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  1. [WIP] De | Calid

    I love the atmosphere of the first photo
  2. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @blackdog it will be a coop map for csgo with tons of bots and simple puzzles
  3. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    working on coop map
  4. Random Photo Thread

    Polish autumn
  5. [CS:GO]Endless Hours

    Sweet! I can't wait to see more.
  6. de_business (dev build)

    With the help of RZL, I have eliminated some basic layout mistakes. Thank you very much again! There is still a lot of work on the layout, but first I want to check current changes, how they look in practice. New overview:
  7. de_business (dev build)

    I worked a little on the map, and I hope that now playtesting give more fun than the last time. Few screenshots: Overview Mid Bombsite A Bombsite B Other
  8. Re-compiling valve maps

    I think it's fix. If you want work, and make some changes on valve maps, you just need to download the map from workshop, then everything should be fine.
  9. Re-compiling valve maps

    Hey mapcore. I have some problems with re-compiling valve maps(Cobble, Dust, Cache - I know it's fmpone map, but still official map on tournaments etc.). In CSGO SDK: So, when I decompiled Cache to .vmf and after some changes compiled to .bsp everything was works. But in game I didn't see all of the blocks that have been marked as "func_detail" in hammer. In the game, these walls didn't exist. I was trying to deselected from this function but still this didn't work. In Source Filmmaker - Launch SDK: Next thing is Filmmaker. I want make small change on Cache for my friend(this change is simply remove of a single door model), who will be use this map in Filmmaker. But when I trying compiling map(step by step as in this guide - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=592178213) after these change I have errors and it's stop compiling. I hope I don't forget about anything but if someone need any information to help me, just write. Thx for you'r time. Peace out!
  10. de_business (dev build)

    Thanks for your interest. Nice of you! @Vorontsov My theme of map - some city with some stuff from military. It's hard to find cool name for this. I think, I just need to find some cool name of real place in the world. @Freaky_Banana Timing on A is similar to timing on B on Dust 2. CT have chance to fast smoke or molotov T entry, before they come to side. Also, now I'm introduce a few minor changes and probably soon map will be ready for playtasting, so it remains to be seen whether the elevator is a good idea
  11. de_business (dev build)

    EDIT: Workshop link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=749721394 Hey! I made first version of my map de_business (yep, name sucks, but I will change it probably). If someone would help me and have some advices for me, I would be appreciate. Also I put one crazy thing on this map - simple elevator on B site. It's very bugged with molotovs and smokes, but I'm curious how it will be affect on gameplay. There is few screenshot from me if someone will be interested how it looks right now, and I'm sorry for my english, I'm bad in writing. Bombsite A(flag changing skin after plant - I'm thinking about something different, but right now I don't have any ideas) Bombsite B Overview
  12. Bug with walls

    It looks like it work right now. I make few hint brushes on level and I think it help, because I go to few specific places where I had this bug, and right now every things is fine. Also I creating light with spot_light and it's more easier now. You are great man, thank you very much for help!
  13. Bug with walls

    Alright I'm going to change this things and I will write whether it helps or not.
  14. Bug with walls

    Thanks for advices and your time! About map: - I'm using func_detail for all blocks who need this(when I have a lot part of map I turn off func_detail and looking where is some blocks which I miss when I was created them and should be func_detail) - With lighting you are right... I must learn something more about this and I will try lighting rooms with light_spot - About props, sometimes in Information valve marked props_static and prop_physic, but when i choose prop_static it doesn't work, that's why I have few mistakes with that. There is only one thing which I don't understand, what is Visdata? Is it a size of all map or what? Also I hope it help to eliminate this stupid problem...