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3 hours ago, blackdog said:

@FMPONE CDProject came out to say they won’t go Epic exclusive, so I wouldn’t even talk about that. Plus they have GOG, if they were ever going exclusive would be on their own platform… like Valve did!


On the subject of Valve, I dunno how or why anyone would come out saying what has been reported, is just bollocks. Sounds like cheap damage control. If they cared about making a successful game, they would have made Artifact for mobile, it’s my understanding card games are quite successful there.

Ultimately it seems to show that the hyped flat structure doesn’t really work, at least can’t solve problems across such a wide spectrum of interest (google is pretty flat and I think there’s quite the parallel with Valve, how many projects have they killed because of poor engagement from the audience?)

CDPR probably are one of the few companies that can guarantee a very, very successful Steam launch nowadays. The platform is so bloated that for most companies it probably makes more sense to take the sure-fire cash injection from Epic. Even then, if Epic offers enough, it’s just so much better from a risk perspective to take their upfront cash. I wonder if Valve will start being very punitive with companies who dabbled with the Epic store and try to come back to Steam after their deals expire?

Valve says they’re going to try to fix Artifact... it’ll be interesting to see whether that’s sincere, or they call it quits and realize whatever logic lead them to make a card game, wasn’t logical at all. Artifact is a really tough one. As a Valve fan, I would have rather seen that game succeed so that they would feel more secure venturing back into game development. Now, I can totally see them turtling up and refusing to do any more game dev for a while, bringing us back to square one. 

Agreed on the flat structure. It’s like a lot of walls closing in on them at once as a company, fighting so fiercely over a minuscule VR market, getting broadsided by Epic in the publishing game, having their most recent game launch do so poorly. Feels like the flat structure has been Valve’s problem for the last 10 years, but now the dam has broken and there are legitimate challenges that can’t just be ignored or handwaived because “hey, Steam is huge.”

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1 hour ago, Beck said:

Of course I'd love all my games in one place but that's not going to happen anymore. Everyone wants a piece of the pie Valve has been hogging for 15+ years. Steam isn't what it used to be either.

I bet someone out there is working on some kind of hub software as we speak. A program that regroups and launches games that are on any game launchers...

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4 hours ago, FrieChamp said:

Not entirely sure what report you are referring to specifically but I don't see anything wrong with testing out the waters on PC first and distribute via their own platform where their core audience is. Then tweak the game and add a layer of complexity later by porting it to mobile. Basically what Blizzard did with Hearthstone. Valve is not a mobile-first company and saying that the game would have been more successful there because card games are popular on the platform (just taking your word here) is a giant leap. Also, imagine what the gamers' reaction would have been if they had made a DOTA game for mobile first/only ? (actually no need to imagine just see last year's blizzcon).


Sorry, was at an event so didn’t articulate properly.

For report I mean the air quotes from FMPONE earlier (https://www.mapcore.org/topic/23186-epic-games-store/?do=findComment&comment=446651) of Valve not understanding their audience. I don’t believe it one bit! I don’t believe they are oblivious fans would want any sequel or any new AAA IP from them.

I do agree, what you say is right/the logical thing to do, but surely you can find ways around… like incorporating a spin-off studio and publish the game as if was an external dev. People didn’t go aggro on them when the Portal bridge builder game was published. Sure you can’t assume success if this was on another platform, but makes more sense in terms of broad strategy. Think this: by publishing on the same platform where your core audience is, brings to cannibalisation, you are competing with yourself for your fans attention… you think I’d waste money and time on a CSGO spin off when I can play the real thing? Yes there’s the odd time you don’t fancy going hardcore, but you’d rather want to catch me and keep me playing the same IP/brand for as much time I can play in a day, not just 100% of the time I’m on my PC. Also it seems to me just as much a big leap to assume that because you have a core audience, they’ll slurp up a completely different game.

I guess we all agree that Valve is somewhat “cursed”, but there are examples of successful spin-offs from massive IPs, think Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO, Fallout Shelter (they all made their way back to the big platforms!).


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2 hours ago, Pampers said:

does anyone actually use itch.io? or is it just indie developers buying each others games on there?

I’d really like to, super curious to check out some of the smaller projects out there.

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