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  1. D3ads wants to know you location
  2. this covers 90% of all youtube gaming content https://twitter.com/burgerdrome/status/1139360651187326978
  3. looks amazing, reminds me of half-life 1 in some places
  4. but here you all are, outraged from a clickbait video
  5. oh no! not Fatal1ty?!
  6. How to break out of the game industry - an insiders guide
  7. then why link to 40 videos about the drama lmao
  8. hope vehicle controls are better
  9. I wouldn't mind a new Splinter Cell
  10. Played the remaster on the switch as well. A nice little nostalgia trip, but the games didn't age that well. Especially the first game
  11. does anyone actually use itch.io? or is it just indie developers buying each others games on there?
  12. Agree with that, but still impressive what they've managed to do with the Source engine
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