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  1. quick, let's put together a relief package to send them. if we each pee into a jar we could send them a few hundred litres to keep them going through these difficult times.
  2. oh shit, Kneel Cuckman BTFO! he'll never recover! maaan, stop watching videos and footage, it's gonna taint everything seeing it through the lens of someone else playing. i'm as big a fan of the first game as you are, own it on both ps3 and ps4, multiple playthroughs, and the second game is brilliant and totally worth playing. all the shit espoused about how the story is destroying characters or betraying memories or a complete failure.. it's all bullshit, and it all comes from a crazy predictable space. just buy it, dedicate an hour to it and see if it doesn't completely grip you
  3. Man that video was painful. Seems to have missed the point of what the game was trying to do, and when you play the game you notice that the stuff that was in the first game is in this game, but it's just that Ellie isn't the one doing it because Joel isn't there as a guide, she's what 19 or 20 in this, she's a kid, an angry confused kid. There's a level of unrelenting psychological horror that permeates through every encounter, every hand-scrawled note, every vista. There's sadness, a melancholy, that's hard to deal with and if people wanna get angry at a lack of new gadgets then maybe they a
  4. >Also, sexually ambiguous characters in post-apocalyptic setting make very little sense awww diddums, did da widdle peepee or jayjay make it all uncomftabibble :((( > (or even Trans but I'm not sure if Abby is one, because how the fuck you do that? Who prescribes & produces the hormones?). tyst. "is one", disgusting.. don't ignore the fact that the WLF are still driving tons of vehicles around, where'd they get all the gas? refineries can't still be functioning? are they just .. scavenging and finding usable gasoline out in the world? hmmmm maybe they'
  5. bullshit. ds2 is a decent game, but it's not a game to start with. ds3 is a fantastic game, but it's very much like a 'greatest hits' of all the souls games. i would personally recommend ds1, get dsfix, get rekt. there's a reason the souls games took off as well as they did and i think ds1 is the biggest reason, it's absolutely the right game to play first.
  6. I actually really enjoyed the game; hated it at first, felt really sluggish and shitty and weird pacing and so on, then I got super pissed off at the "TV Show" like why am I watching a low budget 24 and why is it going on for so long. However I found myself going back to it constantly, super addictive, I wanted to see where the story went, how they would wrap it all up, I got into the combat, the exploring and the reading, using the powers and coming across different enemies, the locations and time jumps were awesome. By the time it ended (fuck the final boss, if you make it hard don't ma
  7. it was drunken racism, you didn't miss out on much. see: the next 4 years of trump's pesidency
  8. played about 3 hours, just got to a nice outdoor area and framerate dropped to 10. fuck off if it looks anywhere near good enough to warrant 10fps. i really want to know WHY it's so shitty overall, because there's not a whole lot going on, it just looks like they aren't using any LODs or occlusion, and that's just fucking retarded. it looks nice, in terms of art direction, but not in terms of actual graphical quality; except for Trico who looks and behaves great. it's an interesting feeling being in the world with an AI that doesn't do what you want it to, or takes
  9. Well done Bethesda and Arkane! A digital turd plopped out of steam's servers and landed on my hard drive yesterday morning. The stench of a rushed PC launch and incompetency hangs in the air, sticking to the back of my throat like a tankard of whale-oil. DISCLAIMER: I am the biggest fanboy of Dishonored and played through the first game so many times I even uploaded a "speed run" of one of the levels. NERD ALERT NERD ALERT HA HA! Dishonored 2 is fucked. The performance took me by surprise when I stepped out onto the roofs of Dunwall and dropped down to 30fps. "How od
  10. Rick_D

    EU Referendum

    hey lads. fuck leave voters i would write a big long post about why everything is shit and all arguments in favour of it are retarded but it wouldn't change anybody's mind, let's just hope england and wales break off and fall into the sea. sure some good people will drown but at least those dirty immigrant foreigners will drown as well eh! sieg heil!!!
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