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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!


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the roof on the right has its modeled trim unaligned atm so its causing the black line there. OTherwise not really. I could up the ambient lighting but that makes things look bland in my view. Trying to finish the work and get everything textured so I dont have to show the level off using the "light scale" render mode lol

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Bastard child of Prince of Persia and HL2 (using stolen CS:S assets as well as my own manglings). Didn't end up looking as good as I thought it would. Fortunately, I've lost the VMF into oblivion, so I guess I'm starting from scratch now. *shrug* :)

EDIT: Already mentioned the lamps in the third screen are obscenely low, btw




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The pic of "Thevon" looks very nice and promising!

Great theme & great visualization.

I can picture it, with that honorfull look of the buildings in that cute perfect colorfull fairytale with the small river floating under the bridge and that great waterfall at it`s beginning!

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Mike-o: lighthouses are meant for the night. Overday u arent blinded by them, so it would look better if u just delete that sprite. Same for the lights on the house, in broad daylight ppl just dont have their houses shining with blinding lights

Zackah: It looks just a little bit like de_cbbles ct spawn, except the stuff on the left, which doesnt fit to the theme (the sewerpipe with electricity wires and combine architecture)

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CJ: I really like your idea of combining Prince of Persia with high tech HL2 stuff! It is very close to what we are doing with Sands of War 2. If done well, such as with your map, theese themes play up well against each other.

I also really liked you HL1 map persian:)

RD: Nice spottings! That is the de_cbbles ct spawn:) Yep, you are right that two themes don't fit. They are each teams base and in later versions they will be placed far from each other.

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