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  1. Vinneri

    WIP(CS:GO) De_Agri

    Good news, I managed to make it work. Bad news, My CS:GO SDK Hammer doesn't open anymore. Weird...
  2. Vinneri

    WIP(CS:GO) De_Agri

    I'm going to try this. Thanks man!
  3. Vinneri

    WIP(CS:GO) De_Agri

    If you mean this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyE4BY5ySUg I'm stuck with "info_prop_options" entity, because I cannot find it (I guess there's new entity for that)
  4. Vinneri

    WIP(CS:GO) De_Agri

    Hey guys! Some of you may remember me making this map for some time ago. I think I'm never going to finish my project. Why? Because of this: "Hammer compile: Too many t-junctions to fix up" I've fought with this beast few times but I think I'm done now. I was 6 months off and today I tried again and here I am. I know why it pops up, but only real solution is to make some of my brushes to models with Propper. Problem is that there aren't any easy enough guides for Propper with CS:GO. I have tired it two times with failures and I'm screwed. Motivation is down with the map, because of this shit. I'm just too stupid to use Propper, lol. I would want to finish the map, but this brickwall is too thick for me. What can I do?
  5. This is what I mean. Rotation time from A route back to B is not really encouraging you to make fake pushes etc.
  6. Vinneri

    Games W.I.P Thread

    I want a game with this movement in first person adventure game like "Tale of two brothers". And or first person speedrun game Take my wallet
  7. I still don't like that there isn't any connector from ?A? path to middle that T's could use for fast rotation. You should consider that Keep up!
  8. Layout feels solid, see you in Mapcore playtest!
  9. I just checked this version. It's awesome! You've done everything right from playtest feedback. Gratz for publishing! PS. Found this spot
  10. Hey! As people has said, colors are too weird atm I remember this map when we played it long time a go. Here some feedback: 1. Water at B has two reflections, so it's bugged 2. Stair has some weird clip on it 3. I feel both sites has too many hiding spots still, you could remove these areas: Also I felt in some areas that it's really hard to notice enemies, but I guess it's because I didn't know where to look for enemies. Nice work!
  11. My fav games: 7 Wonders Dixit Catan Smallworld Pandemic Battle Sheep (familygame with great depth) Once upon a time (if you like stories, try this) You can see that I'm not that hardcore gamer. I like to play games with easy to learn rules and short playtime (30-60min)
  12. We need to test this one to see, if its better or worse
  13. It seems underground connector is out and both bombsites have changed really much. I guess you didn't like that much of those any comments on why you did what? Thanks
  14. When I try to compile with Crowbar, it says Crowbar ERROR: Missing file: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensivebinstudiomdl.exe It obviously missing but..? E: I needed to change setting from Crowbar, so that the path is correct. Now it worked!
  15. I don't know 3d modeling and I used GCFscape to get those out. Then I think I made mistake. I exported .vtf texture to .tga and customized it. Then I imported it back with new name and new folder etc. I can now find the model in my new folder by hammer, but it still has normal texture. So one part right, something wrong.
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