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  1. Black Mirror

  2. Yeah i was also disappointed overall, beyond what others said, it feels like there is a chunk of the game missing (before the actual ending)
  3. Love that this got a happy ending, you don't see that very often.
  4. Battlefront 2

    Those stupid exploitative systems should go, agreed.
  5. I wonder if they're going to drug test them
  6. And it feels like a different game altogether.
  7. Anyone else cannot aim for shit with the PS4 controller?
  8. Cuphead

    @[HP]Crack-Life level hard?
  9. Lol, that kid is a grown up by now Fuck Hope
  10. Quake Champions

    I would argue that it's still too noisy actually.
  11. The Last Night

    Haha WAT
  12. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    They're going for Star Citizen here
  13. Black Mesa Source

    Dear Esther: Xen