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  1. I think these characters were re-done from scratch partially because of the new gore system and not just for the fuck of it.
  2. Lamest reveal screenshot ever, ugh.
  3. What did they strip from Doom 3 (for 2016) that made it's way back to Doom Eternal? I'm confused by some of the complaints here
  4. Yeah, especially those super specific animations should have an alternate version, weird decision there.
  5. This is more of a Turok sequel
  6. Overthinking this one a bit IMHO @ Podcast Game itself is epic.
  7. It somewhat disappoints down the line unfortunately.
  8. Buddy

    Corona Virus

    Just relax, this paranoia is scarier than the virus is.
  9. All the single ladies, All the single ladies!!! That is such a winner
  10. Trailers for DOOM 2016 weren't great either TBH
  11. Buddy

    Stranger Things

    Don't watch teasers and trailers for things you are already sold on
  12. Whats with the constant complaining about Valve and their SDK? Chill out people. New full length Half-Life game is not enough to satisfy you nowadays?
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