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  1. T-Rexer

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    yea, our tastes seem to be quite different
  2. T-Rexer

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    Timings are not at all like the normal version. To Nuke, I have not played it a lot, but I was suprrised how well it plays with the reworks. Not perfect either, but at least for me way more enjoyable than inferno.
  3. T-Rexer

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    Pit? Apartments? Headshot angels. Crates on the side are just head peeks. Might be just me, but that’s not really fun to play
  4. T-Rexer

    Reddit CSGO Wingman Map Contest

    I have to disagree with you there, at least on the map part. Rialto is awful and not fun at all imo. So many spots where you can be as a CT, the path around the apartment seems useless. In addition, Inferno is the worst of the de_ maps turned wingman map. It is horrible as a T and the timings are just really unintuitive. In addition it has all of the problems that de_inferno has on A side. You are right about the bomb thing. Planting is very rare and not really useful. The economy is something that can be debated over, but it’s not perfect in wingman. Definitely better than in hostage.
  5. T-Rexer

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Experimenting. A lot of work ahead
  6. T-Rexer

    Canyon (Flying Scoutsman)

    I was bored so I made a Flying Scoutsman layout one evening, with no intention to finish it. After a surprisingly fun playtest, I changed my mind and worked together with the maker of the map Beerhouse to make this map visually appealing. So this here is the final version. There will be obviously problems with all the displacements, so feel free to report them to us. Hope you have as much fun playing this with friends as we did making it. Story: Deep in the Outback, the Phoenix have set up base in an old opal mine. Hearing of an imminent plan to attack the government, Northern Territory Counter-Terrorist units have been called in to halt the operation... Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1399373623
  7. T-Rexer

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    I wanna have that cake
  8. T-Rexer


    Thanks for the feedback. The ladder got fixed in the latest update. All the Playerclips are from the beginning of the map. In the newer areas we will replace the old playerclips with the normal ones. I have not really worked on the navmesh, but I will keep that in mind when i am going to work further on the nav mesh.
  9. T-Rexer


    Some early environment stuff at A side:
  10. T-Rexer


    Layout update:
  11. T-Rexer


    Terrorists want to put a luxury residential area in fright. The Counter-Terrorists have to stop them at any cost. Still in a very early stage. T-R3x3r: level design scrungus: environment art http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=947404895 T path to mid : T path to A : T to A path: A spot: A spot (ct entrance ) CT spawn house: Mid (ct view): CT spawn house: B spot: B spot (the bridge): B spot ( ct side ): CT to B path:
  12. T-Rexer


    -Added a support area infront of A. -Added a vent from support to A side.
  13. T-Rexer


    Added a new way from T spawn to B.
  14. T-Rexer


    Yea its a small to middle big map. I don´t like big maps. I like short rotation times on a "classic" layout. rotation times for T´s are much faster so the ct´s have to play well and listen to food steps and maybe push. I will change the t rotation line. Now it is just a line. I want to have some variation in it.
  15. T-Rexer


    It is 3456x3536