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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!


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Looking good Mino!

Why did you trash the other prison maps? They were good...

not imo, they were just stupid corridors with crappy lights :)~

i made the trees!!!!!! HUAGHEKEKEE

very nice looking minos let that demo be done now!!!

ya peris, and I'm also gonna use ur lab stuff (that are really great btw) :)~~

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/inhales long, exhales deep...

first map posted at the core... i realize the obvious errors like the trees going into the lighthouse. Ill do some grass blend textures on the top of the cliff, and i dont know what im going to do with the lights on the house. But, whatever.

so what do you think? extreme suck or just a little suck?


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I don't got much time for mapping theese days(blame school and team leading), but I am working on SoW2_Omnicron. The map is indeed WIP as it's only ~5% done. It does not in any way represent the quality of final SoW2 maps.


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To Mike...Would be nice to see some more character on the house.

I don't know how far you are into the map but the house seems very generic and doesn't really have any style to it. Maybe play around with some backdoors with stairs coming off, balconys, inlets, gutters, shutters that flap in the wind (?) and other things that add more depth and feeling to the house.

Also based on the texturing it seems like the house could have been plucked out of that HL2 map on the coast...

Don't mean to be ripping you out on something that you haven't spent much time on, so ... :oops:

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