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The random model thread!

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ginny that really is awesome, but it's not logical that the lichen is just as dense at the bottom than at the top. also, it goes from being really dense on the right to not even being there on the left. The model is great, though, that's a really nice polycount, too. What's it for?

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yeah very nice :) The moss looks abit overscaled to me but then again i have no idea how big this object is supposed to be so it can just aswell be right :)

Right now every side looks exactly thesame though, maybe that can look abit weird ingame. Also the highlights are very bright, and its abit strange they go straight over the moss. Or is that the wireframe? :P

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I always get fashinated of how good ppl are to model.

Or maybe it is me that like to look at models so much.

I havent seen anything else but good creativity and it pleases me :)

I have to post some aswell but its only stuff i made while learning and such and are not meant to be used by anyone not even myself.

Still i won't die from critism.

Allthough i allready knows most of the errors ;)

That ashtrail btw i made from my own ashtrail at home.


This got really wired:


Table with short legs:


Wired ice:



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