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Japanese Themed Map [CS:GO]

Andre Valera

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Currently working on a map based around areas in Tokyo, Japan for the CEVO/GAMEBANANA 2015 Contest.

Plenty of changes being made after the Feb 5th test.


Feedback is appreciated, this map is in the training wheel stages so there's plenty of room for constructive criticism.


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Here's what I was being frustrated by in the test, very poorly drawn on:



There are so many spots for someone to get over to a spot that is so close to A, and with the subway, they can get there without anyone's knowledge.  




This is the issue with mid, there are so many places for someone to be.  Mid is much too open/easy to control as CT, I would use Season's mid as a good example of how to deal with this.  Peeking mid as T is really hard to do, with the way the ramp is laid out.

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I actually felt like just by the timing, mid was T sided. You could smoke off the lower CT path quite effectively and also take control from that upper part of mid. CTs only have 2 entrances + the ladder has some weird timing that depends of if Ts push the hallway to ladder or not. Generally, I think mid should be less of a rectangle and offer more variation/cover for CTs but at the same time should prevent them from pushing through and backstabbing Ts too easily if they decide not to hold mid. 

E: Did you record the match? If yes, try checking out the last 5 rounds of the first half and pretty much most of the rounds of the second half in my perspective. I focused a lot on mid and tried different smoke/flash tactics to take control. I was successful on both sides but I felt like a well placed smoke thrown from T spawn into the left mid entrance of the cts was already enough to be able to push towards ladder or the right entrance of mid for cts. The timing difference of both entrances for CTs is huge.

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Hey Andre ! 

From What I lived and saw during my staying in Tokyo, I do not really feel the urban chaos the city is at this time. What you did looks more like an 90's Video game vision of a chinese city.

Here some personal photos I took if it can helps =)


When I talk about Urban chaos, it's about the huge tall difference between neighboor buildings into some part of the city










These are the kind of street you can see a lot when you leave touristical path? People tends to put lot of vegetals in front of there house.

Oh and of course, everywhere, you'll be able to see a shitload of electric cables everywhere in the sky.






Streets are fucking clean. Do not put any thing on your floor =D






Oh , yeah, and since there is absolutly no place, shop tends to spread on multiple floors of a residential building.




A last thing ; Since there is a lot a earthquake, building are never glued together like in Europa 




That's all =)

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A demo was recorded, although I think it's corrupted because I wasn't able to watch it, though I did get to record a personal demo. Noticed that when T's wanted to be aggressive in taking mid, smokes and flashes were a crucial part. The CT's also had a few rounds where they aggressively pushed towards T spawn through Mid with smokes and flashes. Mid is currently receiving a serious makeover (finally removing that little ramp on T side :XD: )


Thanks kikette for the reference photos! I've been traveling through Tokyo and the surrounding areas via Google Maps and your experience sounds similar to what I could find. The streets are very clean, tiles are seen covering floors and a majority of building walls, and I would describe the wiring between utility poles and buildings as chaos.


**Side Note** Next time you're in Japan send us some Grilled-Potato Kit-Kats!

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There's been drastic changes since the last update. First Mid is finally an essential part of the map providing an additional opening into each site during the round. There's a bit more pressure for T's to utilize Mid properly since there's no longer a subway (which seemed to easy in the first place). The removal of the subway provides an added pressure for T's to commit to bombsites increasing the rotation times in the middle of a play. The value of information gathered by a CT who spots incoming T's is more reliable since incoming T's may not have time to jump down into the subway tunnels rotating towards the opposite site. Ultimately the subway was extra space for players to disperse between, making them ideal for 10v10 situations, though may not be necessary for a 5v5. Bombsite A (previously bombsite B) was a set of pyramids (thought to be an art sculpture, hence the current A label) was removed to see if it would be missed, and of course it was brought up. The pyramids are making their way back into the next update, along with slight changes to Long A. While the back of Bombsite B is still under heavy construction, with a current focus on Banana and Horseshoe being well balanced for each team.

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aw shucks, I was planning on doing a map of Korea similar to this in an night setting. I'm sure my map wouldn't even compare though  :D

Here's some references I saved up thought if you want (I know it's not japan but IMO a bit of similar locale). Can't wait to see the finished product!


Wait, CEVO2015 contest? :o did it already start?




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March 9th was when the CEVO 2014 contest was announced, so I'm guessing the 2015 contest is around the corner. Though it wasn't officially announced I think it's safe to say it will happen again (unless CEVO would like to stop promoting their league for some odd reason). 


Make the Korea map if you were already planning to, it will be more creative than last years pool of mostly industrial warehouse themed maps.

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