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  2. It is possible that they play all five characters at once. On my server there was a mage and priest named Kristin and Kirsten or something like that. The priest would always just heal the mage and they were quite hard to kill. Five characters is a lot more to control than two, but some people have really good multi-tasking skills. With the right programs and keyboards/gamepads, he could control all of them at once.
  3. 5 Warlord characters......... I had one Field Marshal character (same thing just alliance side) and I wanted to pull my hair out during that grind.
  4. There is no space after the end of a sentence and a question mark
  5. PVP in WoW is not 100% gear. I can strip completely naked and still beat people. Also, if you spend a whole day in a raid, ouch.
  6. WoW was good about a year ago. Ever since the expansion was released it has taken a dive for the worse.
  7. http://mapcore.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7407
  8. beat it today. its definitely one of the best games ever imo.
  9. anyone else have it? seems pretty cool so far, cept im not very far at all. im stuck at the part where you have to catch a fish for the cat or something. if anyone has gotten past this part some pro tips would be super
  10. blizzard, because of this: http://www.thottbot.com/?i=5503
  11. stupid, who would want to pay 10 bucks just so they can just make gman having sex with alex
  12. my best crit was 1800, with arcane power and it was a pyroblast. and pyroblast is a 6 second cast. i respecced to 21 arc 30 fire now and i have gotten pyroblast crits up to 1700, so i bet i could get 2k if i respecced back to 31 arcane 20 fire.
  13. i was exaggerating, but still, aimed shot crits for so much.
  14. yeah, its a lot of micromanagement to just aimed shot crit for 8000 then scatter shot and multi shot
  15. ive got a 60 human mage and a 19 night elf rogue im twinking out. and hunters are so overpowered.
  16. man this game is awesome. the dark brotherhood/black hand quests are the most fun quests ever in any game. i love being a ninja.
  17. you know what else is amazing? private messages.
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