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  1. Soldat Du Christ


    looks very clean!
  2. Soldat Du Christ


    this looks awesome, good example of a diverse theme park with a cohesive theme, the haunted house was a good way to spice up the contemporary setting with something fantastical
  3. Soldat Du Christ


    looks interesting
  4. i like how you implemented jumps into your BR map, very cool way to segment movement in interesting ways
  5. https://jessesoldatduchene.wixsite.com/portfolio Feedback welcome
  6. I'm enjoying it as an open world action adventure, but not really as an rpg. The characters and mission choreography is great
  7. I updated the water and mini map, new pictures on the OP, the update is still pending on workshop though Bots still crash the game when you try to play defuse, but i tried playing Victorian on the deathmatch game mode and you guys are right, its alot of fun
  8. I don't want you guys to think I'm not listening, or that I'm dismissing all your feedback. There where some good points you guys have made about the map. I think while I achieved some of my goals in certain categories, I overlooked more subtle aspects of the game, like @Roald made a good observation about how the lack of negative space can make footsteps more of a presence on the map. Pretty much everyone has made a comment that the map is unintuitive, which, according the the standards of what you guys expect, I can understand, and even agree that is a negative about the map. And obviously t
  9. @csWaldo There are two kinds of information gathering skills, deduction which gives you knowledge, and induction which gives you varying probabilities. At the beginning of a defuse round, both teams competing at the highest level of play will know where the soonest possible engagements can happen around the map, If there is no enemy target at this location where they would expect them to be, they can begin to deduct positions 1 by one as they move around the map. This is the player exercising their deductive skills. The more players alive on your team, the more information you have. Howev
  10. I completely agree that intuition is a valuable goal one should strive for when designing maps, and i wouldn't blame someone for critiquing that about Victorian, it's a valid point. I want the mapping community to try and put aside their conventional CS wisdom for this map, and suffer through the initial learning curve to try and see what this map has to offer, challenge yourself to rethink the rules that are generally considered a given. There are a lot of redeeming qualities to be found here, just keep an open mind going in to it
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