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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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im gonna startsome ohyer shit yomottow.. proly.. anyone have any ideas i can use for a "scene",,,, ? using 3dsmax and some texess?

A high-tech arabic desert city.

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I have been working on this map since new year christmas time.

And you will be able to download this map sometime when i got time.

But.. This is a block house (city) map. The map is very large.

And i hopes this map will not deserve a name for aim_awp_blockhouse since it is too open.


here is a screenshot.


Note: you can go inside into the block houses, use the elevators inside and..

Go Inside the apartments itself.

this map is a DDR-Ram eater, since everything is detailed like hell.

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Break up that top line with something perhaps - chimney's, aerials, etc... Looks pretty convincing as a set of block apartments though, keep it up :)

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