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  1. Buddy


    Ooooor more hookers.
  2. Kinda sucks for the devs but I would like someone to give me a valid argument of why you can't sell a digital game that costs $60 vs a retail disc that costs $60 (in both cases its a transfer not a copy or duplicate). ???
  3. Sorry dudes, but it kinda makes sense to be able to sell a $60 game steam or no steam. Especially when you can't just install it, sell and keep playing.
  4. Agreed, also it does not look noisy as fuck, i can actually see stuff.
  5. I started getting into Hitman 2. As a pro assassin i need to find a screwdriver to open a garage door. Who designs this shit? Lol
  6. Last few projects he was directly responsible for bombed unfortunately
  7. FYI the game bombed in retail
  8. not an expert but this does not look very witchery?
  9. The writing though, i was cringing inside out.
  10. Buddy

    de_de_dust2 (CS:GO)

    i miss mapcore
  11. good (and predictable as dux said) show, recommended!
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