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The random model thread!

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All the fingers are meant to be "spread out" for rigging purposes. The arms are gonig to be in a cloak so I'm not defining muscular except for the curvature of how a gown would go over the body. But I'll keep working on the hands. Tonight will be mostly spent fixing the head's shape.

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Some cool stuff here, wanna see some progress on your model ferret, looks interesting :)

I decided to get back into modelling so I spent the last few days making this MP5A4 in Max. Obviously not for a game, I want to add more details such as a scope, dual mag clamp, flashlight foregrip etc. and create some wallpapers and other goodness.

Nearly finished the basic configuration, still need to tweak some things such as the stock (click to make 'em big) :






Any crits welcome, cheers :)

A side note, it's cool to see more people modelling these days. I guess the days of being a "one trick pony" are dieing fast.

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Crappy model I made at school: Woman with heroic proportions (a heroine, so to say):


It's at the so called "Level 1" stage: Just the basic shape of the body.

We've only had 2 days of Maya introduction from our teacher, and we are already given tasks like modelling things like this :E

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