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  1. Saw the whole season now. Thought it was great, liked it waaaay more than GoT. Honestly I’d like to not compare that show at all but if it can keep from getting into the shitshow GoT got into after a few seasons count me in! The different timelines were a little confusing at first. As for the visuals it didn’t really bother me at all tbh.
  2. PhilipK

    Half-Life Alyx

    Looks awesome!! Totally got the HL2 vibe and what I was hoping something like that would look if released with current tech!
  3. PhilipK


    So good man!
  4. PhilipK


    She’s a lot of fun, just need to get used to her a bit more, I’m constantly misjudging her reach. plus some Swedish lines! Gamla goda Gittan.
  5. fck yeah beach house <3 Been on and off again digging in to Hammock, but didn't notice they released a new album (sometime) last year. It might just be "the honeymoon phase" but so far this is a damn good one. The opening tune itself is something that sounds like it will stick around for a long time for me, totally gives me Jonsi & Alex vibes!
  6. “Worst game I’ve ever played! 0/10” (play time 200 hours)
  7. PhilipK


    Might as well post this here, I had no idea about this movie until the other day but as a big fan of Moon I'm looking forward to it. There's hardly any information about it yet but the director (Duncan Jones) described it as a spiritual sequel to Moon. Apparently out on Netflix next month (so I guess I'll keep it for at least one more month then :P) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1464763/
  8. On the off chance you understand Swedish here’s a pretty nice little 3 part video of a studio visit to Machinegames by Fragzone, not too informative to a developer but still a neat look at the studio and their process. I have a lot of respect for the guys over there. It feels like they have a really strong direction to how they make (and stick to how they make) their games and I think it really shows. Wish I had the chance to work with a bunch of them before they left Starbreeze.
  9. PhilipK


    Guess this thread is a billion years old but I finally got the game - on Switch. It's cool, I like the ambiance in it a lot! But I'm pretty disappointed in how poor the performance is in a lot of the open exteriors.
  10. MP1: Quick save, kill everyone while slowmo-jumping once, repeat 17 times until you get it perfectly, move on. Need to replay this someday, been way too long.
  11. PhilipK


    Oh shit I didn't know it had coop, that's awesome! Looks super cool but pretty (very!?) difficult from what I've seen. Definitely getting this
  12. Mogwai's new album is starting to sound really freaking good. Sound wall is back! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pRfkpAQkjbA
  13. PhilipK

    AoE IV

    Really hope they'll show some gameplay in the coming days too!
  14. PhilipK

    Battlefront 2

    Looks really stunning! With a campaign I feel I should definitely pick this up. Didn't quite give the previous one enough time I'm afraid.
  15. PhilipK


    This is really cool Fanmade map by a student!
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