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  1. Those blue lights are so much easier on the eyes
  2. Hey guys, a friendly community is doing Mapping Gathers more or less once/twice a year where the goal is to create a functional (surf) map within 3 hours. We are all a group of mediocre to advanced surfers and/or mappers that meet on teamspeak, throw together a nice map each and then afterwards play through them. Here's a video featuring the latest creations, starring MapCore community members Mark C. and yours truely (as Keith/Attacus). Gather 8 Gather 5? Videos for comparison
  3. Mvllsk

    What I'm Working On

    Bugs in de_santorini that I found: - Many trees are non-solid for nades when they could be used for pop flashes and such. Most prominent example are the two trees on A Catwalk. - You can molly A Cat from the underground area below also http://puu.sh/l8qME/40deada688.jpg literally http://puu.sh/l8qO0/01963868c6.jpg unplayable http://puu.sh/l8qP4/fb7a98d77d.jpg map
  4. Mvllsk

    Delta Delta

    Right of the new radar I can tell you that you might want to change the geometry of the bombsites (instead of having both as two cubic places with a bunch of cover thrown in...). The sites have been one of the biggest issues of the last playtest and I will keep further judgement until after the playtest. But I can already tell that the "open" site with these simple entrances will be incredibly boring to play. And yea, dont go for shipping docks theme please.
  5. There's a Killing Floor 2 Mapping Contest with a potential 15,000$ winnings: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=113208
  6. Yes the update is amazing for those that have access to overwatch. I still need a partner to do some Co-Op Mission btw so if you feel like playing them message me on steam
  7. I usually switch servers or start a private session whenever I encounter too many douches on a server. I dont interact with randoms much anyways.
  8. It varies between 10 seconds and 2-3 minutes for me. I think most load screens are around a minute for me. Worst is getting out of a mission. Joining a lobby is usually rather quick.
  9. Need somebody to play through the first Heist to get the Kuruma. Anyone got time tomorrow evening (EU time?)
  10. Yea it must have been the patch although it wasnt mentioned in the patch notes.
  11. I am finally in the game. If you get stuck at the start of a mission, press alt+enter (twice) E: Is there a place you guys usually hang out? I need some people to play with
  12. rightclick avast in the toolbar and disable all shield for 10 mins while booting well I did at first. that did nothing. I then deinstalled it completely, didnt help either.
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