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  1. In reply to the single player comments. Being responsible for the majority of plot missions and side missions of Borderlands 1 I know how the fans feel. The story was there, but found mostly in your imagination. Working on some of the plot and side missions for the sequel I believe we nailed the improvements. The types of missions have multiplied. We keep you guessing so that objectives don't spoil the fun! The missions you do have much more of an impact, even if subtle, to the world of Pandora. But most importantly Anthony Burch nailed the writing and story after working so hard with designers. The dialog and humor are incredible. I find myself wanting to play the game single player just to hear said dialog at my own pace. The game is not linear. You are not playing that crafted single player narrative. But I will argue the world is just as much if not more rich. Try to play the game single player and tell me what you think, I want to hear your feedback! And after you consume it, invite some friends. Gearbox has created an amazing title we are all very proud of. My contributions have roots here, at Mapcore.
  2. BL2 launches in TONIGHT! Whose playing?
  3. Marketing were not the only ones influencing this song. A lot of the influence came from the team, and we felt that it felt the vibe and excitement of the trailer. Mikey did a fantastic job cutting the shots created by the team to fit that song. We didn't just choose it to "be on a bandwagon". That being said, glad my old stomping grounds is enjoying the trailer and we look forward to revealing more details in the future!
  4. All your surface detail is so fine in the brush you used to show 'pores' and 'wrinkles' that when you rendered it down to a game asset, you lost 90% of your detail. When you added the diffuse with the baked normal, you see very little detail other than the over arching sculpts you did. Because of that the final model becomes very flat and boring. I'd paint in more extreme details focusing on getting more depth in the demon's surface, but not from only the skin brushes. Also the horns look really weird to me.
  5. lol i'm always in the bushes watching....think about that. I was hoping it was for some awesome level design contest. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Pretty inspiring work Peri! I'm interested what contest you were doing this for.
  7. rocking out with the 'box now working on aliens, cheers.
  8. Noticed a lot of people who critique lack kindness. I can see similarities to gravel pit with having a tower. I think you have some good ideas about making sure there are platforms around said tower that will be beneficial to defenders, and act as stepping stones to attacking scouts. So in that regard you're on the right track. I'd definately take the 2nd shot and allow people to move completely around the tower. So push that large wall backwards a bit. Same goes for shot 1, allow the attackers to move around more. I'd make sure there are two ways into shot 2, with a 3rd way in that may only be accessible to rocketgrenade jumps or scout jumps. Add some flavor that way. Might be helpful to post a top down with some paintover examples of what you're trying to reach as an end goal with your level.
  9. Got myself a server, if any mapcorians want to join up and play. Enjoy guys!
  10. Now if only their editor was up to the times.
  11. Major congrats man. I wish the best of luck to you!
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