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  1. We did live through the golden times definitely bro! So much improvement and creativity in just a few years time span.
  2. Stop with the aggression.
  3. In that sense I agree, core gameplay in FC4 is very FC3 so i did finish this game as well (I gave up on FC5). As far as villain is concerned, there's a lot of build up in FC4 that goes nowhere (plus he's too forced)
  4. Same goes for FC4. carbon copies.
  5. Also, sexually ambiguous characters in post-apocalyptic setting make very little sense (or even Trans but I'm not sure if Abby is one, because how the fuck you do that? Who prescribes & produces the hormones?). They should've reserved that for some other title where it makes sense setting-wise. Uncharted maybe? Bring back Amy Hennig.
  6. It means that they are going in dry.
  7. I'm not too annoyed by the remakes, I mean if there was a good concept that didn't catch up in 2003 i don't see why you can't try again in 2020. That being said, this reminds me what Ubisoft used to be about
  8. It's a shame that they chose to cancel Ravenholm because you could easily re-brand it as a standalone game not related to HL series.
  9. Same here, keyboard all the way bro.
  10. Needs more vaginas
  11. Buddy

    Corona Virus

    It takes a special type of evil to stab someone to death, too. Anything can be a weapon but Guns offer the most emotionally detached and accessible way of murdering someone. Mano a Mano at least.
  12. Buddy

    Corona Virus

    Yeah, there is more guns than people in the usa though
  13. I think these characters were re-done from scratch partially because of the new gore system and not just for the fuck of it.
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