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  1. That's a loose definition of winning.
  2. insta

    Liam Tart - Environment Artist

    Don't you remember posting that? Because I don't remember you posting that either.
  3. insta

    New way to send a cover letter

    A employer is never going to hire a less skilled worker because of his/her coverletter, even though it runs at 28 fps and has stereo audio. Any time not spent on the actual content of the portfolio is pretty much wasted. IMHO~
  4. insta

    New way to send a cover letter

    Also, won't it be embarrassing when the "similar videos" thingy on the side will show similar coverletters to competing companies?
  5. insta

    New way to send a cover letter

    A third way to send a cover letter would be to drive to their office, stand outside their window and sing a serenade about your CV.
  6. insta

    Now playing - 2018

    Currently playing Walking Dead, just started Episode 4. Super good so far, really like it! After that I'm gonna run through Homefront, because why not.
  7. insta

    CS:GO Patch 1/23/13 - Workshop

    Big ups rick_d xD
  8. insta

    I need to KILL HOSTAGES!

    Try setting it to "Sethealth" "0" instead, "Kill" will just remove a entity from the map, so it will just disappear. But maybe hostages can't be killed except by players, I don't know :E
  9. insta

    Patrick Murphy - Portfolio

    Well thats good.
  10. insta

    Patrick Murphy - Portfolio

    Shocking suggestion: make more levels!
  11. insta

    [Piñata] Student Unity project

    Gangster Squad.
  12. insta

    The random model thread!

    Gangster Squad.
  13. insta

    [2D] Texture work

    Tiles! Kaplow! Gangster squad! Will you make a honest cop out of me? I only hoped to take you to cop.
  14. insta

    cs_compound_gc (cs:go)

    I love CS:GO! Will you make a honest women out of me? I only hoped to take you to bed! Kaplow! 50 Cent!
  15. insta

    Theoretical work in your Portfolio

    If you are applying to a job then anybody will ever just look at screenshots for 10 seconds until jumping to the next applicant, nobody will appreciate the millions of hours you took to analyze and break down Nintendo Classic Game #23, what do we call ourselves? Gangster Squad! You can't kill me, you are a cop! Not anymore.