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  1. Coincidentally I was running around this game yesterday, man, it's such a pity... the art is really top notch (looks much better ingame than on YT videos). It's a shame to see so much art talent go to waste.
  2. Update time! Finished the blockouts, and did a lighting pass. Now onto my favorite part: Texturing
  3. Subzero escaped to Brazil?? He wouldn't survive a day there Here's a better version of the trailer:
  4. That's what I thought too, anyways, it would be hard to hide this in the financial reports I guess so we will know one day
  5. Minos

    [GSGO] de_samba [WIP]

    Solid blockout! Hard to tell because I'm not a great CS player, but the layout looks a liiiitle bit convoluted? Again, hard to tell without playtesting, but feels like it could be simplified a bit.
  6. *In before Jason Schreir drops a bombshell that will rock the games industry to the core!!*
  7. Minos


    Looks like Half-Life 2 but at night
  8. I'm betting on a turnaround, they will fix the kinks and keep releasing content for years to come!
  9. Minos

    Corona Virus

    Hey man, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I lost a dear girlfriend to cancer, and my stepdad to covid, so I can imagine your pain. It's not easy. I merely said that enforcing this, like you are suggesting, will potentially create more damage than some other more nuanced approach (like for example giving people enough time to quell doubts about its long term effects). If we are to emerge better from this, we need to stand together, instead of breaking apart or giving in to fear. Humanity survived the Black Plague, Spanish Flu, and many other horrible diseases, and it will survive this too. Btw, pandemics last about 3 years historically, and with talks that the South African variant could negate some of the vaccine, maybe prepare for the worst and hope for the best. These are unstable times, and as the riots in LA showed, when shit hits the fan, no authority will save us. I watched places I know getting sacked on live television with the authorities completely unable to do anything. Many places around me were boarded up, while the police force was mobilized to protect the local malls. It felt very eerie to be outside, and made me realize first hand how security is just an illusion. Anyway, hang in there bro, stay chill, healthy, and be strong for your girlfriend and your family. They need you to be on top of your game right now
  10. The world needs more 3d-mike!! Awesome to see so much varied work on his portfolio!
  11. Minos

    Corona Virus

    @kleinluka what you are saying, at first glance, sounds beautiful. But think about it. You are saying that people who take a vaccine are pro humanity, good people, and the people who refuse it, should rightly be banned from society. It's hard to imagine what kind of repercussions such a segregation would cause. It could potentially do much more damage to the social fabric, than a portion of the population getting sick with covid. Meanwhile, London and California are reporting 3x the daily amount of cases that they were reporting before the lockdowns. Looking exclusively at the data, there's a chance that the lockdowns are actually making the situation worse in those places, with nowhere to congregate, people end up congregating at home, where most of the infections are happening. But that is not something any politician would ever admit if indeed is the case. It's easier to simplify the problem and find scapegoats, than it is to accept a difficult reality. The truth is, no one knows what the fuck is happening, and no one knows how to solve this problem. It seems that the more they try to solve it, the worse it gets. Just like the spanish flu pandemic passed, this one shall pass too, we just need to be careful and patient, and not freak out in the interim
  12. Lmao, so good. Awesome that they have plans to open one in California too. Dat lighting
  13. Minos

    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

    Looks solid AF! Great vibe! Are you planning to release it for VR? Would be a nice space to explore.
  14. Do it! It's a very relaxing experience to fly around the maps by yourself. The sound team does an amazing job, which is not very noticeable when you are playing the game. Found a good video where you can hear the audio pretty well:
  15. New Deathmatch map now available on PTR, set in Hanamura, but in a new area Was super fun to work on this one, the first map we made completely WFH. It is a truly Mapcore special. Level design by @Mazy Downtown architecture by @Minos Town area architecture by HP (can't tag for some reason) Backdrop by @PhilipK With some assets previously created by @Pericolos0 Developer update:
  16. Cloudpunk. Second most relaxing game of 2020. (Animal Crossing being #1 )
  17. Minos

    Corona Virus

    I'm not anti-vaccine, I just think this whole affair is being handled in a very reckless manner, and at the same time, there are all kinds of agendas being shoved down everyone's throats in the middle of the confusion. We live in a time of excessive information, of hyperreality, where the online/information world is more "real" than reality itself. Most of the information we consume is carefully orchestrated by varied interests. It's very hard to have independent thought, make your own decisions, and not be "punished" if your decisions fall outside mainstream consensus. (the basis of a free world) Here's an interesting piece of information. I'm a regular reader of CNBC, sometimes they have useful financial information in there. I've been seeing this Dr. Scott Gottlieb appear live all the time, being presented as a big authority on the pandemic, etc... I did a quick google search this is what his wikipedia says about him: So this guy is at the same time: Former FDA chief, venture capitalist and investor in CNBC, board member at PFizer and a resident fellow at a think tank with a long history of involvement in shaping the public narrative. How can one believe he is presenting information that have the public's best interest in mind, when he has so much to gain from pushing a very very specific agenda? This is the kind of people who suppress contradictory information that doesn't fall into their view of reality. The current landscape is filled with such figures dictating public policies, and using this pandemic to advance their own personal causes. Anyway, here's a good read about the vaccine itself: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/covid-19-coronavirus-vaccines-questions-social-distance-mask-transmission
  18. Minos

    Corona Virus

    It happens every day that people get a flu shot and turn up with half of their face paralyzed after right? This is not meant to poke you or anything, it's just a general thought... No amount of assurance from public officials and scientists (who all have their own interests/agenda to behold) will change the fact that this vaccine was rushed out of the gate, and all caution is being thrown out of the window now. Scientists act as if they have everything figured out (they don't), politicians act as if they have the people's best interests in mind (they don't), and people act as if they could control the forces of nature (we can't). The people who claim that people who refuse this vaccine are selfish, completely miss the point. If one feels like taking a covid vaccine, sure go for it. It should prevent one from getting covid right? So why bother if others don't take it? It's incredible the amount of bullshit agendas that are being advanced in the name of "science", "public safety", "democracy", or whatever else.
  19. Minos

    Corona Virus

    I'm no "pHD" like your friend, but that is not what I understood how this vaccine works. You are basically injecting yourself a piece of code that tells your body to produce specific proteins, and the long term effects are not known at this point. I'm definitely not an early adopter of this
  20. I really want to pick up a Series X to play this, but seems like Microsoft only made 200 units
  21. Minos


    Amazing trailer GJ!!
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