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  1. zombi

    cs_lima Beta version

    I don't see 200+ hours of work on screenshots 0 reactions is also message for you
  2. Anything about map? Is it just a scene? Or de_ map or maybe coop? Looks nice
  3. Imagine retake scenario. Might be very hard for CT with this long corridor paths. Extend CT spawn and make some space for saving weapon etc.
  4. Architecture and lighting is done. I'm not sure what can I change to make it look better. Oryginal vs my version comparison
  5. zombi

    [CS:GO] de_tunnel

    RZL and thewhaleman gave me cool advices after last playtest, that's why I changed a lot. Even small tips from experienced mappers help a lot. Btw RZL is really kind person, he helped me to change the trash layout into something that is playable.
  6. zombi

    [CS:GO] de_tunnel

    Reworking sites and mid again. I'm quite happy with changes, but mid still suck and I stuck with it. I think mid working (gives an advantage when the team controls it), but it's really boring and the player is forced to play it the same way each time. Still trying to fix it, but it's pretty hard for me (already tested ~91315 ideas and all were bad).
  7. Remake of popular aim maps aim_redline and awp_india. FPS should be the same but this need test on full server.
  8. zombi

    [CS:GO] de_tunnel

    yay more changes New mid(again), big changes on A site and small tweaks on B. Ready to download - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1327056446 Have a nice day
  9. zombi

    [CS:GO] Golden

    No crash for me. Truck on B site have really bad collision model. It's a issue, because it's important object in fights. Second thing is not a issue, but it was dissapointing. Jump on railing should be possible. I like map, specially B site looks interesting. Good job!
  10. zombi

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    A looks very interesting, but B feels empty. Also surf on roof might be interesting and funny in some situations. You should keep and test it.
  11. zombi

    [CS:GO] de_tunnel

    Slowly adding stuff
  12. zombi

    [CS:GO] de_tunnel

    Yep, it's one of them (btw these streams were great, I wish he will back to it). He was giving great feedback on every map. For me new angles are better, but I don't know what other people think about it. I guess another playtest is needed.
  13. zombi

    [CS:GO] de_tunnel

    With every change I'm happier with mid. Also I started slooowly working on other things than mid.
  14. zombi

    [CS:GO] de_tunnel

    Fighting with mid. Feedback is appreciated. Workshop isn't updated.
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