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  1. I just wanted to share progress of this location. Still a lot of work, but I'm of good faith.
  2. Hey, I will try give some more detailed feedback, but it's really time consuming. For now I just found few things while playing match. I can't see my crosshair because of too strong light You have some places with gaps like this. It's really bad for gameplay. Weird spot. I think it's better put some barrel to cover than thing that cover all your body and giving you small gap to face. About barrels and containers. I have no idea how they put this big containers inside. Normal forklift or even 2 woudn't be able to do that and for sure it won''t be safety. Also there is too much barrels. Only cover we have are barrels. It's a little boring to be honest. Last. You can't see your beautiful graffities on CT spawn because of water The map is nice and original, but gameplay needs some corrections. I will try give some newbie feedback tomorrow. Good job man and don't listen frustrated people. It's hard to make original layout and I respect you made it.
  3. Hey guys. First thing I want to mention. It feels great to see wind on map. Most relaxing spawn I have ever seen in cs. Layout is really complicated. I have played 4-5 matches and still don't know every route and angle to check. For example on Anubis I just needed 1 match to understand layout and probably 2-3 to better checking angles. Here is general feedback. Ask if something isn't clear. More detailed feedback. This spot is op. I would suggest to change truck with boxes to something with basic shape and some clear angles to pick from. You have some places with that clipping. Try to avoid that, it's not good for feeling map. Some idea. Maybe move entry to this place? I didn't analize this too much, but with entry here, you could make some cover for TT in old shop area. For now A is too complicated. Like I said, after 4-5 matches I still don't know where I can expect CT's. Always I'm dying without seeing enemy. Maybe move bombsite closer to TT entry? Maybe at the top of rocks on the left? Oh, and you can stuck on this wooden thing. Also seeing rocks here is something unrealistic(?) and I feels weird to me. Maybe if you will add some damgae to the roof and dirst under them it could work. Map feels too big, but timings are fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Overall map is cool and graphics are amazing. You did great job boys!
  4. there is nothing wrong with few jumps in a row man
  5. After 4-5 matches (everyone want play this map O_O) it's still hard to navigate on the map. I know layout etc, but all areas looks the same. I think walls missing some wooden beam, foliage or some decorations. Hard to pick angles because of that. While picking there are no some points that will tell player where he is looking right now. It's hard to describe, but I hope you understand. And here for some reason website doesn't allow me to upload photos, Valve pls fix... oh wait. I will use imgur instead sorry. https://imgur.com/a/cbJSx7C Pls fix clipping on map. https://imgur.com/a/UI3y3ie Nobody was using this path. You can't see much from end, and because of that it kind of useless. https://imgur.com/a/HfZ42L5 Very, very, very bad collisions for grenades. I flashed my teammates few times before I realized what is happening. https://imgur.com/a/GhnY0C9 Everything in picture. https://imgur.com/a/uzgEH5y Maybe add some cool colorful lights (looped rainbow would be cooooooool) behinds waterfalls to make visual difrences beetwen sites? https://imgur.com/a/y2TgJgV Seriously? How dare you? Loosing the oportunity to putting sneaky hide mapcore logo!1!!!1 https://imgur.com/a/HYeHPGc Layout seems balanced. Only mid as CT is a little boring. Would be cool to have fights with under mid area players, but it's impossible. Overall great job guys!
  6. I don't know if this wall is needed at all. I know why you put it there, but I 'm not sure if it makes sense for gameplay. As TT this part of map was chaotic for me. Maybe I'm not enough experienced (only 2 matches on map), but these are my thoughts to analyze for you. I think holding B site as CT might be too easy. It was easy to pick and I could play long time passively on bombsite. Maybe I'm wrong but these my impressions. Mid looks really interesting I will try play more here. Maybe add semi-hard jump to window as TT? This window wasn't used often when I was playing. I really like this map, but I think people like more Anubis because it's brighter than your map. I compared these two maps because I think they will be finalists in the contest. Wish you all the best, boys and hopefully we will see this map officialy in cs
  7. Hey, I have played 2 matches already. Layout seems cool but maybe too hard without grenades? For me water is more annoying than fun and cool future. Maybe think about removing it or reducing areas with water? Also visibility is pretty bad on this map with all this green CT skins. Finally I think CT need some cover on outside A, something like tree or plank of wood. TT needs just 1-2 flashes to dominate this area (if they find a green opponent in a green area which is really hard and annoying). I like the map and wish you all the best.
  8. zombi

    dz_giant WIP

    Thank you! This is great advice. I think I have 1-2 major locations, town and top right corner of the map(?). I totally forgot about minimap, so I made one quickly. Story of the map: it's tourist town where strange anomalies began to occur, which is why the army appeared.
  9. zombi

    dz_giant WIP

    Hey, I'm working on a map for danger zone mode. It's still very early WIP. For now I'm almost done with general ideas for all locations. I wanted to share what I have created so far, although it doesn't look beautiful. I'm trying to work as fast as possible to finally play and test it with the players, but there is a lot of work and very little time. Maybe after the pictures someone has feedback that could help me. Have a nice evening More pictures https://imgur.com/a/PixTsSL
  10. He is really good, but for sure he would troll us.
  11. It's really cool! Give me more
  12. Hi again. I was able to run a little bit on the map. I have found two small graphic issues. Flickering door And bug with water (to the right of the crosshair) Really cool map, congrats!
  13. Looks like mix of Tomb Raider theme and new Metro atmospheric in positive way. Lighting and shadows are really cool. Good luck in contest.
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