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    Arnold and Sly movies etc

    Looks kinda crappy
  2. Minos

    What's going on with your life?

    I remember speaking french was a huge plus when I was at Ubisoft, it was basically mandatory if you wanted to grow in the company (even though everyone spoke English perfectly well). We even got a teacher at some point, but of course it didn't last long, until the producer realized that we were working 1.5 hours less a week and somehow that impacted his schedule
  3. Minos

    Borderlands 3

    The games industry is worse than TMZ now
  4. Minos

    E3 2019

    I want to see fresh and interesting games that don't have a ton of mechanics or overly complicated UIs and controls! And hopefully new IPs that are actually new, and not just remixes of " what's cool" now (I'll kill myself if I see another post-apocalyptic game where everyone has tattoos and pink hair). And hopefully there's a game with cats as protagonists.
  5. Minos

    What's going on with your life?

    Yeah there was an american dude in class and he was struggling like crazy, it's just so hard for americans to lose their accent. At least for me it's much easier, because Polish sounds a lot like portuguese (Most of the letters sound the same). It's interesting to discover that same words are surprisingly the same in both languages, even though they are so far apart in origin. For example, friend is Colega (portuguese) and Kolega (Polish). Another thing that's very interesting is to observe how language shapes our very own thoughts, since we think in "words" for most of the time. What kind of thoughts would we have if we had no spoken language? Trippy to think about this. For example, Polish uses the same word for luck and for happiness (szczęście) which really makes you realize that they really are the same concept. This is a huge rabbit hole! (Btw if you find this subject intriguing do yourself a favor and watch Arrival if you haven't already, they explore the role of language in thoughts pretty well there )
  6. Minos

    Borderlands 3

    Game looks very nice
  7. Minos

    Dome Modeling Pains

    Here's my quick and dirty 5 minutes version, hope this helps:
  8. Minos


    Looks fuckn sick!!
  9. Minos

    What's going on with your life?

    The incredible polish women But seriously, I can see myself living in Kraków one day. It's such a cool, cozy and affordable city, with lots to explore and very friendly people. There's much more to life than being a salaried employee driving to work every day from 10am to 6pm I want to see what's it like to live by my own terms, and discover what I'm capable of doing. This is a long term dream and I've been taking each step to make it a reality. There's still a lot that I want to accomplish as an artist at Blizzard, so it feels good to have something to work towards to, and I'll make sure to keep enjoying the hot tub as much as I possibly can haha Besides that it's a beautiful sounding language. It's interesting to see how learning a new language changes your brain.
  10. Minos

    What's going on with your life?

    I've been learning Polish. It's quite a cool challenge to learn a new language, and especially one that's so fucking hard. It's a really good feeling when I can read something that looked like alien talk previously. The people in Poland are really chill and friendly, and this feeling totally reflects in their language. Some words sound so beautiful and cute. I mean look how cute "thank you" is: dziękuję (if you are wondering how to say it). And in a way it's very similar to Portuguese. I'm definitely having a much easier time getting the pronunciation right than americans
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    I'm so happy we finally got this out! I can't wait to see all the cool stuff people are going to come up with!!
  12. Minos


    I like to think that Overwatch maps are abstract virtual spaces (though I do my best to imagine they are a real place to make them feel as believable as I can). If we would just make "realistic" maps (sacrificing gameplay so the roads can go where it "makes sense") these maps would have the worst gameplay ever Gameplay comes first, the map art is just a "skin" on top to make you feel like you are in a real place, but it's obviously not a real place, it's all smoke and mirrors and lots of little techniques to convey spatial awareness and navigation. It's all an illusion, so we can cram as many ideas as possible in a small place. For example, "in reality" the farm in Junkertown would be miles away from the city itself. But who would like to play that? Here's some food for thought: Some of your feedback is very valid though and we will keep it in mind Editing: Btw, I completely forgot to post this here, but I gave a talk on Digital Dragons last year about how we blockout our maps and the power of keeping things simple, by using Junkertown as an example
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    I'm not too far into it but really loving it so far I love how there's none of the bullshit plaguing games these days (microtransactions, endless grinding, bullshit trailers, silly character "upgrades" etc...). It's just a really good game that requires skill, dedication and time, like all the good things in life
  14. Minos

    Mapcore Logo in The Division 2

    I approve this.
  15. Minos

    Epic Games Store

    Lol, just watched this, this game looks rad!
  16. Minos

    What have you watched recently?

    Good shitty movie:
  17. Minos

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Very awesome
  18. Minos

    Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

    Hey this one might actually be good! Stopped watching the trailers to avoid spoilers
  19. Minos


    Agreed. I did some tests with this shader on Unity before, and while it sounds cool on paper, it ended up being just a distraction. My feeling was that it didn't work well because the underlying render was still generated in 1080p, then downscaled and upscaled again, instead of actually being rendered at a lower resolution from the get go. Devil Daggers has this same effect but it works perfectly there. I suspect that since it's a custom engine, it renders at a lower resolution and then upscales to 1080p, instead of rendering in 1080p and lowering to the target resolution, and upscaling again (like the unity shader does). Or maybe the guy was just really smart about how he used the effect and made it "feel good". These are just suppositions, I could be talking out of my ass here! Anyways, this looks really sick Proud of Vivi
  20. Minos

    Now playing - 2018

    Hadn't heard about Dead Cells before will need to check it out! Seems right up my alley!
  21. Minos

    I'll Pay to recreate The Specialist on Source properly

    For a second, I thought this was EOT Hall of Fame material but then I noticed you are (probably) serious Good luck... I hope you can turn all that rage into a kickass game, the world could definitely use another Specialists
  22. Minos

    Wrath: Aeon of Ruin

    I watched this with a huge grin on my face FUCK YES