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  1. how much time do you want to spend on this? if close to zero, then just slap it in some index fund and keep adding over time and forget about it
  2. There is something oddly charming about it though, they had such ambitions compared to the tech they had at the time. We need new Matrix games, then Laurence Fishburne won't have to get back in shape to get to play Morpheus. Or someone can go make The Specialist 2 thx
  3. yeah that's why he mostly works in these roles, Constantine is another example
  4. implying that Keanu has range as an actor
  5. I think @Minos posted a decade ago as it had and still has some pretty cool environments, but love the soundtrack even more
  6. Wonder if it will include the liberty city and vice city story spinoffs, always wanted to try them. Using ue4 means this is outsorced, so that prob means Rockstar is working on something new, phew
  7. that tiny unreal 5 demo took 100gb, wonder what a full game will take
  8. sponsored by Corsair RGB like the music though
  9. been playing in full rtx glory, really enjoying so far
  10. kind of like The Last Night, only with a release date
  11. Who would have thought the Tree of Life was just your regular park tree
  12. looks like it is doing a pretty good job at that though Authoring collision for large cliff meshes and rocks is such a pain in the ass, especially for the battlefield games where you can go prone and shit, couldn't be too detailed because performance, and if it were too simple you either intersect with the geo and see through it or hide inside it or you would be floating above it. Remote QA didn't understand any of it and would create an endless amount of jiras. Tried countless automated solution, but they are garbage besides giving you a starting point
  13. They added a new modeling system in 4.25, its not the best, but an improvement over the horrible brush system. What I miss the most though is a proper prefab system or a way to have several levels open at the same time
  14. feels like they pivoted enough times until someone bought them
  15. I think DOD:Source had that mix between brushes and models that didn't mix and blend as well as opposed to the original where almost everything was done with brushes and had a consistent texel density all around, that I much rather prefer.
  16. For the Battlefield series, pretty much anyone could create as many pitches for maps as they wanted during pre-prod, then the art leads would select the one to move on with. The pitches came with some constraints on that they had to fit with what factions you could play with and what fronts/biomes we launched with. The number of maps was dependent on production length and staff available, but usually the same number for each release
  17. How are there going to be epic battles when you have like 20 actors in the scene at once? Arrows looking all weird and don't sync with the firing animation. Actors just run into each other and play an attack animation, zero weight or physicality AoE 3 came out 16 years ago and looked like this AoE 2 has the overall scale nailed imo. Then again nothing will ever compete with AoE2 #gatekeeping
  18. I mean, you could read the article you linked. Netflix isn't even producing it
  19. its actually more advanced than shown in that vid
  20. yup, played it all weekend with some friends, its fantastic
  21. Invest in popcorn stocks
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