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  1. that was one of hte most unhinged things i have ever seen posted here (lucky for you you had to compete with white supremacy). just to your point of no other words existing for prejudice against religions thus islamophobia doesn't exist, 'antisemitism' exists. okay i'm out fuck this too many crazy people here
  2. It's an image of the future portrayed through a punk ethos, meaning it focuses on the issues of systemic oppression, late capitalism, and class, as well as race, gender, sexuality, and so on. It's much more than the "neon slums" aesthetic (and isn't necessarily that aesthetic),
  3. Don't get me wrong, I'm talking about this because it is interesting to me. I'm just pedantic about the whole -punk part of cyberpunk since I'm a fan of the genre. I just see too much cyberpunk that misses the attitude of punk (and my god, we need more punk in games in this post-THPS world ). imo there should be a different genre for not-quite-cyberpunk. Lots of stuff is falling into it recently. I don't mean to say the game shouldn't exist, I'm worried about it not being good! Again, I've seen way too much weak cyberpunk recently. If the dev has really changed, that's cool (being a jerk isn't cool), but as it stands I'm wary of what it's going to be.
  4. @blackdog here's just a like from googling "The Matrix Transgender", but it sums up the analysis well: http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2017/04/10/the-matrix-and-dysphoria-blues I would go further to say cyberpunk isn't about a totalitarianism, it's more about capitalism and the ideas of oppression under it. And that is the issue behind right-wing cyberpunk: only the idea of being oppressed exists, but is limited due to the right's belief in economic freedom. Oppression makes less sense if you can simply work harder and escape it, so right-wing cyberpunk (and often centrist, though centrist cyberpunk often hinges on the debate of violence in protest) doesn't focus on the reasons for oppression, but the oppression itself.
  5. Maybe it just wasn't as huge over there as it was in the US then? Sorry if that's the case! It was so massive here that I am surprised to see confusion about it, lol. Not to get too far completely unrelated politics here... What did Anita Sarkeesian lie about? She simply said there's a tendency to portray women in video games as negative stereotypes, and showed examples of such stereotypes. The wage gap exists, here's some statistics http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Gender_pay_gap_statistics. Feminists portraying straight white men as the enemy is a stereotype that you've been sold. Women (and LGBTQ+ people, people of color, etc) just want more positive portrayals of themselves in games, that's all. Of course Gamergate was portrayed as negative, it was started over a non-existent review of a video game. The big buzzword was "Objective reviews," a concept that does not, and is impossible to exist. Okay, if you're going to use the "in my country" card to be against a whole religion, let me tell you about what's going on here: A year ago, a black man was shot and killed after being pulled over by police. There's a trial about it going on right now. That was one of many police shootings that happened that summer. But yeah BLM blocked a freeway so they're the REAL racists. (Really you don't want to say this shit to me, please learn the historical context behind this stuff) Yes, terrorism is a problem, but not one that is solved by returning hatred with hatred (we've been trying to do that for decades now!). Why do you think this is happening? Anyone can be radicalized. That's enough on that because I'm really not interested in talking about this shit here. Point is, cyberpunk has always been on the left, that's what punk has always been, it doesn't work if it isn't about progressive politics. It's no coincidence that one of the most notable examples of cyberpunk is The Matrix, directed by two trans women, and often used as an allegory for being transgender. I'm worried that this game (as well as practically every big cyberpunk game as of late) doesn't understand that.
  6. Look at his channel, his videos are about video games, right wing politics, and enforcing stereotypes of feminists, black people, muslims, and so on. Maybe don't say literal racism is good?? So we can't trust what a game developer actually, literally, says their game is about? It's a smart marketing move to associate yourself with a harassment campaign literally started by someone's abusive ex-boyfriend??
  7. are we about to fucking say "gamergate wasn't so bad" are we really posting fucking mundanematt videos? christ
  8. really hoping nintendo announces something tomorrow, if they dropped mario maker i'd be super happy. if nintendo's real as fuck though they'll announce a new wave race or 1080
  9. It's been more than that, he's kinda been a piece of shit to a lot of people. Besides that even, how do you even make a cyberpunk story where "the FEMINAZIS have taken over!!"? To do that is to ignore what cyberpunk even is. Cyberpunk is specifically about the exact things Gamergate fought against, which is to say it's about systemic oppression, the issues of late capitalism, so on and so forth. It's like making a Deus Ex game that goes "Actually, the NSF were the bad guys", like what is it going to say? Equality is bad?
  10. At 2/5 of the price, I'm thinking about getting an S (mostly for backwards compatibility lmao). The X is just plain expensive for an unproven product. The PS4 Pro doesn't seem like it's doing all that well, and the X is probably not going to do much better with its price and position in the market. They play the same games, and that's all most people care about, they just want the thing what plays fifa.
  11. why does every game have a super blown-out sky and under-exposed ground now? It's a bad look.
  12. just seeing you calling me out now (fuck you btw) yes, I would rather you shut up and leave if you're going to put words in my mouth. diversity means being accepted for your circumstances, what gender you identify as, sexual preference, skin color, etc. being a dick isn't any of those. instead of spouting the same old catchphrases, try thinking for yourself. it may fill the void in your life that you hoped trump would fill. also next time you call me out, at least quote me so i get a notification.
  13. trump's victory was months ago at this point, when does the celebration end and the presidency begin?
  14. love too have a meme-based meltdown on a level design forum because i support the president with the lowest approval rating ever
  15. Could it be a missing cubemap or something? Missing detail map?
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