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The random model thread!


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So, because i didn`t want to open an own thread for this small piece of model, i thought opening up an own random model thread would be a good idea.A thread for statics and stuff that aren`t worth an own thread.Ment to be the long lost brother of the random texture thread or something....

Anyways lets begin with this palm, modeled and skined by me:


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Go go wireframes - I'm sure people will point out at least one or two possible optimisations if you just give them the opportunity :) Skin looks nice on that palm but as Philip said, could probably use a little bit more foliage.

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good crit ol.

mino you probaboy dont need so much burning on the texture for the shadows. They look slightly awkward. New age engines will be able to handle shadows better than hand painting them like that. Also I dont think graffitti on the top floor makes sense, probably move the graffiti to a lower floor or take it out all together if you have the layer seperate in your PSD

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Ferret: I was gonna use that on a scene so the shadows were needed. But I agree that I overdone them in some parts.

about the graffitis: You saying that cuz you never been in Brazil then man :D




Farles: Those look pretty cool. Some soft shading would give them a nice touch!

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