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  1. When you work on games for a living, most of the smoke and mirrors that works for the average gamer won't work on you. So I find getting immersed is harder now than before
  2. Should probably add that Steam does not allow NFTs and blockchain games on their platform
  3. just before posting that they initially doubled down https://twitter.com/noisegrrrl/status/1471609429133041669
  4. just hope they finally can make an engine that doesn't feel so janky running around
  5. Pampers

    mr. FMPONE

    Drop the side scrolling and just keep the images in a vertical order with the same size. And remove all the fluff text and statements, I scrolled right past it and recruiters will too. Just let your work do all the talking
  6. Pampers


    Funcom is working on a game from the Dune universe, so who knows
  7. Mapcore, been simmering for a few years, but now it's back to batshit crazy
  8. There is something oddly charming about it though, they had such ambitions compared to the tech they had at the time. We need new Matrix games, then Laurence Fishburne won't have to get back in shape to get to play Morpheus. Or someone can go make The Specialist 2 thx
  9. yeah that's why he mostly works in these roles, Constantine is another example
  10. implying that Keanu has range as an actor
  11. I think @Minos posted a decade ago as it had and still has some pretty cool environments, but love the soundtrack even more
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