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  1. Just went and tested, not having this problem on Mapcore. I'm using firefox.
  2. What's the distinction between smartphone and tablet games?
  3. here's a picture of a friend's cat
  4. This looks super fun! Why not schedule it for a playtest?
  5. I did get a student license about a month ago, I'll definitely try that. They do not enforce any of the rules for those signups. It'll be fun to figure out how to make stuff shiny.
  6. figured out how to get custom models working, thanks squidski for pointing out why it wasn't working as a static prop now i just need to make an actual texture and model
  7. The new CT skins in general are just less compatible with maps. Skins having a variance of colors will let them have something to make them stand out, regardless of environment.
  8. Preview baked lighting button in that level editor picture, hmm. If I use this, I would NOT dedicate that much space to the texture browser. 2 grid views is good.
  9. And there's sucking away ammo or an HEV module or something from a combine guy. (around 1:17) Maybe I was right?
  10. IT'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Half-life style in source 2 looks very nice.
  11. "Our sources have told us not to expect one iconic weapon in HLA, however. Each of these sources mentioned that a virtual crowbar was tested at one point in the game's multi-year development but was eventually scrapped. To be clear: we don't have conclusive evidence that the crowbar won't eventually appear in the game in one way or another. (If Valve plans to upgrade the game with a physical crowbar purchase, my sources sure haven't heard of it.)" - From Ars Technica No crowbar, huh. And I doubt they'll give us a wrench either. Still excited to see what they do with this. And also, in the same article it says that this game is between first HL and HL2, and from Alyx's perspective. HL2+Episodes from Alyx's perspective would be shooting combine while a genocidal mute person stares at your ass.
  12. Ooh, what if there are lots of interactions with the enemies other than shooting them. Like, headcrabs jumping on your head instead of just scratching you, and pulling them off. Maybe you could steal a combine's gun out of his hands. Manually plugging in batteries to your HEV suit? They've really got a huge opportunity to make a truly immersive VR game. I'd also love to examine high-resolution models of all the weapons and combine dropships and stuff.
  13. That bit of coast 9(?) where you cross the bridge would be terrifying in VR. I hope this isn't some stationary "defend against combine" thing. >mfw new half-life game before update for tf2
  14. The encouraging their completion part is the best, watching a thread like Submerged is beautiful. (I think) gamebanana is you submit it and people will generally post some reviews after, which has less of a community aspect to it. This then also makes me feel guilty that my thread has so many views that it doesn't really deserve.
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