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  1. December release was undoable, but who the fuck thought the April release was possible?! Lmao
  2. Oleg's work is awesome, looking forward to this. The shotgun clip is obviously no gameplay but feels alright (if you can stomach the head bobbing and the extreme FOV lol)
  3. Buddy

    Corona Virus

    Just some fevers and felt weak as shit for a week~. The source of my infection had it worse but they're back to 100% already too.
  4. Buddy

    Corona Virus

    For few weeks/months I am yes. FYI I will take it but not as an early adopter. Fun fact, because of how messed up my upbringing was I have not taken most of the vaccinations you get a as a child (misplaced paperwork, parents didn't care to sort it out).
  5. Buddy

    Goals for 2021?

    Don't plan 2021.
  6. Buddy

    Corona Virus

    Agreed, that is why increase your odds by staying healthy. Loose weight, sort out your sleep and don't think about Covid
  7. Buddy

    Corona Virus

    In the Government, just like in giant Corporations, undoing of any kind is almost impossible. They will keep at it as nobody wants the accountability. That is also why certain changes only happen after a whole generation of people dies (diet habits for example, no senior ranked scientist will ever want to admit that their body of work was built based on a wrong assumption.) EDIT: I am not taking the vaccine, I've had COVID back in November.
  8. Buddy

    Star Wars

    That approach worked until his ego got out of control (the prequel trilogy). EDIT: also the fact that he was working with unlimited amounts of money for the prequels... people work best within boundaries. Clickbait title on that video btw, he is saying nothing about Disney Star Wars per say.
  9. Its up there for sure. Pretty timeless too
  10. That is too flat, other than that it does look like the retail game
  11. Great stuff dude, it seems like a great closer to your Half Life modding chapter, putting together everything you learned into one final product. Awesome
  12. Or maybe this thing just wasn't fun and they shelved it for that reason?
  13. Yeah, I've heard bits of HL1 tracks in movies and other content. Must've been a stock pack that was popular at that time.
  14. Dude has a dope name too, liam TRIFORCE
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