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  1. The vent in cs_alley blocks flashes, so you could look into that.
  2. onebit

    [CS:GO] de_proxy

    Just a tiny update to innsbrook Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=707213642 ty <3
  3. My map used to take an hour and a half to compile, after the wildfire update it's down to 20 - 30 minutes
  4. What happened to compiling? I went from an hour to 20 min.
  5. onebit

    WIP Generator_Level

    Concerning layout: Imagine the player as a lightbulb flying through the level. Where-ever the light shines the player can see, and be seen. So how do you entertain the player when he turns a corner? The player will do a risk assessment when confronted by an unknown area, so how risky is it? Are there camping spots? Verticallity? Don't answer, just some advice.
  6. onebit

    [CSGO] de_innsbrook

    Try deleting 382450280 in the maps/workshop folder
  7. onebit

    [CSGO] de_innsbrook

    @Smileytopin, it should be fixed now, thanks @Bodd, I'll look into it
  8. onebit

    [CSGO] de_innsbrook

    B may be the easiest to retake, because of the hole above the site.
  9. Anyone know a better method than this? Flyguy does:
  10. You could improve gametime/skills by adding checkers at the park, pong at the arcade, forum rants in the café, reading at the library, run in nature, swim on beach. Maybe make him more human by making him "happy", media entertainment (movies, music, ju-tsube), women (dating based on skills?), cars/racing, fashion, creative stuff (painting, woodworks, clay, writing)
  11. onebit


    about as dope as the hope that soap will float
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