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  1. I'll be there. Let's meet!
  2. I really hope this is a 2015 title. Pllleeeaasseee be.
  3. I'll be in town from Sunday to Saturday. Let's meet somewhere!
  4. Most likely I'll be there this year. Would be nice to meet up!
  5. Purchased and ready to go. Bring it on. #plsdontsuck
  6. skdr


    Saw it few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it
  7. I want to play this now.
  8. I tweeted almost the same thing https://twitter.com/4R2/status/471188568590004224
  9. Finished this last night. Really polished experience. Only thing that bothered me was constant looting.
  10. Now we do! http://boomlagoon.com/jobSeniorGameDesigner.shtml
  11. Ofcourse indie Night? Let's do it!
  12. Hello! We just raised $3.6m Series-A fund and we are set to develop a lot more awesome games with awesome people. We are looking to fill these following roles: 2D ANIMATOR Boomlagoon is focused on creating engaging character-driven games that are fun to play with friends. It’s paramount that Boomlagoon’s characters feel alive; act smoothly, lively, and often exaggeratedly. We’re looking to hire a full-time 2D animator who’s main task is to bring Boomlagoon’s characters to life. Your role will include game character animation, trailer animation and other animation, such as environment and UI animation etc. All in-game animation is done using Unity's tools. Tools for other purposes (trailers, PR material, etc.) may be chosen by you. We expect you to: - Have a strong background in cartoon(ish) animation - Deliver a portfolio in which you have plenty of animation material - Know your way around in Photoshop, if need be - Are an expert in some video software such as After Effects or Premiere - Be able to estimate tasks and communicate progress to the rest of the team - Speak fluent English The following are not mandatory but are considered as a plus: - Game industry experience and/or Unity experience - Drawing skills - Programming/scripting skills SENIOR GAME DESIGNER We’re looking for a seasoned free-to-play game designer to join our team. You’re probably the person we’re looking for if you spit out unique and market-disrupting game concepts and franchises for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The ideal candidate would: - Have at least 3 years of experience as a game designer - Understand and love the mobile platform - Have at least a few shipped titles - Have a superb understanding of Free-to-Play model - Live and breath retention, engagement, monetization and social mechanics - Understand the big picture of game franchises and product families - Not be afraid to come up with market-changing ideas - Think outside the box - Be very uncomfortable with mediocrity Experience with Unity and any artistic skills are considered a plus. Interested? Apply by sending an e-mail to [email protected] Include a CV, and if you have a portfolio you can link to, we'd really appreciate it. ------- Let me know if you have any questions!
  13. Wanna have a beer? let's meet!
  14. Anyone coming this year? http://nordicgame.com
  15. Stickers? On a gun? What? And I thought weapon finishes were silly enough...
  16. Played a lot last night. Really good, love the fluid controls and overall polished feeling. Sold
  17. skdr

    GTA V

    I don't think you have to google that when it happens
  18. skdr

    GTA V

    You can change the crosshair to be a bit more complex from the settings.
  19. skdr

    GTA V

    GTA Online is live. Can't play tho. Too crowded, doesn't load anything
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