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  1. MaK

    Altered Carbon

    I came across the novel a lot when I was looking for cyberpunk books to read. Cool to see it being turned into a show. I hope it does well!
  2. Resurrecting old thread. Just got into this game's battle royale mode recently. Yesterday they released a big map update. Anybody still playing? Fortnite BR is free and also has cross-platform play for PC and PS4, pretty cool.
  3. Wikipedia says: "The trailer revealed four new characters: Yara (played by Victoria Grace), Lev (Ian Alexander), Emily (Emily Swallow), and an unnamed character played by Laura Bailey. Druckmann stated that the characters 'are integral to [Ellie and Joel's] next journey'" I was confused at first too and thought it was a hella buff Ellie.
  4. I don't know how to feel about this. I knew that this would inevitably happen, but it's not really the way I'd want to experience EP3. Honestly, the post from Laidlaw was satisfying enough after all these years. It feels official and I'm glad I read it. Maybe I'm just being silly, but a community-made version wouldn't feel right to me. Apart from the fact that the subreddit has some very shaky management from the start, very inexperienced "leads", and even a push to use UE4; it's a humongous task that seems ripe for disappointment. I would much rather see spinoff mods/games inspired by this new information that take less time, from a perspective other than Freeman.
  5. Should've posted the official video [Here if you want to edit your post], it's better quality, 60fps, and they fixed some bugs. I think it looks gorgeous and the tech behind everything is absolutely amazing. It's such a massive project though and it might take forever to finish, but I can really appreciate how open they are about their development cycle and how they don't bullshit or fake anything. I'm just a bit worried about the gameplay, hoping it won't get boring if you can't find anything to do. I know they're planning a lot of stuff like mining and farming, and it's multiplayer so that certainly helps, but I wonder how many different and interesting missions there will actually be like in that video. Whenever I get a pc that can handle a game like this I'll certainly check it out. Also here's a cool video of them playing around in the editor:
  6. What good is 4K gaming if it's not 60 frames.
  7. If you're a fan of sonic I'd also suggest the game Freedom Planet.
  8. The 'VR games are not so great' video is pretty awful Pampers. Some guy edited the most negative comments of an 11 hour livestream into 19 minutes. Granted all the games so far are pretty tech-demoy, but that's expected since engines like Unity are so accessible and anybody can pump and a quick VR experience. The walking in place thing seems like it could work and looks 1000% less silly than being strapped into the omni, though the guy does comment about experiencing some sickness. I wish I had the computer power and money to try this stuff out. I'm sure things have gotten way better since I tried the Oculus DK2, though I'm happy to take a pass on this first generation and let it solve its infant problems for now like you said (and get cheaper).
  9. The SteamVR Performance Test is released on steam now. It's using the Source 2 Portal scene that we saw a little bit of last year.
  10. This looks like a highly evolved form of those people who post the "idea guy" threads. Poor guy got too many ideas with no way to bring them to life so he's got to pull this kinda shit.
  11. This game is so freakin coooooooooooooool
  12. God dammit Mirror's Edge games are so friggin gorgeous I can't handle it.
  13. You just wait for the glNext session tomorrow morning. There's no reason for Valve to be there without having anything to show.
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm glad Valve is pursuing VR so they don't get left behind and there is more competition on the market, but I don't understand why Michael Abrash would leave Valve if they were doing this. I thought the Abrash + Carmack duo would be a deadly unstoppable force that no mortal man could ever stop, but if Valve is putting out something just as good I wonder what exactly they're up to over there at Oculus. This week at GDC should be pretty exciting.
  15. Epic has seriously been making all the right moves for the past year now. I want to kiss Tim Sweeney right on the mouth.
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