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  1. I just finished Knights of The Old Republic (2003) which despite its age was an overall very good experience! There are a handful of very annoying design choices and bugs which spoils a lot of the fun with the game and this is quite sad to see as all of these annoyances appear as very simple to fix. Playthrough time could have been a lot faster if I had not spent all that time clicking around in a horrid interface. Still, despite some issues, the story, characters and world is amazing to explore! It is by far some of the best dialogue I have encountered in a game. Now I just really wish I had played this one before I played Mass Effect as KOTOR really feels like a precursor to that game.
  2. Beatbuddy can be grabbed for for just 3,49€ and while not being an amazing game it is a new kind of music adventure which is worth playing and a fine adventure game on its own. Oh, and Warby and I worked on it http://store.steampowered.com/app/231040/
  3. A little late here with replying but I just want to say a big thank you to guys for supporting us! It is sad that we were not able to push it all the way to the funding goal but I really appreciate all the help we've gotten from Mapcore. You guys rock!
  4. Sorry to be spamming a bit here, but I would like to share this story of true Mapcore love with you guys Direct link to image: http://imgur.com/gallery/RWq5Jph
  5. A week left to back the project! We really appreciate those of you who have backed us already! In case you for some reason do not want to back the project we would really appreciate if you spend 2 minutes answering two questions: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/195Dr4wuU0WvDaKZOm4EQD7Eep7shxOvg8dRKEVVSkw8/viewform
  6. Zacker


    I saw it the other day (in the cinema in 3d) and it is definitely a movie I don't regret seeing! Children of Men was not really my type of film but Gravity is quite different a lot better. A downside was that the 3d made me somewhat nauseous though as it made all that spinning around just a tad too realistic. Otherwise the 3d effects worked well.
  7. We would love to return to the PC version but atm the budget for finishing that one is around $250k so it is quite a heavy investment of resources that we currently do not have available. We sent it into hibernation last year after running out of funds and while I since then have done various attempts at finding a solution then this has not been possible. So currently our best bet for more PoNH is a smaller scoped mobile edition of the game.
  8. Thanks guys! We had planned on launching with a 30 day campaign length but ended up with settling on a campaign with a length of 22 days. Kickstarter recommends 30 days or less to encourage a sense of urgency, so we figured that a little over 3 weeks would be good and also it would make sense to end on the 1st of December. Additionally there were some team considerations behind, some of the team members have committed themselves full time (despite the lack of pay) during the past months but there was a limit to how long we could keep on running like that.
  9. Hi guys, we just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Pirates of New Horizons! That means that we need your help to make this possible. We want to make the BEST pirate space adventure for mobile devices and your pledges are needed for this. For those not familiar with the game, Pirates of New Horizons is a 3D Action Platformer about looting, pillaging, and a flying cat. It allows you to explore an epic adventure tailored for a snack-sized mobile game experience on your iOS or Android device. Please spread the word to all of your friends, family, and any news outlets that might be interested. Also please let us know if you have any feedback. For more background information we have a website and an old Mapcore thread.
  10. It should be noted that there might be other versions of this story. The Danish games industry is a tight community but nobody seem to know this Frederick guy and his team also seems to be entirely composed of inexperienced developers. While there is nothing wrong with that, it does raise a flag in terms of credibility when he comes out with very big words.
  11. Lately I have mostly been playing KOTOR (yeah the 2003 one) and I am overall really enjoying it. There is a lot of bad design choices, in particular in terms of UI, but considering it is 10 years old it is quite respectable still. Mostly I regret that I played Mass Effect before this one, as it feels like an earlier edition of Mass Effect in so many ways. So anyone who somehow haven't played ME yet, do yourself a favor and play KOTOR first!
  12. For any beginners starting with strength training I can recommend this program: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/The_Starting_Strength_Novice/Beginner_Programs If you are looking for allround fitness, martial arts is an excellent choice. I can recommend Goju-Ryu: http://www.iogkf.com/country-listing.html
  13. I would suggest you check out Unity: http://unity3d.com/. It supports both JavaScript/Unityscript and C#.
  14. I just watched the trailers and this game looks to be full of awesomeness and fun!
  15. Thanks everyone for the assistance, really appreciate it! Not a perfect solution, but I have now bought a 5.1 sound card as that seems to be the only way to get true surround in the sub $20 range.
  16. This might be an interesting read: http://www.overclock.net/t/943540/i3-vs-i7-gaming-performance-updated
  17. In terms of gaming you would get almost the same performance from a much cheaper dual core i3. Spending the money you save there on going for an SSD would give you a lot more value imo.
  18. Thanks, but as HP also points out, my laptop does not provide 5.1 output. Thanks for the receiver suggestion also, I am however on on a budget so I prefer if I could get around having to invest in something that appears to cost more than the speaker set itself. Hopefully there is a way around?
  19. I have a Philips 42PFL3007T TV which I want to connect to my Logitech Z506 surround speaker set. The TV has a digital audio out (coaxial) and HDMI ARC, the speakers however only takes 3.5mm analogue inputs. So do you guys have any recommendations on the best way to convert between those signals? The TV input source is HDMI from a laptop.
  20. I'm currently playing Company of Heroes (2006) and much enjoying it! Definitely one of the better games from my pile of "oh this game is not super recent but everyone says it is an absolute must to play it".
  21. Not sure if I am derailing the topic here, but I damn I was surprised to see Valve laying off a bunch of people! To analyse things a bit, it is my impression that layoffs happen for either a) financial reasons, b) personal reasons), or c) restructuring. Financial reasons really should not be the reason as their revenue has been steadily increasing (even per employee) over the past years and they have no kind of investors to make any demands. Lay offs due to personal reasons tend to hit individuals and not groups. That leaves us with c) the management deciding another direction for the company which leaves some projects to be closed down. Valve not having much of management makes this one seem a bit off also, in particular when the presumably super skilled and dynamic people at those projects apparently could not move to other projects. What am I missing in my thoughts?
  22. If I were to hire a level or game designer I would definitely be interested in reading theoretical work. When evaluating a the competences of a level designer the very most optimal is naturally to play a level designed by him. As this is not particularly practical, at least not for rough scanning, we stick to indirect measures of how well this guy can design levels. Typically this includes screenshots, videos or short descriptions of the levels created by him. As a recruiter is already dealing with indirect measures of level design quality I would not see any issues with evaluating other indirect work such as a theoretical analysis. Also, as a lecturer I have evaluated a bunch of level designs with accompanying theoretical work and I have found there to be a pretty good correlation between quality of the level design and quality of the theoretical analysis.
  23. Being a huge fan of Mass Effect 1 I finally got around to pick up ME2. With everyone saying it is even better than ME1 I am much looking forward to playing it
  24. I have just made some updates both in terms of layout and content. Feedback welcome!
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