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  1. Those blue lights are so much easier on the eyes
  2. Hey guys, a friendly community is doing Mapping Gathers more or less once/twice a year where the goal is to create a functional (surf) map within 3 hours. We are all a group of mediocre to advanced surfers and/or mappers that meet on teamspeak, throw together a nice map each and then afterwards play through them. Here's a video featuring the latest creations, starring MapCore community members Mark C. and yours truely (as Keith/Attacus). Gather 8 Gather 5? Videos for comparison
  3. Mvllsk

    What I'm Working On

    Bugs in de_santorini that I found: - Many trees are non-solid for nades when they could be used for pop flashes and such. Most prominent example are the two trees on A Catwalk. - You can molly A Cat from the underground area below also http://puu.sh/l8qME/40deada688.jpg literally http://puu.sh/l8qO0/01963868c6.jpg unplayable http://puu.sh/l8qP4/fb7a98d77d.jpg map
  4. Mvllsk

    Delta Delta

    Right of the new radar I can tell you that you might want to change the geometry of the bombsites (instead of having both as two cubic places with a bunch of cover thrown in...). The sites have been one of the biggest issues of the last playtest and I will keep further judgement until after the playtest. But I can already tell that the "open" site with these simple entrances will be incredibly boring to play. And yea, dont go for shipping docks theme please.
  5. There's a Killing Floor 2 Mapping Contest with a potential 15,000$ winnings: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=113208
  6. Yes the update is amazing for those that have access to overwatch. I still need a partner to do some Co-Op Mission btw so if you feel like playing them message me on steam
  7. I usually switch servers or start a private session whenever I encounter too many douches on a server. I dont interact with randoms much anyways.
  8. It varies between 10 seconds and 2-3 minutes for me. I think most load screens are around a minute for me. Worst is getting out of a mission. Joining a lobby is usually rather quick.
  9. Need somebody to play through the first Heist to get the Kuruma. Anyone got time tomorrow evening (EU time?)
  10. Yea it must have been the patch although it wasnt mentioned in the patch notes.
  11. I am finally in the game. If you get stuck at the start of a mission, press alt+enter (twice) E: Is there a place you guys usually hang out? I need some people to play with
  12. rightclick avast in the toolbar and disable all shield for 10 mins while booting well I did at first. that did nothing. I then deinstalled it completely, didnt help either.
  13. - Game Installed via Steam - Starting the game via Steam: Gives me Launch Option to either play online or single player. Both options will lead to 10 seconds of loading mouse symbol, then nothing. - No Error Message - No playgtav.exe in my /common/Grand Theft Auto V/ folder - Opening GTAVLauncher does the same thing as launching via Steam - Opening GTA5.exe tells me to open the game via playgtav.exe (which I dont have). - Verfying game cache on steam turns out normal - Manually installing the social club v1.1.5.6 setup via the Installers folder doesnt fix the issue. - Reinstalling the game doesn't fix the issue - Deinstalling anti-virus (Avast! Pro) doesn't fix the issue - Disabling firewall doesn't fix the issue - Replacing the windows admin user name (although it had legitimate symbols) doesn't fix the issue. - Disabling the video card doesn't fix the issue *sigh*
  14. Have the same issue Vaya has, plus I dont have the PlayGTAV.exe in my folder. Im currently reinstalling (with a whopping 500kb/s)
  15. Had the joy of getting one of the steam versions with a missing .exe. Steam thinks it's 100% installed after verifying game cache... *sigh*
  16. I've tested all kinds of food. So far, negative.
  17. I'll be around more in the upcoming weeks, just had a lot of stuff to do IRL. Are you guys sticking to MM or should I finally get a faceit?
  18. 22h of pre-loading. My poor, poor, internet. E: Some mapcore people planning on playing multiplayer for fun? I am always looking for some cool people to hang out.
  19. The playtest today started off rough. As usual, the server filled very quickly, which isnt bad for the playtest but important for the later part of my story. Anyways, I feel like the playtest today and some of the more recent ones start to fail to achieve the quality that the playtest once had - even though the plugin improved the overall feedback system a lot. If it wasnt for that one incident today, maybe this discussion wouldnt have started but basically we have now people on the server that are behaving as if they were playing on any random public server. I'm not dropping names, but generally this regards even somebody that did give some feedback, then started fooling around like hiding in spawn or asking team mates to die in order to "clutch", essentially, wasting everybodys time on the server while not bringing anything productive towards the playtest. Some people stay very quiet throughout the game which is fine, of course, but I dont see them post in the respective thread after the PT either... I understand that the purpose of these playtests has always been that they are public and nobody other than the mapmaker should be priotized to play. But recently, the number of "random" people has grown. And I really do not want to insult anyone with that word, it's just some word to describe people that I havent seen actively giving feedback nor participating on the forums. I personally do not mind too much, but I just think it won't benefit the playtests in the long run. I think Vaya (?) caught on to my suggestion of making the playtests "invite only" and suggested posting a new password each time in this thread when a playtest starts for the 9pm reminder post. That way, it would at least gurantee that the people that are playing are actually checking the forum thread and care enough to do a playtest. A more complicated system would be a hand-picked honor system for people that apply in a seperate thread/via PM and can provide evidence in the form of feedback posts they made on the forums. Those players could either get priotized access or if it becomes a large enough amount, it could be the actual requirement to be able to participate in a playtest (whitelist system). While that wouldnt necessarily increase the quality of the feedback, it would at least increase the amount. Anyways, these were just some suggestions that originated in a discussion today during the PT due to a few instances of people going AFK while the server is full or people not doing a fine job actually testing the maps.
  20. that band has really captivated me. Also Ive been listening to the new Arjen Lucassen Project a bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB8iuAoTnoo
  21. Mvllsk

    [CS:GO] de_marksy

    Just to mention it once more: Get rid of the 64x boxes. Add additional cover to A site's ramp and maybe do change something about the line of sight from A site to A balcony so Ts can cross more easily.
  22. Thematically, pipes could probably work. There are 5v5 playtest, I suggest contacting RZL as he usually organizes those.
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