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  1. you made the mistake of going into the theater with expectations on what the movie was going to be like
  2. The cinematography is this episode was gorgeous
  3. The remastered is available as standalone on steam now, and greenmangaming had it on their summer sale so I got it like the consumer drone I am. The singleplayer is still the best one they ever did in the series, was even better than I remembered. Not played so much mp, but so far it feels very old school COD still got the flick
  4. they say they can't hear but still feel the vibrations from the cheering, so I guess they felt this
  5. stop playing competitive with randoms! gaaaaaaah its the same with every game, those toxic players are alone and don't have people to play with for a reason. If you need someone to play with find a discord group or subreddit that caters for that
  6. Really liked it, beautifully shot
  7. 14 year old me was playing Natural Selection combat and listening to reanimation
  8. @Oskmos needs more
  9. channel your anger through assembling Ikea furniture
  10. Got Dead Cell, love it