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  1. Replayed BMS to check out the new Xen part, and honestly the first part of the game hasn't aged well at all. And it's still the soldier combat that feels so lacking, no cool radio chatter, they basically out gun you from >15m engagement ranges. The submachine guns feels so bad to shoot, idk just didn't sit right at all. Xen on the other hand I am very impressed with. Looks great for a source game, and is a fresh take on the whole Xen part
  2. man the fluid stuff they can add anywhere is so impressive
  3. Photoscanned assets from all over the world isn't something most people can do, especially small indies. So if giving away over 10k of free triple A assets isn't democratizing game development, then what is? Working with creating photoscanned assets consists of mostly boring and repetetive work, so every big studio is looking into automating these workflows anyways
  4. you won't with an editable mesh in a traditional sense
  5. Not talking about the current Blizzard situation here, but 90% of the gaming related drama only exist on the internet and have no real impact on the industry itself. There is such a huge disconnect on how and why things are done in reality and how it's perceived by gamers online. I guess that can be said by most drama we hear about nowadays.
  6. Yes! these people don't go online and talk about the games on forums etc. You rarely see any feedback from this group. If a game is too hard they will just stop playing. Also a reminder that what you read about a game online is almost always from a very loud, small and hardcore minority
  7. no no, let the couch commentator with zero industry experience tell us how things really works behind the scenes. We're all dying to know
  8. Pampers

    The random model thread!

    very nice! what are some of the quirks you mentioned?
  9. Reviews looking good. Will get this!
  10. my switch has been mainly used for two things: and mostly
  11. The game was very good, tons of detail in their environments, especially for that time. Remember being super impressed by some of the levels in the game
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