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  1. I'm not so sure to be honest, he doesn't look like grilled chicken or have overly developed shoulders/traps. He's a short guy and doesn't seem to carry that much muscle, he is just pretty lean but you can do that by just being strict for sure.
  2. He was caught deadlifting fake plates with perfect form after which he did a video where he cat-back deadlifted real weight and it made it even worse/obvious. He's an excellent PT though.
  3. Ah, this was probably taking place in the middle east where she can get stoned to death for asking a question. Right?? I was just pointing out that words like 'brave' and 'heartbreaking' should be reserved for things that are actually brave and heartbreaking lol. Why is everyone so soft all of the sudden? Hoping for that pity f*ck?
  4. The reason female characters look hot (most of the time) is the same reason male characters are ripped (most of the time). We are cranking up perks of each gender. Nobody wants to look at regular people in fiction same way nobody wants to see fat dudes in porn (most of the time).
  5. That shouldn't really happen this fast, sure nothing else is going on?
  6. Get it on PS3, had a blast with 1&2.
  7. That map looks clean as fuck. But why is the statue of a woman, I feel underrepresented and oppressed
  8. Seems to be limited by the IP a lot.
  9. Serves them right for hiring all that mediocre female staff just to fill out the stupid quotas
  10. Your post made me feel like replaying Beyond Good & Evil
  11. I think Holiday 2021 is for the first batch (which was sold out almost immediately) and not for the 512 version.
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