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  1. I do really like the changes on A site, I would just add more contrast to the window area.
  2. The video is pure pain to watch, but the changes itself are pretty thoughtful! I like it! Good Luck with this project!
  3. wow, I wasnt here for a long time... As Iam looking at the screenshots I see that it is clearly off scale I would like to get back to mapping, but sadly, I dont really have much free time, because school is a thing. Well you will definitely see an updates in the future from me! It can take some time tho because of the lack of the free time of mine. Hope youre having a nice day, and hope that you will enjoy my future work!
  4. It changes overall gravity when triggerd, or am I wrong?
  5. Awesome, thats gonna be the toughest opponent IMHO! (and Ive got very simillar idea back then ) BUT... You cant make different gravity inside and out. Gravity is same all over the map. And a lot of those very cool features are gonna be competitively unsitable, but I suggest you to create two versions of this map. 1st JFF and 2nd Competitively viable version. But very cool idea TBH! Cant wait to where this project will go!
  6. first layout change incoming! before: done! after:
  7. Yeah, I fixed it with the vertex tool. And yes, I never work off the grid, It was just because I made an arch which was a bit off. perfectly clipped btw
  8. I have it a little bit off the grid, so I cant merge them Ive already fixed that.
  9. Thank you, awesome! I thought that Hammer doesnt support this kind of shapes!
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