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  1. Well, it's a hard one to say... The motion control is the most controversial issue. I'm sure the game would have done better in reviews, maybe by 10%, if there were just the option for stick control. Given the option though, I don't think many people would opt for motion control since it does take some time to learn - and it's difficult to learn new things in stressful situations. That said, once I got into it I honestly do prefer the motion control for flight. I heard something about older PS3 firmware not supporting the motion sensitivity as well as the latest version, but I can't speak to that since we're all updated. Can't say I'm happy with the reviews but really, nothing they are saying comes as a surprise. I was responsible for three of the levels and I'm proud of my work.
  2. I know it's all WIP Just saying, and to clarify: the thing that makes hl2dm unique is the fights using physics props. So approaching this small map requirement I'd make something specifically designed to leverage the strength of the game, and build the map around crucial prop placements. I just wish I had any time to make something - this one sounds like a real fun little project.
  3. There's a shocking lack of gravgun-throwable props in these shots so far guys I'd expect more arenas designed around that weapon actually~
  4. hm, yeah I just gotta hammer on it some more :/ I tried a few times getting to the chaingun but i keep dying out of nowhere, not sure whether I'm being shot by him, the chopper things or getting hit by kryll. Anyway haven't been able to play for a couple days :/
  5. I'm stuck at RAAM, and I'm playing alone on hardcore D:
  6. did you get the fishing pole yet? In order to get the pole you have to get the lady's cradle, by throwing the hawk at the monkey on the far island. Once I got the pole I was having trouble fishing because they don't teach it at all, but I think I figured it out. Start out on the dock where the cat is. Look in the water and point toward some fish and cast out toward them. Now once it's in the water you can't see the hook itself (crap camera) but you might see a fish swim over toward it. You know he's nibbling on the hook when you see the lure bob down in the water, because he's swimming away with it. When you see that, you need to jerk the controller up sharply to set the hook in the fish's mouth. Then you can reel the sucker in (jerking the controller up several times to fight him seemed to work). You'll get a screen saying he's too small and to throw him back by pressing A. But if you press B (the trigger) you'll drop the fish and the cat will get him.
  7. what sounds fake about that? why would someone go to the trouble of falsifying something to that extent and with such clarity and diction? It's clear from what they've shown of Assasins that they're working on this kind of tech. Perhaps it's overhyped, we won't know until we see it in action, but it sounds authentic.
  8. Lots of Bully, some Splinter Cell DA and a bit of CS.S on the weekends Brain Age sudoku and mario kart at work.
  9. Didn't manage a pre-order this morning, it was all full up when I got to the mall. Not too worried though. I am so optimistic for this console when I see videos like the zelda fishing. In fact one of my most profound gaming experiences was the fishing in ocarina of time~ That does look pretty tiring and time consuming though.
  10. that's exactly how i always pictured you carp. \m/
  11. try pandora.com. (even if you tried it before and it didn't float your boat, give it another shot)
  12. you still watched it "How can you kill something that has no life?" - best line
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