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    I kind of liked the crash scene, although it should be heavily touched up to makeit feel more natural & the spawn felt a bit cramped. Maybe replace the skatepark with something else? Also the map also had fps slowdowns even for someone with a weaker PC (3.2ghz ryzen 5 1600 with a 1050ti) quite noticeably as well. Also the tunnel felt useless and iirc the kitchen door that leads to the A site felt very cramped. Either remove the tunnel altogether or make it so that it feels less tacked on.
  2. I'm really happy that they are sticking to their guns with the overall game design. The gameplay looks very much improved on pretty much all of the aspects of the previous game (BL2, not TPS) (although I'm heavily going to miss Nurse Nina from TPS if she doesn't come back).
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    Very impressed by the overall design map but I had some immediate grievances with the total size of the map. Almost every part should be expanded by at least a third apart from the middle. The bombsites should also have more room to have more positions to defend, but otherwise, the map seems to have a good overall layout. Also, the outside staircases felt very awkward to move through, might've been due to their small size.
  4. Ohh, thank you. Pretty new to the forums myself.
  5. I know this may be a bit picky, but it'd be nice to follow up directly to the newest unread post of a thread with a click of a button like this instead of manually looking up which post is the newest.
  6. I'm quite surprised that they will allow for the game servers to run for another year and not just straight up pulling the plug. Great game, had some of the most fun characters (Phoenix, Skyhammer most notably) to play as. Will most likely give it another go soon.
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