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  1. Good call! I always wanted to play Witcher 3, but because of how long the game is, I never had the courage Great move!
  2. Damn, awesome find, she's a beauty, congrats
  3. Minos

    The Walking Dead

    Lol, this shit is still going on? Wtf
  4. The master directed the first two episodes, this looks amazing, will have to check it out!
  5. I was watching a review of this game the other day and I felt a little sad. So much work and love put into this... so I can replay the exact same game I played a thousand times! Would have been cool if they had come up with at least a few new levels, but I guess that's a very hard thing to do these days Seems like our culture is stuck in a loop of nostalgia... Capitalist creativity has reached its peak and everyone is afraid of making new things. I wonder what happened that caused this. With that being said, I will still check out the free key I got for it, the environments look cool!
  6. Minos


    The new Blade Runner is not a masterpiece but it's an amazing movie. The environments are very believable, really great lighting and surfaces! I would watch it again.
  7. Minos


    I'm not watching/seeing anything for this movie. I'm going completely virgin
  8. Minos


    Elon Musk, knowingly or not, is working hard to bring the Solid State Entity to fruition.
  9. st0lve~ Didn't you start your own company? Or am I tripping? Still skateboarding?
  10. Turns out the reason why Alyx runs like shit for me is that I have an old CPU. Guess it's time to get a new computer, this baby here has served me very well for 8 years already
  11. Who am I to say what's right or wrong but you may be depriving yourself from valuable resources by not complaining. It's useful to complain to friends sometimes, you might get a different perspective on what troubles you, some suggestions, or even a pat on the back to give you some energy. (or a hump from behind if your friend is HP). A bit unrelated, but the other day the weed was super strong and me and a buddy got into a nice philosophical discussion. He argued that people should do whatever they want as long as they don't harm others. I used to live by that thought, but the more I mature, the more I realize that kind of thinking is what got us into some of the troubles we have today. Sure, you should be free to pursue your dreams and Earthly pleasures, but we also need to develop a stronger sense of duty and responsibility if we are to live better lives, and that means doing things that you don't like sometimes, that benefit the greater good, otherwise we just live a meaningless life chasing after material things and pleasure, never feeling quite content or fulfilled. In Starship Troopers to become a citizen (and have the right to vote) you first have to serve your country. Of course in reality, this would mean fighting other people's wars. But it would be awesome if we had some program to get benefits in exchange for public service. For example, clean some streets or beaches, or paint some walls, and get a tax break etc...
  12. Finally got an Oculus Rift S! After fucking around trying to get it to work for days, I found out that my USB 3.0 didn't provide enough power. Got a new USB card, put it on, Oculus works once, then craps out. I switch around HDMI ports and then it works. I then jump into this game, eager to play it... and I get this annoying stutter every second or so (When I move my head sometimes one frame freezes and I can see the black borders around it). Now here I go spend another week to figure out what's causing that. I'd guess it has something to do with Oculus Home always being on and using resources unnecessarily. Seems like if you play VR games on Steam not only your GPU has to render the game itself, but also Oculus and SteamVR bloatware in the background. This whole thing feels hacky as fuck (Oculus, not Alyx). Hopefully I can sort these problems out and enjoy this baby
  13. Very awesome, looks like a fun place to explore in VR!
  14. Lol, time for my yearly rewatch of this
  15. Game development is all smoke and mirrors my man
  16. Life is a bitch sometimes and slaps us in the face, but these moments are also moments of growth and evolution. Sometimes these changes (like the job change) will lead you to an even better job in the future. Best luck to your mom, hope she recovers quickly!
  17. I love Italian movies too Marcello Mastroianni is king. I love how funny, witty and beautiful they usually are. The Assassin (which is on Amazon Prime), is one of my favorite (despite the title this is more of a comedy than a thriller). Really makes you think. Highly recommended. I love to watch random Ancient Rome/historical movies (A lot of those were shot at Cinecitta). They feel much more real and believable than any current day CG movie can. The production values are incredible. Usually they are a bit of a drag to watch, but the environments and vibe more than make up for it
  18. Minos


    Those are always the first plugins I install when I get a new 3d package I will try this if I go back to Blender at some point. Question: Does Pivot to Center mean, it places the pivot at the center of the object, or does it move the object to the origin before exporting? If it's the latter, maybe you could rename it to something like "Export Pivot Location" or "Move to Origin Before Export" to avoid confusion
  19. Minos

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    It's a little Off-topic but is Terragen still a thing? Last I checked the newest versions output amazingly realistic results I agree that the CS community won't accept a Bloodborne-like skybox, but variation is nice. I remember one of my favorite things to do back in CS 1.6 was to look at the different skyboxes - anyone remembers the skies for 3d-mike's maps, de_laguna etc? Having a beautiful and unique skybox will go a long way to make a map stand-out. If Terragen doesn't work, I'm sure there's a way to convert skies from cgskies to Source format (wouldn't be too hard to set something like this in a modelling program, just place a sphere and turn the camera around to take the screenshots). -- Edit
  20. Minos

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Perhaps you should consider moving somewhere else. At least on the places I've lived (and visited), the sky has an almost infinite range of colors
  21. Minos

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Very solid blockout, I think you got a winner here I hope that in the final version you play a bit with lighting. Every CS map I see these days has the exact same lighting, the sky is blue, the sun light is a pale yellow, and the interiors look full bright. Would be nice to get some contrasts here and there (of course making sure not to destroy gameplay), or a more interesting sun angle.
  22. A few months back I had a huge craving for F1, and this series on Netflix kind of satisfied that. I always wondered what the hell was going on before or after the races (since on TV they only showed the actual races), and this gives a very intimate look into the pilots and the day to day paddock life.
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