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  1. Dolmades made of vine leaves and mincemeat, spices and rice in the mincemeat. Cooked in water, meat broth and tomato purée. Might not look like much but it is sooooo good! One of my absolute favourites!
  2. Awesome stuff knj! But can´t you tell us more about what it is? Ingredients and such. What is it?
  3. My first moussaka. In the pot to left there´s onion finely chopped, garlic cloves finely chopped, tomato paste, oil, beef mince, finely crushed tomatoes, oregano dried, salt, black pepper. In the smaller one there´s bechamel sauce. Then parmigiana, salt, black pepper, sliced eggplant, sliced potatoes. Put toghether. Done.
  4. So I got grief by blackdog last time because I stole images from the web. So I made my own this time around. So here we got: beef mince olive oil (already in the pan.) onion garlic grated carrot flour crushed tomatoes tomato paste beef bouillon celery bay leaf Salt and black pepper dried oregano and basil Stir it up! Uhm yeah you know the drill. And serve. Grated Parmesan cheese for serving.
  5.     The picture is from the web, I just used them to illustrate what I had cooked recently. But here´s the recipe on the sauce I made! 5 slices of finely chopped pickled cucumber (pickled) 1 tablespoon of Heinz tomato ketchup 1 tbsp french mustard (American mustard) Swedish mustard gives the wrong flavor. 1/4 tablespoon garlic powder 1/4 tablespoon paprika 1 Pinch of cayenne pepper 1 & 1/2 cup Mayonnaise (home made)
  6. A couple days ago I made Fish & Chips with remoulade sauce. 2 days ago I made Swedish beef stew with potatoes and beetroot And today I will make Hamburger. Everything made from scratch of course. I hate processed and all-ready done food in the store.
  7. I got a few friends on Steam (4) but I don´t know who they are. As in I have forgotten. So I want to ask here if you know who these guys/girls are. I´m guessing they are from Mapcore but I can´t be sure. If you recognize the nick and know who it is please let know. Bit Flourish, MrH2o (well I know who this is), Pearshiit, taste/mark.
  8. 1. Decriminalize substance use in Sweden.
  9. So guys it's that time of the year again. That time when you KNOW that I will appear for a quick visit. I'll never miss the christmas holidays on Mapcore. I know I am not that active anymore, I have moved on from gaming and trying to make 3d stuff and such, but you guys here at Mapcore will allways be in my heart! With that I am leaving a couple of gifts as allways this time of the year and wish you all a peacefull and calm christmas. I Mish You A Werry Christmas! And A Nappy New Hear! This one for Frie! And for all of you! See you next year! The best year in our life!
  10. These guys are playing a map. And I wanted to know what they are saying in the end of this clip. I link it from where they start to talk about it, 10 min into the clip. They are talking German and I don't know German at all but would really want to know what they think of the map. So if any German guy/girl would like to translate for me I would be really grateful!
  11. Happy Valentine´s Day MapCore!
  12. Also check out this guys Play Through. It´s cool!
  13. I bought this on a garage sell kind of, really really cheap.
  14. Here's some new stuff, taken the first day of real spring in Gothenburg, 1st of May 2012. I still try, meaning i take a lot of photos, just to learn, and in photoshop i mostly experiment. I have some settings i almost all ways change, one is levels. So consider it as work in progress, the progress being me trying to be a photographer. As usual please comment and give criticism. The pictures should be viewed in full size. About the picture with the cop cars "Polis", we just passed the place in our car, i saw them and throw up my camera, start shooting, i never really got a "good" shot, but i did noticed on the sign it said "It's at Trädgårn it happens"! Trädgårn being the name of the place. And i found that a bit funny, so the pic get a chance.
  15. Please elaborate, what is bad with Cannabis? And i don't know what cool is, i haven't tried to be cool since 1977. I am certainly not trying to be badass, i am a 50 year old man with high bloodpressure, sciatica, migraine and angina. Don't feed me with government propaganda you learned when you were a kid pls.
  16. 2d-chris, decriminalize Cannabis at least. Legalize at end. 1. No one gets any wiser being thrown in jail for using/misusing Cannabis and it ruin young peoples future. 2. Cannabis shouldn't have been outlawed in the first place. klien!! You too! Take care! :monkey:
  17. Happy 4/20! Go out and demonstrate today!
  18. Alcohol is nerve poison, Cannabis all the way!
  19. Hey thanks a lot, cool you liked them and thanks a bunch for the reply!
  20. So yeah here is the first batch of picture. There is a lot to be learned, so these aren't the best pictures in the world, but i feel they are not so bad either. I still use Auto on the camera, i want and will learn how to set the camera for special environment but i believe i have a long way to go before i will be there. Also i still play around in the editing program, trying different levels, contrast, colour corrections and such. I still try to see images, to find that very special shot but to be better at that i think i have to just take more and more pictures. So be free to criticize and come with tips/suggestions! Edit: Camera used http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_EOS_500D http://imgur.com/a/OQ8YY#0
  21. Spellbinder

    New camera.

    Any one else has advice or tips and tricks? Any one else tried it and if so how did you think it was?
  22. Spellbinder

    New camera.

    Thank you very much HP! This was exactly what i was looking for here. Some tips and stuff, yes it's a 18-55 mm and i will use that. I don't have to much money so it will have to do. AV mode was what i thought to, but after that i don't know really how to go forward to learn how to set different stuff so i like that you gave me some specifics i could think of. You say master your body and i figured you didn't mean my arm and legs i guess but the cameras body, by that do you mean all the different buttons and wheels and stuff? Unless you actually meant MY body, how to stand and hold the camera? Thanks for the link and even more thanks for the PM! Edit: I'll answer that PM in the morning, it's getting later over here and i'm old you know
  23. Spellbinder

    New camera.

    Hey guys, i know you guys are awesome at photographing and cameras and such and i just got a Canon 550D as a birthday gift. I have read a few threads here before about cameras but i dont remember their name, any way does any one here knows the pros and cons with this camera. Bare in mind though that this is to consider as a "first" camera for me. Sure i got others before but nothing advanced. Tell me what you think of it. Thanks.
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