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  1. You need to show something exciting to get anyone interested in this pro bono work
  2. Don't think making money is the primary drive for them at this point either. They do make a lot but i don't think they ever released something that was a pure cash grab. Alyx was the complete opposite actually.
  3. If you'd work on a thing for 20 years you'd be hard pressed to go back and fix stuff as well, it's different from a fan perspective than it is from the dev's. Valve at least doesn't punish the community for fixing things like some of the other corporations do.
  4. There's pretty much zero chance the project will be any good if you consider the scope. Good luck tho!
  5. This is how I read it and thought it was just hilarious
  6. No, it's the same one! I think it's two guys and they've been at it for years - it's almost done tho!
  7. Meanwhile passionate modders go the extra length: https://www.re4hd.com/
  8. This Shadow Man soundtrack is pretty sick!
  9. I need two more points to progress :*( OMG, it happened a minute later. I am now a Contributor just as the respected @Bunglo.
  10. I stand by this still, I wonder what the numbers are. Steam reviews are not so good so far, Mixed (695)
  11. @ThunderKeil You're right, my bad. Still, I think the term remaster doesn't apply very well here.
  12. Hmm, should be labelled as a next gen console Re-Release and not a Remaster since not much seems to have been done there, visually at least. Compare this with the Mafia 1 Remaster, lol.
  13. Judging by the teaser trailers I think it's a guaranteed. Same exact beats. DO YOU REMEMBER NEO??
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