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  1. Had the same impression, also the ramming mechanic is a bit of a cheat with those super slow cars
  2. If you haven't played the 2002 original you do get a full length original game. And let's be real, only dinosaurs like us actually remember playing the original
  3. I think this will Bomb hard commercialy. It's one of those games that have not been explained well enough to the casual player.
  4. That is their trademark, intentionally make things look dated
  5. After putting in some hours (got more than half of the game completed) I only have one moan: There are ads in the game. Vans, Adidas etc... Not sure how to feel about this, they're everywhere IRL so i guess it doesn't matter? I paid for the game though... conflicted.
  6. Hopefully 'The Master' was not responsible for picking his Screenwriters
  7. It feels exactly like the old game when you play it (with some improvements no doubt). They must've at least looked at the old game play code because I could instantly pick it up and start making combos RE2 is a different type of a remake because they had to completely change the gameplay for it to pass in 2020~ It's also cool to see my materials in another childhood game remaster Fuck alarm bells tho.
  8. Good, don't need to get the console then, just be patient for couple years
  9. Super stocked for this one... but the rubber faces - why
  10. That is a pretty faithful Flak Cannon rip off
  11. Dude we had such a blast with this shit
  12. Love how all the new COD games still look like PS3 titles
  13. Buddy


    Admin press the pain button plox
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