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  1. Buddy

    Control (Remedy)

    Average gamer must be super confused by this stuff, they are not communicating what this game is about very well (at its core).
  2. Buddy

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    I LOL'd at the Dino Crisis part. So true
  3. Buddy

    Fallout 76

    Stylized or not, looks off, lifeless and weird.
  4. Buddy

    Fallout 76

    Human Character Art is so fricking weird in these new Fallout games.
  5. Buddy

    Metro: Exodus

    Yeah, proper GI, fuck yeah.
  6. Buddy

    The Predator

    It was a clusterfuck, i hope the "predator killer" was a "franchise killer" and they will stop raping this great classic.
  7. Buddy

    Battlefield V

    What's wrong about this?
  8. Buddy

    Fallout 76

  9. Buddy

    Black Mesa Source

    Looks a bit messy to me, don't see a coherent direction there.
  10. Buddy

    Rage 2

    Just adopt the visual style and improve the rest. I booted up Rage the other day and man, it looks like RE4, lol. (i'm talking about asset quality, not art direction).
  11. They don't have any of the original STALKER team talent left so i will remain completely skeptical
  12. Buddy

    [Gmod] rp_wildwest

    I know that texture, great stuff dude :)
  13. Usually it means a better product in the end when Valve buys it, so i hope that is the case here too.
  14. Buddy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Nothing but the increased resolution and AF on Xbone X