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  1. OMG gys, Im sorry for not being here for you Some one asked how we are doing? well not bad srsly, kinda still a lot of work, tho @Minos for taging me so I could jump in here Im super happy you guys like the screenshots - a lot of hard work went into it, and I gotta say those are not bullshots - if you have decent machine this is exactly how the game looks in my editor Just be paitient, its almots there ;)
  2. Guys, bumping it up! Also we are still looking for Env Art guys If you have any questions, hit me up!
  3. Sorry, I'm not here very often Just came back from Africa and my time off, after E3 madness Super Happy you guys are liking what you see. It was a super buys time, but I'm glad it turned out that good. Minos actually, was able to witness the time I've spend on the end run, while working on it The biggest fun for me, are those reaction videos on YT. I was sure the opening scene is total shiet but when people started to WOW'ing it, I was like - OK, maybe it's not that bad
  4. Thx FMPONE!. I totally agree. I wanted to push it more a lil bit, to be more interesting that regular real life sunlight Thx again, tweaks needed
  5. I feel like it's been eternity since my last post here. I had fun with lighting in UE4, not final shots. I'm not entirely happy about it, a specially the "dawn" light. Still would be great to hear what do you think guys !
  6. All in hands of SONY to save this E3. Pliz give me TLOU 2 gameplay!
  7. Mario XCOM hahaha, that is strange
  8. Hahaha Same here dude, just woke up for - in my mind - the best E3 conf, and that was it?! WTF Going back to XBOX conf it was really good, but I am really really confused what is the point of having like 3 different versions of the same console? I' really getting lost here. I understand that with X they are going super fast, strong hardware, but if that is the case, what is the S version, and who will buy it - if you can have X which is the strongest?
  9. Well that new IP "A Way Out" looks really interesting, can't wait for it, I'm a sucker for good CO-OP games, and those are rare as fuck! Interested by the BIO Ware game also, NFS looks good, I mean just LOOKS good, Frost Bite is the shiet, but I was super disappointed by the last NFS, so here I have low hopes. I was blown away by the Battlefront 2 trailer, this "IN ENGINE FOOTAGE" keep in mind it's not "IN GAME FOOTAGE" looks like a fucking movie, WTF really hyped for this game, TBH mostly for the SP!
  10. Oh shiet, I've forgot about this post lol. cool to see that it is still doing well! And of course Dux is here giving good advices, still no carbs? Eh??
  11. I know ppl will hate, but me as a biggest COD hater, think that it looks fucking A!
  12. Do we have some ID guys here? I would kill for BETA key
  13. Hi guys, Our art team needs your help, if you are talented artist and want to work on CP 2077, join our team (also - free hugs from me !) check out the open positions - here Also, if you have any questions - feel free to drop me a PM
  14. That's the thing. If you want to play just for the stories, you have custom character setup for you just to play the DLC. If you have played base game before and you would like to "continue" Geralt's story, than you have your own character.
  15. Guys, so go with the DLC's - those are separate stories, and you do not need to finish the base game to enjoy the expansions - sure it would be awesome, but you don't need to. You can beat Hearts of stone in around 10h and Blood and Wine in about 20.
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