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  1. I've also found that the Shaded Textured view doesn't always show alternate skins on props, either. Very confusing!
  2. They also added a skybox_swapper entity, allows you to fake weather effects really nicely! PS Mapcore doesn't support inline web/gifv embedding? http://imgur.com/v9Nm2nv
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    Thankyou for the feedback! I'll take it all into consideration. The map is large by design, so it being AWP friendly is ok (subject to playtesting). The open skybox should hopefully (with good visual aids) encourage smokes, which might cut down some of the distances, and push awpers out of good cover. I've considered making the other bombsite a non-train bombsite, a bit short for ideas that aren't simply boxes everywhere. I also have plans for including elevation, that doesn't include boosting. May implement them later on. Thankyou! Yeah, the water will stay, but I'll put mud and stuff around the edges, to pretty it up. In playtesting, CTs and Ts got to mid, on average, at the same time (to within 0.5-1.0 seconds). The variation comes from one faction getting a good spawn and the other faction getting a bad spawn, but this is unavoidable.
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    Sorry for being away from Mapcore for so long. I've been really caught up in things-that-aren't-mapping. Have only found time on some evenings to actually do some mapping, let alone post in forums about mapping. I've come back looking for some critique on a greybox I've been working on: de_outback (WIP) Terrorists have become increasingly frustrated wiith coal mining in the region, and plan to blow up a coal loading facility in rural Australia. The map is obviously far from done. I've included screenshots, some of which are showing the encounter times and location hints. A radar overview is presented at the end. Some notes: The map is fairly large: this is by design. I took the 'form is function' approach for this, taking inspiration from the flat, expansive Australian outback.Yes, that's a custom dev texture. I found it hard to look at the Valve supplied ones, so I just made my own.It's not yet ready for playtesting, there are about 10,000 ways to escape the map. I wanted to learn from my prior mistakes, and get layout/gameplay feedback BEFORE I organise a playtest, so that I don't waste 20+ peoples time!The map is only partially textured. Some areas have "final" texturing, other areas have "beta" texturing, others only have normal maps.It can be found on the workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=531145397. Note that this version is not ready for general playtesting, as the map can be easily escaped, and lacks sufficient spawn points. However, by the time this post is finished, it will be ready for a run-around.Yes, I'm aware that blue-orange is overdone, but I wanted to do a map in the Australian outback and that's just what colour it is out there! Workshop link is here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=531145397. When I 'finish' the map, I'll make a new workshop entry, this one is only for the WIP version. Taking criticism on basically everything, providing you've read the notes at the top of the post! Thanks everyone.
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    I ran around the map, overall I really liked the aesthetics! Good work. I had some feedback to offer. Overall I think that there are lots of low-resolution textures that could afford to have more pixels in them. One standout example is this directory: I can barely make out the words. This locker model as well: This may not matter for players desperately trying to avoid Negev, but I feel like it makes the map seem Playstation 2-ish. Though m_fastnobump 1 revealed that your floor textures are using normal maps, it really doesn't show. Adding/boosting the specular of the floor tiles, or increasing the amplitude of the normal map will go a long way. Your floor tile is one of your 'main' textures, you use it just about everywhere, as such, it should be showing off! Speaking of normal maps, your non-slip tiles should also be bumped map, because they look a bit silly flat: Lastly, I know that you're using a default 2D skybox here, but in my opinion, but changing the time of day/weather could work heavily in your favour. I can easily imagine seeing a night sky with neon buildings, or even better, rain coming down and landing on the glass! The rain would allow you to use rainy soundscapes as well, always exciting.
  6. As cool as the night theme looks, I just can get past how bright and sunny and happy the day theme is. Whilst they both look terrific, I'm gunna buck the trend and say that the day theme is the way to go.
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    de_neutron version 1.1 is here! A whole heap of visual updates and bug fixes! Here are some screenshots of the updated areas. Lots of areas received little or no updating, so I didn't upload them here. Here are the change notes! I'll edit these screenshots into the OP. Providing there aren't any major bugs, this version of the map will constitute my competition entry. It's still uploading, but here is a link to the map on the Steam Workshop, if you haven't played the map yet: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485441486
  8. Hmmm, I ran around today and my FPS didn't drop as low. Perhaps it was some background process screwing it up. Regardless, my FPS was lowest around A site, looking at the 'short' tunnel (160 fps) and at the fountain near T spawn (140 fps). Running around other parts of the map, I get between 220 and 320 FPS. I have an Intel i5-2400, 8 GB RAM, AMD Radeon R9 270X (2 GB VRAM). Also playing off some cheapo SSD.
  9. Have been wondering for years whether it was possible to change the maximum distance of the cascade shadows. Now I know! Thanks a heap man.
  10. I think that the colours and the aesthetics all work really well together, and there were some layout ideas that I liked on this map. I initially found the layout confusing, but after a few rounds I sorta got the hang of it. Whilst it's good that the theme is consistent everywhere, I found it difficult to differentiate some areas of the map from each other, without looking at the radar (am I on the way to A or B?) But it seems that everywhere I went, I had rather poor FPS. I didn't take the time to do any diagnostics (eg mat_leafvis 3/mat_wireframe 1), but it seemed that particularly around the CT side of the map, I would dip down to 60/70 fps, from my usual ~150/200 fps. Also that spiral staircase heading up to B is brutal for low sensitivities.
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    Oh man I've always dreamed about bugs like this, thanks for the tip!
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    Wow, so much feedback! Thanks to everyone! Now, getting into it all: (Note: I tried to remove the youtube video from the quote above, but I wasn't able to? EDIT: So, it glitched out, and THEN I could delete it. I don't know. Also, the quote in Fnuggi's post is not present in the quote above. Issues with the new forum software?) Haha, clearly I didn't make it as Fnuggi-proof as I should have. I was aware of lot's of these boosts, but based on the Reddit playtest, and my own playtests, I haven't really seen anybody exploit them/show them to be OP. But you taught me about quite a few that I want to remove, simply for being gamebreaking. The boost at the end tho, thats absolutely insane. I'm so impressed with yours and everyones creativity in absolutely breaking the map! With the windows above the rolling doors, I was happy with them being accessible, but lots of people on the Steam Workshop are saying they should be blocked out/made inaccessible. What do you guys think? Yeah, a whole heap of the map is on the 90-degree map. I hadn't really noticed it until you've pointed it out to me, but I think you're right, I can 'spice' up some areas of the map by rotating things a bit. Thanks for the tip! Yeah, I had been working towards making the concrete areas of the map a bit more colourful, but I wanted to avoid using too many colours in an area. Looking at the feedback that other people get here a lot is that areas should have a simple 1/2/3 colour scheme, with sparing use of contrasting colours for highlights. Looking at my scenes, I was trying to be conservative with my use of bright colours, so as to keep the aesthetic fairly simple. THAT SAID, some of the highlights you guys drew on I think would make great additions, so I'll definitely add some of them in the next patch. Thanks a lot guys! Wow, this is so thorough! This must have taken forever to do, so I'm very grateful that you went through and found all this. The first few screenshots are very useful, so thankyou for pointing those out to me.With the nav mesh issues, I wasn't particularly worried about the bots jumping the fence, because in my bot playtesting, when they try and jump the fence, they end up screwing around for ages, and end up walking around anyway. Given this, I deleted all the fence tops, and all the ramp-sides, to force the bots to take the long way around, because ultimately the long way around is shorter.All of these bomb-stuck places are terrific, thankyou! Were all of these bombs put there under normal conditions, i.e., without using noclip, and in only a couple of attempts? If so, then I have a lot of work to do, and thankyou.. If players need to cheat, or spend a lot of time perfecting the throw, then I'm not sure if it's worth fixing.With the floaters, lots of the prop_physics_multiplayer's are floating because if they are just 1 unit closer to the ground, shooting them makes wonky physics, where they sometimes disappear into the world. I tried to move things around so that the player wouldn't ever see this gap under normal playing conditions, but I'll have a closer look at the map to see if I can fix any of these! Not dumb at all! You reminded me that this was part of my initial vision. I used my university as a visual reference, and almost every rooftop on the campus is littered with smoke stacks, telecommunications equipment, or other greebles. This idea ties in well with Exodus's point that there isn't much visual interested above eye level, so this is definitely something I'm going to investigate. Terrific! Now I don't need to ride to uni to get reference images! Thanks pal! Once again, thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts about Neutron. Looking over these comments, I feel more inspired to open up the SDK again. This is good for Neutron, but bad for my honours program! I'll start working on a patch when I get some free time, which will hopefully be before the competition deadline!
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    Thanks for the kind words guys! Yes and no. I feel like there is more that could be done to the map, but I've been working on it for so long, I feel a little burnt out about it. In addition, I start uni again next week, so I'll have less time to work on mapping anyway. So I've decided to 'release' it, and do some visual upgrades/optimisation in future patches. No ETA on those though.
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    Neutron de_neutron is a defuse map set in a modern nuclear research institute. After unsuccessful efforts to stop German nuclear power, the Balkans are hitting the the newly constructed facility, targeting either the research reactor (site A), or the military shipment in the loading bay (site B). The GSG9 have been sent in to stop the attack. After a lengthy development, with a complete re-design or two, I'm finally releasing Neutron, and submitting it into the mapping contest. I gained quite a lot from my first Mapcore playtest here 6 months ago, and the /r/globaloffensive + mapcore competition playtesting really helped me nail some of the finer details. Edit: Updated on 24 August 2015 with some newer screenshots, from version 1.1. Link to the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485441486 Link to the Steam Workshop, again: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485441486 Thanks everyone!
  15. That's ok! Oh dear, how embarrassing. I wasn't sure how much of your world had been func_detail-d, and I didn't want to make any assumptions, so I kinda just went all out. Sorry I wrote out so much... ... but I'm glad that it at least helped somebody! Not a problem Michael, genuinely glad to be of service. The short, simple answer is: because this is a greybox, and I don't care. I agree, the little 'landing' on the stairs could be func_detailed, as well as the balcony on the right, as well as a very large number of other brushes in the world. Since I put this greybox together for testing a layout, I only really used my basic vvis optimisation instinct (STAIRS = FUNC_DETAIL). An optimisation pass on the map would definitely include the balcony and the landing.
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