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  1. Pampers

    The random model thread!

    very nice! what are some of the quirks you mentioned?
  2. Reviews looking good. Will get this!
  3. my switch has been mainly used for two things: and mostly
  4. The game was very good, tons of detail in their environments, especially for that time. Remember being super impressed by some of the levels in the game
  5. Pampers


    And now 3ds max and Maya are getting free indie versions. Competition is always good
  6. man, nobody is watching these garbage youtube videos. stop. edit: this was a response to a deleted post lmao
  7. D3ads wants to know you location
  8. this covers 90% of all youtube gaming content https://twitter.com/burgerdrome/status/1139360651187326978
  9. looks amazing, reminds me of half-life 1 in some places
  10. but here you all are, outraged from a clickbait video
  11. oh no! not Fatal1ty?!
  12. How to break out of the game industry - an insiders guide
  13. then why link to 40 videos about the drama lmao
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