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  1. Oh oops didn't realize you already bought an axe when I posted..... did you get that one with the p90 pickups or one with humbuckers? Also epiphone is great for beginners. High quality epiphones are on par with most Gibsons, anyone who tells you otherwise is a brand name snob. My uncle has been playing guitar for his whole life and says he'd take Epi over Gibson any day.
  2. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ ... sku=516039 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ ... sku=481959 Get that and you'll be set for years. It's a waste to spend $100 on a shit guitar then buy a nicer one 6 months later. All my current guitar gear adds up to about $3000 right now.
  3. mike-0


    this looks way cool
  4. You posted that same map about a year and a half ago
  5. I cjan t evne clike fuckin click the page shtitt
  6. looks solid, but the orange pipes throw off the mood
  7. not much atm just a hallway, no theme or anything that keeps me interested or intrigued
  8. oops, I forgot about the env_ entities. It's been over a year, cut me some slack
  9. OK, so I decided to start mapping again. Anyways whats the entity for making steam? I have a pipe and I want steam to come out at the joint
  10. suuuuuure what? it's hard as shit and i dont mean unreal engine 3 i mean unrealed3
  11. fuck, I started messin around in ue3 today and I am so lost
  12. you said you'll have to learn the ut2k7 engine... are you experienced with ut2k4? and congrats, gearbox sounds like a sweet place to work
  13. Check out the TF2 trailer too. I love the cartoonish style.
  14. mike-0

    DOD_Anemia by FMPONE

    Nerd ten point powersword dragonslayer
  15. Looks fun It's been two years since Valve put something out that I was mildly interested in
  16. I have it, but obviouisly it's not as good as the PC version w/o a mouse and keyboard and you get fucked up textures at times. I have quite a few pirated DC games, but I bought all my games before the DC scene died because I didn't want it to die. I'd say I have about 100 dreamcast games, haha
  17. Shenmue (Shenmue 2 if you can find it, took me a while) and Jet Grind Radio two games you will never forget
  18. you're the guy from cs forums a long time ago... shit, you're the guy who made de_willis? god that was years ago. good times.
  19. Haha I made a miami map for old CS back in the day
  20. mike-0

    Vileville WIP

    looks solid, but you should consider vines and trees and shit to break things apart
  21. Doesn't look bad, but it's been done a thousand times before.
  22. doesn't the US have a policy against asassination or something?
  23. fine, i guess i don't get one. i see how it is
  24. I think the lighting is awesome! very moody
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