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  1. I'll be there. Let's meet!
  2. I really hope this is a 2015 title. Pllleeeaasseee be.
  3. I'll be in town from Sunday to Saturday. Let's meet somewhere!
  4. Most likely I'll be there this year. Would be nice to meet up!
  5. Purchased and ready to go. Bring it on. #plsdontsuck
  6. skdr


    Saw it few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it
  7. I tweeted almost the same thing https://twitter.com/4R2/status/471188568590004224
  8. Finished this last night. Really polished experience. Only thing that bothered me was constant looting.
  9. Now we do! http://boomlagoon.com/jobSeniorGameDesigner.shtml
  10. Ofcourse indie Night? Let's do it!
  11. Hello! We just raised $3.6m Series-A fund and we are set to develop a lot more awesome games with awesome people. We are looking to fill these following roles: 2D ANIMATOR Boomlagoon is focused on creating engaging character-driven games that are fun to play with friends. It’s paramount that Boomlagoon’s characters feel alive; act smoothly, lively, and often exaggeratedly. We’re looking to hire a full-time 2D animator who’s main task is to bring Boomlagoon’s characters to life. Your role will include game character animation, trailer animation and other animation, such as envir
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