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  1. How are there going to be epic battles when you have like 20 actors in the scene at once? Arrows looking all weird and don't sync with the firing animation. Actors just run into each other and play an attack animation, zero weight or physicality AoE 3 came out 16 years ago and looked like this AoE 2 has the overall scale nailed imo. Then again nothing will ever compete with AoE2 #gatekeeping
  2. I mean, you could read the article you linked. Netflix isn't even producing it
  3. its actually more advanced than shown in that vid
  4. yup, played it all weekend with some friends, its fantastic
  5. they can take years for all I care, won't be getting my 3080 before that anyway
  6. pretty sure The Witcher 3 is using the same sample pack as Heroes of Might and Magic 4
  7. imagine if Sony had like a certification program that all potential games releasing on their platform had to go through before releasing, to prevent situations like this
  8. FF7:Remake - Hit all the right spots, never expected it to be this good Hades - Highest rated game on steam of all time, fully deserved Ori 2 - Amazing visuals and sountrack, a joy to play Titanfall 2 - Didn't play until this year, been missing out for years apparently Mafia remake - pretty faithful remake, a nice revisit. Didn't leave a lasting impression though
  9. Hitman with hair, let's gooooooooooo
  10. super worth it imo, think I will replay it on PC once I get my hands on a new GPU anyway, playing Total War: Medieval 2 again, the only game in the series that I could get in to besides Rome
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