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  1. there is not much difference for 2 & 3
  2. https://www.ign.com/articles/mafia-trilogy-august-release-remake-mafia-1 You can buy it now on steam, and if you own some of the other versions you get the definitive editions of them as well. Supposedly Mafia 2 & 3 are 'remastered' as well, but I guess it is just support for higher resolution and widescreen stuff. Not much info to be found on what is new in 2 & 3. Anyway I am revisiting Mafia 2 for now
  3. Worn out the ps1 thps 2 demo back in the day, so this is cool. Bit disappointing that they still vacuum pack all the clothes to the character, makes it look a bit dated, would have added so much to get some movement on them
  4. Will get this for sure, Mafia 1 is one of my all time favs
  5. I started playing that ironically , but now I am 30mins in lol
  6. those characters don't look good at all :X
  7. 20% finished The Witcher 3 on xbox, and that is a much higher amount than I would have expected. If only people knew how many % of players boot up the multiplayer component of the game once, then never tries it again. That number is crazy high
  8. Been playing it for a while and agree with the points above. I think it is a streaming issue on vanilla ps4 that is causing the texel density being all over the place. And yeah all the NPC's in the slums looks like something they bought in an asset pack or something, looks like actors from a mid-budget tv-show hehe. The music is excellent though, hooks you right in
  9. It is a classy janky game, but I love it. In the beginning it can be really boring and repetitive. Once you've build up an army you can join campaigns and do your own sieges. There is a lot of dept behind the surface to explore, just need to spend some time with it before it sticks. But it is not a game for everyone!
  10. Over 10 years since I watched The Wire, still think about it sometimes. Great show
  11. Learn from me, don't enter this thread without owning a vr-kit
  12. Pampers

    Corona Virus

    On a bright note, lots of games coming out now. Doom, Final Fantasy, TLOU2, HL:Alyx, Ori, the new COD battleroyale and Animal Crossing. So look forward to those, or catch up on your backlog! Been playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps that came out a few days ago. It's beautfiul, highly recommend!
  13. Pampers

    Corona Virus

    Without any measures being taken it's predicted that between 20-40% of the population will get it at some point, and with a mortality rate between 2-4% that is a lot of human lives, and a lot of suffering. Health care services will be overloaded and affect other patients etc. It's not a panicked response, but a controlled one, to try and constrain it until we have found proper treatment and a vaccine.
  14. What a non issue, it's a tv-spot marketed towards a completely different group of people than us cheetos eating gamers, looking for anything to create outrage from. Look at the replies made earlier in this thread, they've already sold the game to you...
  15. Pampers

    Stranger Things

    it makes people like you go online and talk about it which is what they are aiming for
  16. this year will be the only one where I play more than one game on my ps4 lol
  17. Replayed BMS to check out the new Xen part, and honestly the first part of the game hasn't aged well at all. And it's still the soldier combat that feels so lacking, no cool radio chatter, they basically out gun you from >15m engagement ranges. The submachine guns feels so bad to shoot, idk just didn't sit right at all. Xen on the other hand I am very impressed with. Looks great for a source game, and is a fresh take on the whole Xen part
  18. man the fluid stuff they can add anywhere is so impressive
  19. Photoscanned assets from all over the world isn't something most people can do, especially small indies. So if giving away over 10k of free triple A assets isn't democratizing game development, then what is? Working with creating photoscanned assets consists of mostly boring and repetetive work, so every big studio is looking into automating these workflows anyways
  20. you won't with an editable mesh in a traditional sense
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