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  1. Not as great as yours, mate! About the actual state of affairs i`m gonna tell you in icq soon, much more comfortable!
  2. Hello, i opened up this thread to show my university application work for the bachelor subject "Digital Media - 3d and animation". The task was to create two characters under the topic "Surprise" and show them in five different poses. The focus was not on technical finesse but on elaboration and credibility, so i spent quite some time developing a huge background for both. The techniques used were free, so you could also have build them with paper and glue. I chose 3d and animation as these are the techniques i`m most familiar with. My concept was to develop the two main-characters (classic protagonist and antagonist) of a ficticious classic Point&Click adventure game with a target audience from ten to ninetynine. The outstanding point of the adventure for me was, that you could play both characters and due to this get sucked into the relation of these two very different characters. For example in one mission you have to steal something as the character "Surprise" and in the following chapter you have to find a way tofind a trace to the thief as "Inspector Jonathan". Cover of the ficticious game: Character concepts: Surprise: Jonathan: Poses of the characters (as ficticious documents embedded in the story of the game): Finally i should say that luckily i was accepted and am able to begin with my studies this fall
  3. KIIIA

    My Company of Heroes Map

    I don`t even know that game, but your map looks beautyfull and is a big winner in terms of outdoor lighting and atmosphere!
  4. I guess that`s a small lookout for the nearer or farer future of game engines
  5. NeoNautica, wasn`t it you who had that Unreal 2k4 city level WIP thread on cgTalk? Very impressive! Why don`t you show it to the community here too! The models you show here seem very solidly crafted!
  6. I thought they are normal mapped yet and due to this unwrapped and layouted........i guess the only one able to bring light into the darkness is teh warbeezy himself!
  7. Hot stuff as usual from da Warbeezy Wickedeezi fo sheezi, but i`m also wondering about the grey one colour texturing. Wouldn`t a blueish tech texture with details and funky glowing electric pipes and lights etc. suit this a lot better? Is it a question of time or do you really want the textures to look that simple?
  8. As a model for some random scene it`s very solidly crafted. For some game engine it`s way to expensive, taken into account that it`s just a crate and placed more often in a scene it will inappropiately raise the polycount. But i guess it`s not ment to be in a game engine, so (once again) very nice!
  9. I like the way the textures are executed. But the structures of the stones are completely plain in the normal map. Maybe you experiment a bit with combining the rendered normal map with a normal map generated with the Nvidia PS plug-in. The problem with the nvidia normal maps is, that they are fuzzy, so if you just use it for the stones in a slighty blurred version, maybe it will work! (Also for the general struchture of all materials in the texture). Apart from that, i`m not sure if it`s good to have the window simply dark grey inside.....that doesn`t look natural!
  10. right teh hess is with that! The UT3 map in particular looks beautyfull, although it could be even better looking with an eye candy contrast structure to break the monotony in colour! The effect with the grate shadow on the wall is also very nice in the Stalker map! Well done!
  11. KIIIA

    Eagle painting

    `o6...??? Looking good in my opinion. Wouldn`t have crits except for the background that doesn`t add to the quality of the image due to the fast filter look, but then i saw the image posted by buddy and i think he`s right with that! edit1: And i would highlight the eyes a bit more by adding white highlights!
  12. looking very realistic and well executed so far, that turtle!
  13. KIIIA

    Application book cover

    ....i mean the whole of ireland....in general.....you know what i mean
  14. KIIIA

    Application book cover

    That`s new infos to me! K, then i have to do the same, too! Hopefully i can apply with the same map for both studies! Yes, i`d love to go to Cork too!...........Lot`s of women with red hair and freckles
  15. KIIIA

    Application book cover

    But i thought, for "Digital Media" there is no application book neccessary, is it? When you join, will you go to spend one semester in Ireland as offered in the study program?
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