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  1. Likewise here, sad to have missed out on this! Looks like you boys have done some sterling work in a teeny time frame, will need to get ol' HLDM installed and take a look see when I get a chance. Hopefully manage to join in for a playtest if the timing is right!
  2. I'm blown away at this promotion, it's a really clever and original piece of marketing. People complain about "in-game advertising", but here's an absolutely outrageous example of it and people are unanimously impressed. BECAUSE IT'S ACE. Looks like you've done stellar work bringing the Portal flavour into The Ball, hope it brings a lot of new eyes to your game. Seems like a monumentally win-win situation for all involved.
  3. I enjoyed playing the trial on XBLA, but I've so many games in my "to play" pile just now that I decided to hold off on buying it. I'll probably pick it up in the future, especially if it appears in a weekly deal or something. Worth checking out.
  4. This really is sounding less and less like it has anything to do with the first game... http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011- ... for-prey-2
  5. Twitter reminders: Good amount - more could border on annoying but as it is? Spot on. Voting: I like the "3 vote" system, but I reckon the voting window should be a little longer. The end of it snuck up on me as I was busy over the weekend and in the end I never got a chance to vote! Scheduling: I think it was good. Didn't feel too soon to me, and I think the duration of the contest was right, as evidenced by the quality of the entries. I personally didn't enter this time around as the theme was more demanding of time than the last one, I was away on holiday for some of it, and I was a bit too busy for the rest. I'm sure the overall entry count was down simply because of the greater commitment required for this theme than ultra-low-barrier-of-entry previous one. The last contest also felt a little more novel given it's something I'd never tried, so it absolutely caught my attention, while this one was something I've done before so didn't excite me quite as much. Don't get me wrong though, I do think a 1024^3 contest is a great theme! Next one: I'd give it at least 4 weeks, and 8 at the absolute max. Not so long as to lose momentum (people seem to be signing up to enter these - lets keep the place in people's minds), but not so soon as to burn people out.
  6. Superb quality all around it would seem! I'll definitely be trying out all the ones I can, which I think just rules out Andrew's... sorry mate
  7. ReNo

    Source reflections problem

    Yeah it's horribly inefficient like that. My usual process after doing a compile in Source was... - Load map with HDR on - "buildcubemaps" - "mat_hdr_level 0" - "changelevel " - "buildcubemaps" - "mat_hdr_level 2" - "changelevel " - "changelevel " I believe you could use "mat_reloadall" or whatever the command is as an alternative to force a refresh of the cubemaps after building them.
  8. Sweet, never heard of that, but from the title alone it's clearly Lovecraft inspired which instantly appeals to me! I'll seek it out.
  9. There's a lot of more subtle renewable methods as well that people can take on at a more local level. With solar panels on your roof, or ground source heat pumps to provide your heating, you can make pretty major reductions in how much power and gas your house uses. If these things become the norm it'd surely make a massive difference to our power demands. But it's tough for people to justify the up front expense when the savings take years to counteract.
  10. I hate people like that cameraman in movies. Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity, this... Those fucking twats that won't turn off the damn camera and insist on filming everything while commentating with some smarmy remarks and laughter at their own hilarious camera behaviour. "What? What's the big deal? It's fine it's fine! It's just a camera, it's not gonna kill you. Nobody cares, chill out!" "Ok I'm turning it off, I'm turning it off! See, it's off..." /keeps filming Do those people really exist in life? Well glad he got his torso blown off.
  11. Looks absolutely lovely. Dark region below looks a little too dark and monotone to me but otherwise I can't really fault it. Looks like a fun little space to play in to boot. Great job! Also impressed by Andrew's Prey map. I only played the (generous, IIRC) demo of Prey which did have a couple of gravity switching moments, but this looks like quite the headfuck and should be really interesting in multiplayer. Keep it up everyone, some very interesting looking projects coming outta this by the looks of it!
  12. Me and my girlfriend while visiting a cool old castle town called Cesky Krumlov in the south of the Czech Republic. Nice place for a day trip if you ever find yourself in the country!
  13. I really don't think I'm gonna have any time for this one sadly Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries though. Liking the use of vertical space in those orange box screens KT (though I'm not too sold on the texture choices in the latest shots), and SamCom's looks to have a cool C17 vibe to it already. Keep 'em coming folks!
  14. First genuine LOL of the day there, cheers Rick
  15. I hate to stir the flames of the Diablo 3 hate, because personally I think it looks pretty ace and a damn sight better than those screenshots of the "old" version of the game, but I do agree it has similarities to WoW. By no means a visual clone as they are easy to tell apart, plus I really like the look they're going for, but I do see why people make the comparison. On that note while doing a quick google image search of Diablo 3 screens just to check my opinion before posting, I found this screenshot strangely reminiscent of the one Dux just posted... http://windows7themes.net/wp-content/ga ... I_ss19.jpg Clearly uses the same stair asset a the WoW screenshot you just posted with a bit more grime on the texture Not trying to condemn such a tactic by the way as it happens all the time in the industry and makes a lotta sense, just thought it kinda funny!
  16. Oooh, and they're based in Glasgow, but an hour from my front door Not that I'm gonna be going for a job in CG trailers any time soon!
  17. Incredible trailer. Completely with Izuno here, the style of the trailer (the reverse storytelling, the choice of music, and the fact it's a really sad little vignette of a story) makes it feel really exciting and unique, which is incredible given it is a zombie game and I'm pretty much sick to death of those by now. Watched it 3 times already. Hard pushed to think of a better trailer in the past year or so, though maybe the new Deus Ex's trailer is on a par. What a lovely surprise.
  18. You can move it over to the 2009 version of the Source SDK with relative ease. In fact I had to, as for some reason the 2006 branch was just utterly broken for me. I believe the game itself is running in the OB version of the engine as 3Dnj said, though it might just be EP1. It definitely has HDR at least.
  19. How about opening up 2 separate contests in the same theme then; one for HL2DM and one for UDK (or UT3). This allows almost everyone to enter as presumably most people will be familiar and comfortable with at least one of these two, and even if they aren't, they cover the two main approaches to level editors (additive and heavily brush based vs. subtractive and heavily mesh based) so will be comparable to people's engines of choice. The 2 would be kept separate, so there would be one poll for best HL2DM entry, and one poll for the best UDK entry. This keeps the entries in each category fair and comparable, and if people aren't able/willing to play entries in one engine or the other then they don't have to but can still feel they are making an unbiased opinion based on seeing all the levels in their chosen category.
  20. It's a very valid point. I tried to play all the levels from the last contest before I placed my votes but I'd wager I was the only one who did, and I don't blame anyone for that as it's a helluva big task to undertake and eats up a lot of time. Even if they're all in one engine/game it's a big ask if we get another 19 or so entries, though admittedly a few more people would probably be inclined to do it. I think it comes down to more than *just* judging on looks and art though. You can get a fairly strong first impression of how a level plays from just a few screenshots, provided they are decently representative of the level itself. Especially when we're talking about a limited space like 1024^3. It isn't perfect, and of course you can tell much more by seeing it in game, but I think most of us will form fairly well judged opinions about a level's gameplay just by casting our eyes over some pictures. Or at least be able to spot a killbox, a boringly linear map, or a hopeless maze out from a more..."considered", layout Short of having a dedicated judging panel as Vilham says it's an unlikely scenario that people will play everything. I think we just have to accept that people will be voting somewhat blind and try to account for it. Video capture is pretty commonplace these days - maybe encouraging videos as part of the submissions isn't such an unrealistic ask and would help people to place more educated votes?
  21. I think that with the community these days being less and less focused on a single engine it would be a mistake to narrow down the entries to just one. I can understand the desire to keep some consistency so as to level the playing field and make it fair to compare and judge the entries, but I don't really think in the last contest we were hindered by the multiple engines used, and I don't think we will be here. The higher the turnout the better surely, and opening up to multiple engines can only help on this front. How about we just make a rule that states engine choice has to be cleared with KFS prior to the contest kicking off, and we can then come to a consensus on what the comparable limitation on scale should be for that engine. We then lock down the engines available and list them in the rules along with the size restriction, so anyone entering after the start date has to choose from the list.
  22. Gutted to hear it's a no-go. Had a small hope alive that it might one day see the light of day. I really adored the first game, and still bust it out once in a while for a wee go at the time trials or speed runs. Alongside Dead Space it was probably the game of the year for me.
  23. I think my personal preference is more on the 3 texture idea, but that sounds pretty cool too, and would certainly be a bit different to the other contests I've entered.
  24. I HAS SAME MONITORZ!!! What do you guys make of it? Serving you well? My Samsung 226BW is having horrible flickering fits for about 30 seconds when I turn it on recently, and sadly I've had it over 3 years so it's out of warranty. Think I might take the opportunity to go up to a 24" and that model is one of the possible choices. I'd love to go for the Dell U2410 but don't think I could justify the price.
  25. Thanks guys! Really happy you lot liked my entry. I ended up spending quite a bit of time on it, and that was as much because I was just having fun messing around with it as it was to try and improve it. Definitely pleased with the end result though, minus a few lighting glitches I couldn't seem to shake. Inevitable when brushes are overlapping left right and centre I suppose! Congrats to all the winners, some well deserving maps in there. Lots of cool entries all round actually, and I had fun looking through all the ones I could and jotting down my thoughts. Bring on the next contest!
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