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  1. zombi


    Looks good. A lot of props fade out too early and minimap is missing.
  2. Hey, that is interesting theme, but unfortunately just by looking at pictures I would not be able say what is the theme. I would suggest finding solid reference photos and make consistent architecture all over the map. Right now you have a lot of ladders (made out of brushes, why? just use stock models) in open spaces and generally more interior spaces instead of some cool rooftops with vents, skylights. Maybe some jump between 2 buildings? Here is a great map with the same idea. You can take a look and get inspired by that https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetai
  3. I enjoyed WW2 back in days, but compaerd to newest COD CW, it's definitely more stresful and less relaxing (only COD where they implemented jumpscares). I wanted to make dark and scary map, but because I have mostly open spaces I decided to make it as relaxive as possible, because it will be hard to fill it with artificial lights.
  4. I forgot to share my newest Black Ops 3 zombie map. I don't want to make separate topic for this so I will share it here. Feedback is welcome of course Workshop link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2492013245
  5. Sexy stuff Radu! Also from screenshot site after changes feels fresh and calm. Good job!
  6. zombi


    Looks great in-game! Just by running around angles and chokepoints seems interesting and thoughtful. Keep it up, good job!
  7. zombi

    Dungeon Props

    Nice pillars
  8. zombi


    looks interesting, keep it up
  9. zombi

    Random Photo Thread

    Warsaw, 90 meters above the ground, before I jumped on bungee
  10. Map doesn't look natural for me. You could try making small island with lighthouse and small house for more geometry. Maybe same cave if you want keep this underground are for boats. Here are some examples what I mean. I didn't spend too much time on research, but you definitely should.
  11. I have updated it a little bit https://www.jankazubek.com
  12. They shared with WAW and BO3 mod tools. Yeah people still playing and making new stuff for BO3, like for example exporting stuff (or recreating) from black ops cold war or making new perks, mechanics, remastering old maps etc. People love custom maps (community is super helpful) and by looking at numbers seems like steam workshop for bo3 is more popular than for csgo. If you have black ops 3 on steam you can just download mod tools. Editor is very similar to source, but they doing some things differently, for example in black ops is a lot of scripting for simple things (adding events, mus
  13. I'm learning editor for black ops 3 and I making simple house to practice. Still need tons of details, but slowly brush work and textures are finished.
  14. It looks great and I really like the atmosphere! This luggage gap in bus at bombsite is really nice idea. I have some feedback, hopefully will be helpful. Keep up a good job!
  15. Thanks man! I will try to improve this in free time. I used grammarly and I think website should be free from spelling mistakes, weird. FC5 map has most of this points, like different weapons, different enemy types, RPG as a reward for exploration. Maybe it's lack of some environment story, but the idea was simple: cult came to farm, killed hosts because they were interested in the crashed plane. Yeah hopefully I will get a job I guess this 2 projects might be not enough for some studios, so I'm learning BO3 editor already and it's more powerful than Source and FC5 editor. I w
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