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  1. @Terri whoops, sorry I didnt notice that playtests were only thursday/sunday for my playtest submission. Would it be possible to set the date to July 9? (or whatever the next available slot is?)
  2. kinggambit

    [wip] de_Kyoto

    Latest Build: a1 (July 6, 2017) Description: Forces fight throughout a traditional Japanese district Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=966142947 Started a bit late but decided to give this contest a try! Nothing to show off at the moment. Need a solid layout. Screens: Layout (CT top, T bottom)
  3. ... (pssst guys, what's a Geo-based Designer?)
  4. Just logged in to post this trailer when I read this thread. I dont even care if the graphics are downgraded. If the game can deliver the dark themes promised in the trailer successfully, looking forward to playing this. PleaseDontSuckPleaseDontSuckPleaseDontSuck
  5. All the scenes are great from my favorite movie, No Country for Old Men, from a few of my favorite directors/DP. Go Deakins and Coens wooh! Masters at visual storytelling. Not a single line needed: Another Deakins scene from The Assassination of Jesse James. There's a certain shot ~2:00 that sold the movie to me when I saw the trailer:
  6. That's a shame still. Not some die hard fan of the original but exploring juicy philosophical themes are the biggest appeal for me regarding sci fi. Seeing it today!
  7. That's actually what I initially planned but I sucked at designing a layout conducive to csgo (had to wall off a lot of open ground without making it feel constricted) Ended up going with the south pole's research station. Its elevated base and underground tunnels/dome gave a lot of easy ways to "wall off" routes: z Still planning on small easter egg references like the coil/petri dish and outpost 31 though
  8. thought i'd share some wip's for my antarctic research base. Rest of map album
  9. did you edit vertex normals for that? Coincidentally read about them the other day for a maxscript and I had no idea how essential they are
  10. Ah nice catch. Hopefully I can preserve the lighting inside the interior bombsites but will definitely play with the light angles. was even considering the sun dogs for a custom sun sprite but getting ahead of myself: both really. whoops sorry, forgot. added overview.
  11. Any experienced substance designer users have an idea of how to procedurally apply snow to the lower crevices of the model? I'm planning on adding snow to most of my exterior models. Ambient Occlusion + Position input -> mask?
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=781493294 Latest version: de_aurora_a7 Forces fight over an Antarctic research base. Feedback please!
  13. kinggambit

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Not sure if the newer builds changed this area but was it intentional that players had to run all the way to T spawn to get to the B route? Deincentivizing CT's mid flanks? I remembered as a T, if I wanted to change my mind on a mid push, rotations felt a bit long. Other than that, the map was great. Also, do you always model every prop out before starting on the texturing? Is it faster or something?
  14. Good to know! FYI 3ds max folks, Shawn Olson added FBX support for Wallworm recently! I guess it was more difficult to do without WW pampering us edit: some other instructions to get it to work when using 3ds max/wall worm are mentioned in this thread: https://www.wallworm.net/index.php?topic=1972.0
  15. using 3ds max. I dont understand how uv channels work. Made an example using valve's nuke crates. Would the image below be a correct representation of how a uv shell should be applied in the 2nd uv channel? (because doesnt seem like it is since the 2 other nuclear hazard symbols would be in the same uv shell as well)
  16. Link to valve's blog post on it: http://blog.counter-strike.net/workshop/maps.php#uv_set I've attempted to get it to work a few times in the past but no success. I have a basic understanding of uv channels but I've got no idea how the decal textures are being applied to various locations of the mesh for multiple props still.
  17. Hi Yanzl, I was wondering if you might know a better method of achieving an aurora borealis effect for CSGO. 

    Currently I just have a skybox model with a scrolling animation with $additive applied. I dont think it looks too bad except the end of the prop where the texture appears out of nowhere.


    Also, thanks for the substance designer files and VMT editor! Really useful. 

  18. does anyone know how to fix this lighting bug for some diagonal surfaces? tried rebuilding it and messing with the alignment orientation but no success.
  19. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727926171 Full album: http://imgur.com/a/xyKf2 Any feedback would be appreciated! =
  20. Just updated workshop if you want to try it out: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=655062003 Mostly just looking for feedback for the aesthetics. I'm pretty happy with the layout.
  21. hoping to finish this map up for next operation's deadline. Doubt I'll cut it seeing how unpolished it is but would appreciate feedback on what can improve the map: Album of more screenshots
  22. Made a low poly f1 car for csgo. Anyone know why $blendtintbybasealpha 1 leaves the tints desaturated? (sedans are from Valve's hr_nuke for comparison)
  23. Demo bug wont let me view most of the playtest so I appreciate the feedback. Will definitely tighten that b long route and some of the line-of-sights. I'm sorta going for a similar style to cs_workout and de_resort so I want to keep some of the long-range engagement areas.
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