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  1. Dude looks like the more plates more dates guy LMAO!
  2. Buddy

    Sony buys Bungie

    Are there any left? lol
  3. Pattison is built like a toothpick, imposing as fukkk
  4. Buddy

    Crysis 4

    I don't think they can be competitive anymore.. with the budget Epic has UE5 will probably always have the technical edge. You can compete artistically but technology race seems over. I fear Crytek is a skeleton of what it was during the development of their Magnum Opus (C1).
  5. Buddy

    Crysis 4

    Those times are long gone, they need to focus on the consoles.
  6. Buddy

    Serious Sam 4

    That looks better than the original game lol
  7. Buddy

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

    Give me them likes...
  8. Buddy

    Dying Light 2

    Because we know that how long the game is linearly correlates with the amount of fun you will have!
  9. Buddy

    Unreal Engine 5

    They want to release it with the UE5 1.0
  10. Sooo looks like this is not even worth discussing? What did you guys think?
  11. I decorate the xmas tree with the lights on!
  12. A friend of mine is on mental pills and his doctors apparently didn't even do blood work on him... meds should be the last resort.
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