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  1. Sentura

    E3 2017

    I think it's a good thing people are being positive, but sometimes it just seems like that video - that people are being positive even when they might not believe it
  2. Sentura

    E3 2017

    Isn't this what most people do even if they aren't paid for it? =)
  3. Given the publisher involved I have severe doubts that anything good will come out of this. MTG is great, but to me it's always been a staple as a draft on a boardgame evening rather than something I'd spend my free time playing. There are much better online deckbuilders out there.
  4. Sentura

    Cyberpunk 2077

    wow yeah, that is a really shitty thing to do
  5. Sentura


    thanks for posting, that was an awesome... I guess documentary?
  6. Sentura

    Far Cry 5

    Really looking forward to this, been waiting for a game set in the american heartland. Really love that setting, hoping this will be a deliverance!
  7. Sentura


    Without spoiling anything, feels like the new Prey took that idea and made it better
  8. Sentura


    Took me about 28 hours or so. I just finished it basically. On a closing note, the game is superb at almost every level. It asks the right questions, the gameplay is some of the best, the levels and environments are solid gold. Spacing walking was great, even if rolling around made me queasy. The only thing I would say is that the game desperately needed to add more mineral resources, because even at the end game when I had tons of other resources, there was just: But seriously, GOTY contender. I don't feel like I've been this immersed in a game in a long while.
  9. That's... actually a good idea?!?
  10. Sentura


    I get what you're saying and I agree to some extent. I don't think it's great when small enemies suddenly lash out with tentacles because it seems like their hitbox changes weirdly. I still don't think I've had many cases where small enemies have been an issue, mostly because I back off a bit and shoot them instead of letting them get the better of me in melee range.
  11. Sentura


    I picked up this game yesterday and it's sick. It's everything I wanted from a AAA production. Love the architecture, love the themes, loved the intro. It's really what I was hoping Dishonored 2 would be I guess. I personally really like how combat is structured. Even on normal enemies are hard to kill, so you have to find ways around to kill them. I usually sneak up on them from behind with a shotgun and unload in stealth for the bonus damage, but sometimes even that isn't enough. I've also used turret setups to bait enemies to attack me only to get destroyed by the turret. It's more of a puzzle than going straight into it guns blazing, which is much much better than any other shooter game where combat is one dimensional. I'm not too sure about the enemies running from you at low health, but at the same time it does add another layer of tension while you try and figure where they went so you can finish them off.
  12. goddamn I am hype for this. Trailer was pretty dope, dunno if they took inspiration from Deus Ex but I definitely felt a vibe coming on as well. Anyway this is gonna be awesome I'm sure
  13. I could have sworn this forum was for paid work only...?
  14. Hah, I was gonna say the anomalies from Stalker. But really, the best environment hazard in that game (and possibly ever) is the Zone Blowouts. Global event that kills everything not in some sort of solid cover/building. The entire game world starts panicking (even NPCs!) to scramble for cover. It gives you enough time to react and find a place to hide, and sometimes add the challenge of having to fight someone for it. It's even balancable by level design by creating less or more shelter locations. It's pretty much a given that every time it happens you'll be faced with a new unique challenge because of where you are in the world. Oh and it's beautiful to watch:
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