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  1. On one hand I appreciate the push for higher resolutions, it's been stagnant for years to the point where our tiny mobile phones screens have higher resolution than our 60" TVs. But current generation of console hardware isn't there yet, If a game is running 60fps and 4k res, they need to scale back on fidelity and other stuff. The car game they showed off duing the xbox presentation looked nice and crisp, but at the same time empty and flat
  2. How did you install it? I tried using the exe from but couldn't seem to get it to work, ended up playing some hldm instead
  3. my avatar got fucked in the process, shut it down bois
  4. back in the game after a long break and managed to do this
  5. didn't the bms team do a remake of this too?
  6. It introduced me to the half-life universe, which then got me interested in mapping, and now I do video games for a living
  7. Half-Life:Uplink changed my life
  9. looks really really fun
  10. wait, where can you read about the story of the game?
  11. Two goodies from the AMD PC thingy thing
  12. you can play the protoype it is based on in your browser
  13. mp only
  14. most impressive so far for me