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  1. Look up Dragon Ball Z Kai, it's an official recut/remaster with all the fluff removed. The pacing is soooo much better DBZ is even more watchable now than before imo. It made me appreciate how it's such a deep and consistent world!
  2. It really depends, what's the quality level? What's the team's experience level? What tools are they using? If they are using Duke 3D editor you could literally make a map per day, but if you are aiming for PS5 graphics you will need a big team and tons of time to make just one map...
  3. @Castle is this you? Great insights, keep them coming! The more I think about VR, the more I think that it's a misconception that it's a "replacement" for real life. Just like any other new media, it will have its own applications and uses, and we are barely scratching the surface of what's possible. I really have no interest to play games where you shoot robots or zombies (like 90% of VR games). But visiting the Cologne Cathedral in VR was a great experience. VR is in a strange space right now, because it's too small to make quality projects financially fea
  4. Minos

    Corona Virus

    Sorry to hear about that. I was in a similar situation, haven't been back to Brazil in years and bought tickets to go with my gf last year. We were supposed to fly in April, but then covid hit. Looks like we won't be able to go for a while :S This shit seems to keep coming and going in waves...
  5. So fucking good! Really fun to read the breakdown, I love how instead of a step by step, it's just a journal of the journey. Looking forward to watching the night lighting tutorial
  6. Thanks man! I think the style is starting to become clear for me now. I don't want it to be super stylized, but not super realistic either. Hyperreal would be how I'd describe it Here's a blend material to paint damage on the plaster wall: and a screenshot with messed up UVs
  7. Minos

    [AIM] Dune Arena

    Very nice little map, love how readable it looks GJ!
  8. Another weekend, another update I just finished recording a "crash course" on making textures, by using a combination of Substance Designer, Photoshop and Zbrush. I start from zero and assume that you never used SD or Zbrush before, and walk through the tools I use the most. Still a lot of polish to do with these, but I'm digging how graphic they look already
  9. Started casually watching this and it really grew on me. Solid story and art, and very immersive universe. Really captures the vibe of a good AD&D session
  10. The hook is the exploitation of nostalgia and beloved anime franchises.
  11. Hell yeah, love the Ghost in the Shell vibe
  12. When I was learning SD, I was put off by how long the official videos are. So I recorded a crash course introduction, where I show only the main tools you need to know to make cool textures, and also the general method that I use for most textures, so you can go from zero to this in about an hour and half There's a lot more I can do to this texture to make it look much better, but I wanted to keep it simple and not overwhelm the user with too many different concepts:
  13. Coincidentally I was running around this game yesterday, man, it's such a pity... the art is really top notch (looks much better ingame than on YT videos). It's a shame to see so much art talent go to waste.
  14. Update time! Finished the blockouts, and did a lighting pass. Now onto my favorite part: Texturing
  15. Subzero escaped to Brazil?? He wouldn't survive a day there Here's a better version of the trailer:
  16. That's what I thought too, anyways, it would be hard to hide this in the financial reports I guess so we will know one day
  17. Minos

    [GSGO] de_samba [WIP]

    Solid blockout! Hard to tell because I'm not a great CS player, but the layout looks a liiiitle bit convoluted? Again, hard to tell without playtesting, but feels like it could be simplified a bit.
  18. *In before Jason Schreir drops a bombshell that will rock the games industry to the core!!*
  19. Minos


    Looks like Half-Life 2 but at night
  20. I'm betting on a turnaround, they will fix the kinks and keep releasing content for years to come!
  21. Minos

    Corona Virus

    Hey man, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I lost a dear girlfriend to cancer, and my stepdad to covid, so I can imagine your pain. It's not easy. I merely said that enforcing this, like you are suggesting, will potentially create more damage than some other more nuanced approach (like for example giving people enough time to quell doubts about its long term effects). If we are to emerge better from this, we need to stand together, instead of breaking apart or giving in to fear. Humanity survived the Black Plague, Spanish Flu, and many other horrible diseases, and it will survive this too.
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