trees, the sun is always shining and last but not least, it was pity not to use some of de_canals's assets. Of course not all of them are stock assets, some of the HD textures are made by me in Substance designer (some of the tiles and the plaster walls). I don't want to pollute the forum with screenshots, you will find some on steam workshop. The map still has some visual bugs, rough edges, exploit areas, that i am aware, but they don't impede the gameplay. If someone is interested to provide criticism , he or she are welcomed. I'm not in a rush to finish it so please take your time. Thank you.
  19. Hello everybody. This is my map in RF series maps. Real phototextures and prototypes. Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1579105304
  20. Hey all, This scene is a reimagining of my friend Yuya Takeda's concept, the archive of everything part - 2 'https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VODxP' The concept was an inspiration to try 3d modeling and texturing on a bigger scale for me and not just sticking to relighting or speed design scenes. Assets were modeled exclusively in Modo and use rounded edge shader for almost everything. The substance suite drives the texturing process with additional help taken from photoshop. Check out more and better res pics here - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xzYNAm Leave your comments and thoughts below.
  21. Flower_Shop_Guy

    [CS:GO] SOAT

    INFO: Current version: rc3 Current version file name: de_soat_rc3 Author: me DOWNLOAD: Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1209173869 GameBanana: https://gamebanana.com/maps/197803 GameMaps: In the process GoogleDrive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15dk5xSlKtkC8pYtWRDP4r1E9iSu_taY4 Description: This designed mostly as a "casual" for 8x8 - 10x10 players especially, but also can be played 5x5. Large and complex bomb defusal map set in Uzbekistan mountains. Terrorists are bent on destroying the unstable country economy by attacking one of its major power plant. Map overview: Larger version SCREENSHOTS Ps: Hey, post your feedback and bug report here, this will be very helpful for me, thank you.
  22. Hey, I just want to say that I finally finished the project. It's short (5 minutes) walking simulator in CSGO. You can check it out and let me know what you think about it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1523314968
  23. Ubuska

    [UT4] DM-Chamber

    RELEASED Map is available here: https://utcc.unrealpugs.com/map/348-DM-Chamber Old post Hi! I'm making DM map for Unreal Tournament 4. The goal of this project is to make fun cool looking map with custom art within 100 mb file size. It features trap room in the center of the map and zero grav pools. Playtesting was really fun Here's bsp layout screenshots After 5 versions of this map and playtests I started an art pass for this map. Still very rough but I managed to come up with some interesting basic shapes and basic lighting, so it's a good start I think. This map is available here: https://utcc.unrealpugs.com/map/348-DM-Chamber
  24. New work from me, finaly on full HD quality in the Unity. Video Artstation
  25. yebu

    [CS:GO] Scarab

    Hey! I just released a map on steam workshop, and would appreciate feedback. Workshop link with more screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1483111472
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