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  1. Not bad Will2K, but remove all you lighting information from your diffuse ! It suggest a lighting setup that do not necessary matchs the one you have in your level. Let your normal map create the blend between your texture and the scene for that. About Substance, be careful. It looks Easy, since people are showing tones of classic stuff (Floor tile, wood planks, bricks...) made and already remade (And easy to do.. so very popular in student places ! )... Pattern texture are certainly the easier to achieve, but when you're looking for something more organic and natural ( Plaster wall with spatula marks), things are getting seriously harder and will add challenges that you wouldn't had with a classic Zbrush / photoshop workflow.... Btw, Zbrush / Substance designer is certainly the best way to do absolutly everything you want... but do not only count on Designer to make absolutely everything
  2. Wow ! Nice work on these sky !
  3. Well, since diz is a temp mesh just to get the mood, we didn t really check. Something made to measure will be made but first we care about gameplay part
  4. Some additional teasing about the Art direction with homemade stuff
  5. We try, we try The most part are correctly done but few design questions stills open.
  6. NIce one ! 'love the vista ^^
  7. More screens here ^^
  8. Try to add few different color now You are just producing brownish texture since the begining ^^
  9. The overall looks pretty but you really should remove your old stuff. Some of them looks like Student stuff.
  10. So sad ! Add some color, mate ! The reality is more colorful than that ! And be smoother with your Ambient occlusion. When your textures will be frontlit by a sunlight or what else, it'll stay dark and shaded.
  11. Personnaly, since we've a pro account at work, I prefer to download textures each time I need them instead of keeping Tones of useless materials. What I do is just keeping the base materials I did for my props.. stuff I worked on and wich are Ready to use =) Btw, if you are looking for a filtering software, you can try Picasa.. lot of Env art mate are using this one =)
  12. Awesome article ! =D
  13. We'll see what we could do to add some Curve into the layout but honestly, It won't be in the general Architecture. Btw, since we want things to be forgotten since a long time, It'll be certainly possible to get something by breaking a pillar, etc. =)
  14. Eye Porn ยง
  15. I'll just give a feedback about the general texturing of the level and the mood ; Some places works very very well ( / ) because of the simplicity of the materials and the good lighting setup. I'm not joking since I know that you are using template texture but honestly, these works far better than some of the custom noisy texture you put... like the stone road ( )wich doesn't match with the rest (different color, fat join) or the ceiling ( ) wich is REALLY aggressive compared to the simplicity of the architecture. Some of the textures should be tweaked to match with the general look of the scene. In this room ( the planks on the floor are far too big and if it's supposed to mimic an old varnished floor ( Like this one : ) so you should use other materials because this one looks like a generic Cgtexture rich wood. (And for a french opera, the wall are very english styled.. lol ) In the big hall (where you have the flashy ceiling), the floors works far better from a far distance because it looks almost like a flat color wich should be perfect for readability. It 's certainly one of your best custom =) This room ( is certainly representative of a bigger problem in this map : The artistical direction seams to be confused. On 3 Different screens, ( , , ) I see 3 different maps and it gives the sensation that each rooms are worked very independently...If your map was unified on this point, you'll certainly gain like 1 month of development and lot of quality improvement. For the next Step, I would suggest you to start with temporary quickly made textures before creating the final asset and having to retake them.