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  1. That movement looks very sluggish, even slower than R6. They pretty much only show one-shot headshot kills with perfect accuracy, which isn't a good sign to me. I hope it isn't so simple in gunplay that shooting at the body means "it will take 4 bullets instead of 1". They also show a character throwing a "smokescreen" kinda thing. Having stuff like that be only for one class lowers the skill ceiling, you wouldn't be able to do complex executes if not everyone has the ability to throw smokes. The smokescreen also looked like a pretty direct throw with no bounce, where you couldn't learn any specific ones like in CS:GO. Edit: oh yeah also revives are dumb
  2. Why are the walls so thin? There's really not any negative space.
  3. Trying to get a foothold with modeling and making props.
  4. I'll also A N A L Y Z E the demo and think of more stuff based off that. Thank you so much to everyone who was in the playtest!
  5. -Change window to func_breakable_surf, and change texture -Add grenade lineups for T's at A -Add a few more crates around -Change all the prop_physics to prop_physics_multiplayer -Add some textures in the places that completely lack them (office, corridor at A, T connector to mid) -Try my hand at making some keg models
  6. Post-playtest but pre-post-playtest update post! Planned changes: -Remove green room. It was kinda fun, but people almost universally said to remove it to simplify the map, and make it harder for T's to get through to CT spawn. -MOVE CT'S BACK This'll make those yellow boxes at A more useful for Terrorists. -Make the bit under B lighter this is objectively good -Remove the wallbang at the keg room leading to B, and probably make that area safer for T's in general Might give them a vent for nades or something -Make outside areas less like fancy skybox corridors
  7. I think I fixed it. I removed all the custom assets from my folders then ran the latest workshop version, and that worked.
  8. Thank you very much for testing this! This version was done on a different PC, and I must have messed up when setting up custom textures and packing with VIDE. I'll recompile an old version. (Like in the patch notes, I need to fix those nade lineups anyway. If you were wondering what they're supposed to be for, one of them is a smoke at A that lets you push onto the site, and another is a smoke for the tunnel.) Something I noticed : I don't have to wait for my workshop submission to be approved anymore. I guess 15 or so updates with patch notes is enough for them to "trust" it.
  9. Got around to loading up the map. It was confusing to navigate. At the very least, add more arrows. The abundance of very high walls and narrow hallways didn't help this either. The layout consists of huge open areas connected by narrow corridors, and the bombsites are large areas that have barely any/crates for cover. Think about an after-plant situation, especially on Bombsite A, there aren't many interesting places to defend from. The layout also uses verticality at somewhat insignificant points, while leaving the bombsites flat and sparse.
  10. Map is getting playtested this sunday!
  11. The bombsites seem rather generic to me, a square plant zone with some crates on it.
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