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  1. So I stumbled onto this article yesterday; https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/who-made-fy_iceworld-a-forensic-investigation#comments In the comments, some dude with semi-solid proof claims to be Fantasy. So this means RD lied
  2. here is teh download for the full pack: https://www.dsogaming.com/news/valves-3d-artist-shares-numerous-original-texture-sources-and-photo-references-for-half-life/
  3. st0lve

    Corona Virus

    I have stuffed my body with enough dangerous things already, that I can't see how I rationally can be scared of a vaccine... And it's not like I am smart enough to break down the contents of the vaccine and make a sound judgement of what's good for me or not, which is why I simply have to trust my local Government and healthcare professionals (which is no issue for me, I'm Norwegian). There is what, 4 vaccines at roughly the same stage and effectiveness by now? I don't find it weird how they have been developed so fast. Basically breaking down the entire worlds economy will make things a
  4. st0lve

    Goals for 2021?

    Get vaccinated so that I can go to a fucking bar, high-five my friends and get the hell out of this home-office deal.
  5. st0lve

    Corona Virus

    "The briefing says that the frequency of Bell’s Palsy in the vaccine group is “consistent with the expected background rate in the general population”, adding there is “no clear basis upon which to conclude a causal relationship at this time”. The FDA said it would, however, recommend “surveillance” for cases of Bell’s Palsy as the vaccine is sent out to larger groups of people." https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-pfizer-health-concerns-idUSKBN28K2R6
  6. I have my own company, but it's almost always been on more of a hobby/side-project basis except for shorter periods of full time focus and/or consultancies. I've been with my last employer for 3 years. I actually got a new job offer yesterday! It's weird to just get job offers without applications or proper interview processes, but it's always been like that for me. Jobs I actually apply for, I typically never hear back from. Still skateboarding, but I am missing a few ligaments here and there and I am turning 32 tomorrow, so my body isn't what it used to be even though I am physically fi
  7. Hi internets~ I'm good these days, even though I lost my job. Healthy, strong and lots of productive pursuits.
  8. Can you make and sell 3D models? With the current amount of 3D printers people are always buying cool/cleaver designs for minor stuff to print at home. Not sure if it can ever come close to an actual income (I haven't checked what models go for) though. It also seems like there is a market for freelance 3d designers for board game models etc. Not sure about how it differs from models in games but I guess it still pays. Can do you visualizations for architecture firms? I would guess that there is tons of money in that, but also time consuming.
  9. Didn't The Specialists die before Source was even released? I was pretty active in that community but if I recall correctly it was long gone before Source came out.
  10. I was biking on my single speed bike, pedaling like crazy and my rear wheel locked in some cobble stone, so basically I pulled my rear wheel slightly out of the dropout and the chain popped off. Foot slipped off in front of the pedal and I kinda crashed into my own leg sending me flying over the handlebars. All in a split second.
  11. I broke my wrist 6 weeks ago and had surgery, got 11 screws in that sucker. Which also mean that I've been off work for 6 weeks and it's been driving me crazy. Doing my final check-up on monday, hoping that it healed up nicely and that I can properly start my physio and get back into some sort of shape again. X-rays in the spoiler in case anyone is too sensitive to that kinda stuff. Oh and I'm trying to by an apartment. Not enjoyable to be honest.
  12. I finally landed that job I wanted. Or a ~13 month mat. leave position anyway. Really happy to be back in a structure daily life. Can't complain much. Also met a nice woman. Shes smart and cool, doesn't seem like anyone Tisky would fall for so I think I'm safe.
  13. What did I post here the last time? Let's start in May where I had a great vacation in Copenhagen with some friends from Vancouver and it was a blast. After that summer have been all kinds of shitty. I messed up my shoulder and couldn't work for pretty much all of June and some of July, then I was sick a ton in August so I've barely worked, which means my little brand isn't doing too good. It's also fucking depressing to work from home and I've been even more stoked on a proper fulltime job since then. Had an interview today at a company which is probably one of very few companies that I
  14. I don't think these remastered games are aimed at us old farts who owned and played the original games. I'm pretty sure it's marketed towards the younger generations of gamers who don't own the games, and probably think the graphics are too bad to play it by current standards.
  15. st0lve

    POTUS 2016

    The problem with their google search is that they find the same source as they originally got the false news from... The Swedish Gov. even put out an article talking about migration and crime (http://www.government.se/articles/2017/02/facts-about-migration-and-crime-in-sweden), but if you post that as your evidence they will shoot you down because it's all produced by the evil gubbernments. Here in Norway, when you read comments on FB on anything related to immigrants or refugees, they have taken over the country, especially Oslo and rape everyone. Except that I live in one of the "worst"
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