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    Random Photo Thread

    Some night photos in California:
  2. Hey everyone! Think it's time I start sharing progress on my new personal project here with the Core I've been working on this environment for VR, at the same time recording my process to create a tutorial (which I'm aiming to release around March 2021). I occasionally open pre-orders for a very good discount. If you want to be notified when that happens, I invite you to sign up to my mailing list (I always message people in the list earlier than everyone else): https://www.thiagoklafke.com/mailinglist/subscribe/ Here's the latest WIP. I've been working on the back alley area and I'm finally happy with the compositions. This area posed an interesting challenge, and I learned quite a bit about what works in VR and what doesn't (tip: lots of random lines, stairs that go up and down cause instant motion sickness ). I redid this area twice, but now it feels amazing in VR. No motion sickness and navigation is much better, because I have different points of interests. I'm planning to do another Dev Log video soon focusing on what I've learned in VR, for now, enjoy some screenshots And here's a Dev Log where I show where I landed with the design blockout:
  3. This game is absolutely insane, the variety of designs and ideas is staggering. Hoping the gameplay won't suck, and that my @knj will survive to enjoy his glory!
  4. No Mapcore logo? I'm disappointed
  5. Minos

    [UE4] Spanish Courtyard

    Killer job so far, love the lighting! I hope you are going to texture this?
  6. do you really need to clock in 8 hours? Or can you maybe set yourself some goals and try to maintain a more steady output. Honestly the part that killed about being at the office was being "forced" to stay there 8 hours. Some days I was an 8 hours kind of guy, while osme days I was just a 2 hours kind of guy... and hand to do like the guy in Office Space and pretend I was busy or go for looong walks until it was time to go home lol.
  7. It's about time we have a dedicated thread for this, since it's a reality for most of us How's your experience with WFH been so far? What are some the ways you found to adapt? I'm also curious to know some stats or anecdotes on the impact of WFH in productivity for game studios... For me personally I actually became much more productive and skilled in the past months. Because I'm able to manage my time better, I have time to do research, experiment, and learn new skills. This is something that was very challenging when I had to be in the office 8 hours a day, even in the days where my productivity was shit. I remember I tried to pick up Substance Designer at work, but it was simply impossible. Too many distractions, and an office is not an environment very conductive to learning. Working at home, I just asked my producer to take 2 weeks and really narrow down on the software and see how we can use it in our pipeline, and it was an amazing investment. I don't use it all the time, but some things that normally would take me a few hours, I can do in minutes in SD (for example, windows, garage doors, etc...). I've also been learning Polish for over a year now, my classes used to be on Saturday (kind of a bummer, since Saturdays are for fun), and now I can have then on Friday mornings. Much better. When we all started work from home back in march my productivity was shit. I was reading too many news, had a strange schedule and like everyone else was anxious with the situation. But with time, I learned to adapt my routine to be as efficient, working as "little" as I can. I don't mean doing as little as I can, but doing as most as I can, during my most productive hours (the afternoon), and avoid overworking. (everytime I overwork I need a few days to recharge after). One thing that I found that really helps my productivity and well being is to go on walks during the day. I try to work in bursts of 2 to 3 hours, then go for a walk. Walking under the sun heats up my body and makes me feel more energetic. It also removes the brain fog I usually get when looking at a screen for too long. Anyways, these are just some of the things that I learned! How about you?
  8. Man I still can't understand why Carmack would involve himself with these crooks.
  9. Great series, watched it twice already
  10. Damn, that's super cool!
  11. Good call! I always wanted to play Witcher 3, but because of how long the game is, I never had the courage Great move!
  12. Damn, awesome find, she's a beauty, congrats
  13. Minos

    The Walking Dead

    Lol, this shit is still going on? Wtf
  14. The master directed the first two episodes, this looks amazing, will have to check it out!
  15. I was watching a review of this game the other day and I felt a little sad. So much work and love put into this... so I can replay the exact same game I played a thousand times! Would have been cool if they had come up with at least a few new levels, but I guess that's a very hard thing to do these days Seems like our culture is stuck in a loop of nostalgia... Capitalist creativity has reached its peak and everyone is afraid of making new things. I wonder what happened that caused this. With that being said, I will still check out the free key I got for it, the environments look cool!
  16. Minos


    The new Blade Runner is not a masterpiece but it's an amazing movie. The environments are very believable, really great lighting and surfaces! I would watch it again.
  17. Minos


    I'm not watching/seeing anything for this movie. I'm going completely virgin
  18. Minos


    Elon Musk, knowingly or not, is working hard to bring the Solid State Entity to fruition.
  19. st0lve~ Didn't you start your own company? Or am I tripping? Still skateboarding?
  20. Turns out the reason why Alyx runs like shit for me is that I have an old CPU. Guess it's time to get a new computer, this baby here has served me very well for 8 years already
  21. Who am I to say what's right or wrong but you may be depriving yourself from valuable resources by not complaining. It's useful to complain to friends sometimes, you might get a different perspective on what troubles you, some suggestions, or even a pat on the back to give you some energy. (or a hump from behind if your friend is HP). A bit unrelated, but the other day the weed was super strong and me and a buddy got into a nice philosophical discussion. He argued that people should do whatever they want as long as they don't harm others. I used to live by that thought, but the more I mature, the more I realize that kind of thinking is what got us into some of the troubles we have today. Sure, you should be free to pursue your dreams and Earthly pleasures, but we also need to develop a stronger sense of duty and responsibility if we are to live better lives, and that means doing things that you don't like sometimes, that benefit the greater good, otherwise we just live a meaningless life chasing after material things and pleasure, never feeling quite content or fulfilled. In Starship Troopers to become a citizen (and have the right to vote) you first have to serve your country. Of course in reality, this would mean fighting other people's wars. But it would be awesome if we had some program to get benefits in exchange for public service. For example, clean some streets or beaches, or paint some walls, and get a tax break etc...
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