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  1. this restoration is great. you can spot the ones tripping
  2. Over the summer I started watching Star Trek. I used to be a massive Star Wars-fan and never really got into Star Trek. I had watched the modern (JJ abrams-)movies but they didn't really hit me any significant way and basically just seemed like action scifi movies. I later got to watching some individual The Next Generation episodes, based on whatever turned up in "best of"-google searches I did. Once I had went through a couple of those I watched through Discovery and then Picard (both new, modern, series). However, it wasn't until I started watching Deep Space Nine that I really started loving it. Admittedly it looks like fucking shit; desaturated and depressing, most likely caused by the technicalities of transitioning to modern media formats. Once I got past that I was consistently served with really good plots, character development and dialogue. I'm at S3 currently and loving it. It speaks to the skills of the writers that I went from immediately despising Quark, to absolutely loving him. My favorite episode so far is "Duet" from season 1
  3. Couldn't it pull some players out of the experience if you're consistently getting killed by a character, although different player, with the exact same look, repeatedly? I assume the reason they did it like this is for marketing reasons (?). Either way, wouldn't it be more fitting to give the players more options of customizing themselves, so to strengthen the theme that they're individuals serving as fodder in a large-scale battle? Just seems like a missed opportunity for me and I'm struggling to see the benefits of having them be distinct characters. I realize that for hardcore players this is barely relevant, but in order to create these players they would have to get them interested to begin with. Just seems a bit jarring that's all
  4. syver

    Kung Fury

    looks amazing. i'm equally excited of the (mitch murder) soundtrack
  5. syver

    Kung Fury

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kungfury/kung-fury Kung Fury is a visually spectacular action comedy that has it's foundation in 80s cop movies. KUNG FURY is an over-the-top action comedy written and directed by David Sandberg. The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure.
  6. bought a PS4 as wedding gift for a friend. When I bought it (early august) they told me he would get it at release, but he was called up a month later and told him he had to wait until 2014. They called him again last week and apparently they were in stock after all. so maybe there's some hope for those who have had theirs delayed? I tried it for an hour or two with Resogun and AC. I don't think I like the new controller that much. I find the buttons to be an improvement, but I feel the analog sticks and the general grip is actually worse. It would help with the grip if the controller was larger, because it's not really "filling" my hands/palms enough to make it rest comfortably in my hands. I'm not sure if it's because the analogs sticks are concave or if the material isn't sticky enough - but the sticks would sometimes slip from my fingers (which weren't greasy). I sometimes had to re-position my thumb(s) against the stick(s), especially during "prolonged" sessions like chase sequences in AC. This is kind of annoying in the long run.
  7. that's what she said i bought outlast, sleeping dogs, terraria and prison architect. i'm expecting i'll play them 0.5hrs each like i do with all the other games i buy on steam deals.
  8. Is there an open beta of this coming anytime soon?
  9. maybe they will use id tech? I'm not sure I would sacrifice the open-endedness of the creation engine for something more linear and graphically immersive. Even if they do release it on creation engine and it's a piece of shit then the modding community will fix that after a while. just imagine the game releasing a year later
  10. WoW is far from over. It's still an extremely populated MMO compared to the competition. It's over for me though. I played it actively for 3-4 years from Vanilla years and ultimately quit because it was just getting more of the same. Some of my most memorable moments in WoW was world pvp near Kargath, Tyr's Hand and such. I enjoyed PVE a lot too, but after 3 years of (very) hardcore raiding that gets boring after a while. Besides, there was a lot more community back then which made PvE more interesting for me. I played on the (arguably) most PVE-competitive server at its peak (Magtheridon) and there was a lot of personal rivalry between the guilds (especially if you had been playing for a while) which made it more interesting. I played PVE up until Ahn'Qiraj when I realized I was burned out. At one time I had given out my phone number to my guild leader so he could call me at 03:00 AM (it happened) if one of the dragon's spawned (loot you needed because of AQ). After that BC was released and I started grinding for gladiator arena rank. After getting the gladiator rank I sold my account for around $970 and never looked back. I'll also second what Taylor said regarding PvP. Most of the changes to PVP has been to limit or segregate the PVP from PVE by adding designated World PvP zones. The game doesn't make any attempt to utilize the fact that it spans an enormous world which would be a natural MMO quality to expand upon. Even something simple like Bounty-Hunting can help immensly by adding a personal and more intense layer to the PVP (anyone who BH jedi in SWG would agree).
  11. syver


    I do want to see it in 3D and there are some friends of mine who haven't seen the movie yet so I will go and see it in 3D with them Anyway, I enjoyed the film a lot, was a nice ride! Saw this a couple of days ago and loved it. Saw it in old fashioned 2D since my friend doesn't like 3D and thought it was probably the best space-based film I've ever seen. Very very tense throughout and there were some lovely shots in it. Kinda makes me not want to go to space since if anything goes wrong up there you're fucked xD Not that I'm ever going to get to go to space anyway! Story of my life. !! or maybe just in time? secondly, you could explore VR sex? we're going to have some amazing japanese tech in just a few years now
  12. sorry, i mean; binge responsibly
  13. VGA is the most depressing event in the entire games industry
  14. There's also the social element. If you live with someone or have people come over to play games it's not exactly practical (or comfortable) to sit lined up in front of your desk. Steam Box will hopefully solve this
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Knab9oQIMOQ
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