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  1. Frostbite Update 2 We updated Frostbite today. This update mostly focuses on bug fixes but we included some gameplay changes too. Fingers crossed that we can publish a big update in about two weeks with lots of gameplay improvements - that is if we manage to compile the map Feel free to leave feedback for this one. Patch notes: [General] - Tweaked weapon spawn positions to prevent bad clipping - Adjusted snow on buildings - Adjusted map boundary rock formations and clipping - Changed some map location names [Village] - The houses have been connected to the power grid [Cove] - Opened the cabin [Town] - Improved clipping - Reworked stairs - Added missing stoops [Tourist] - Revamped visuals [Outlet] - Added a hut [Echo] - Added more snow [Shack] - Made it possible to enter the building from the south side [Tunnels] - Added new ladder exit in long hall before caves - Fixed more stuck spots [Boat Houses] - Added snow to boardwalk edges [Tower One] - Fixed z fighting [Misc] - Made wood fences darker and more saturated - Made sun smaller Pictures of the new exit from tunnels and the new hut we added:
  2. Frostbite Update 1 We have just updated Frostbite for the first time with a major update. We tried to include as much of the feedback posted here and elsewhere in this update. Feel free to leave more feedback. We are working on another fairly substantial update right now, trying to eliminate as many bugs as possible, so post everything you may find. Patch notes: [General] - Improved performance (up to 20%!) - Reworked lighting for better contrast between in- and outside areas. - Added fences/rock cliffs to areas where the map boundaries weren’t obvious. - Reworked map boundary clipping. - Added more weapon spawns across the map. - Fixed weapons spawning underneath the ice. - Fixed drone delivery issues (thanks Valve) [Radio] - Reworked buildings to eliminate dead ends. - Added a lock to the outhouse. - Added second story to the telescope building. - Added chain-link fence around the base of the tower to indicate inaccessibility. [Village] - Opened up one of the previously closed buildings. - Added pathways between buildings for better navigation in the area. [Town] - Reworked building frames for lighting and collision improvements. - Added graveyard area. - Reworked statue. - Reworked textures. - Adjusted clutter. [Tourist] - Fixed misaligned ski lifts. - Added more ski lifts. - Added ladder and jump puzzle to get on top of ski lift building. [Alpha] - Moved resort building moved further away from ski slope. - Opened up first and second floor of previously inaccessible resort building. [Shack] - Opened up first floor. - Added stairs to connect garage to first floor. [Tunnels] - Added signs for easier navigation. - Added path from west entrance to north exit. - Improved lighting. - Reworked north exit. - Reworked tunnels near west entrance. - Removed bathroom area which led to a dead end. - Improved visuals in the cave section. [Boat Houses] - Reworked one of the buildings. - Added snow on outside wood flooring. [Tower One] - Added information sign. - Added snow on outside wood flooring. [Misc] - Added more snow. - Improved texture blends. - Made ski flag poles more vibrant. - Fixed an issue where broken windows would still make glass sounds when shot. - Fixed misaligned props and displacement gaps. - Disabled ice reflections on low shader detail settings. - Updated and reworked deployment overview to better indicate the actual playable area. Pictures of the new fence and watchtowers around the map, aswell as consistent snow ontop of every building:
  3. Hey @Wintrius , thanks for the feedback. I definitely agree with almost everything you said. The repetitive buildings and interiors can be addressed, though it is not that easy to make it vastly more detailed for optimization reasons, but I agree that areas are very empty. We will address all of that through updates in the future.
  4. The Danger Zone experiment has opened up a new location atop of an old ski resort. Amidst abandoned cabins in the frigid cold, who will be the last man standing? A community Danger Zone map created by: Chief, Hasselhoff, KlixX, Quoting, Seth, SkratchPost, Slimek, Squdski, Squink, T-R3x3r Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2168101259
  5. Published the WIP layout: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1767159843 Areas like T spawn and B are very rough right now. Mostly for timing reasons
  6. Added Sirocco to the downloads for anyone interested
  7. T-Rexer

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    That’s sucks to hear. I really enjoyed Austria and still think that the mid building is a amazing way of not having a classic mid. So do you plan on working on a new map any time soon?
  8. This looks really promising, would like to test it out right now.
  9. T-Rexer

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    The competition will be really close with all of these high quality maps
  10. Blacksite Danger Zone map decompiled: Hammer will not run very smooth with this map! https://www.dropbox.com/s/54xq50stuexq0rd/dz_blacksite.vmf?dl=0 Sirocco Danger Zone map decompiled: Prop scaling on the oil pipes is wrong! https://www.dropbox.com/s/adhxouhualsksk4/dz_sirocco.vmf?dl=0
  11. T-Rexer


    Thank you for the feedback, I guess we have to work on the lore a bit more :D. The gameplay problems will be addressed in an update before the deadline.
  12. T-Rexer


    Please mention them. We want to gather as much feedback as possible before the contest deadline.
  13. T-Rexer


    We did that to show the cave, because Squinky thought it looked nice.
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